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"In the chaos, I will slip inside, find Charles Lee -- and silence him forever."
―Ratonhnhaké:ton to Lafayette, 1781.[src]-[m]

The Attack on Fort George was an Assassin offensive on the Templar-controlled Fort George in New York City during September of 1781.

After having aided the French Navy during the Battle of the Chesapeake, Ratonhnhaké:ton enlisted the aid of Admiral François-Joseph Paul de Grasse for his planned assault on the fort.

Infiltrating the fort[]

Having acquired the Comte de Grasse's forces, Connor headed for New York to meet with Lafayette and his fellow Assassins in the city's underground. Arriving there, Lafayette informed him that de Grasse's fleet was now on standby and he only needed to light the fort's signal tower for them to strike.

With everything in place, Connor entered the district, a heavily occupied military zone, surrounding Fort George. In an effort to remain undetected, he took to the rooftops, freerunning his way across them until he arrived at the fort.

Reaching the signal tower, he hurriedly climbed his way up it and lit the torch, signalling de Grasse and his men to fire.

Father and son[]

Ratonhnhaké:ton: "The Patriot leaders do not seek control; there will be no monarch here. The people will have the power as they should."
Haytham: "The people never have the power. Only the illusion of it, and here’s the real secret, they don’t want it. The responsibility is too great to bear."
—Ratonhnhaké:ton and Haytham arguing their sides of the war, 1781.[src]-[m]

With the fort under siege, Connor leapt from the tower to a haystack below. As soon as he left the haystack however, a cannonball hit the tower, causing the debris to knock him unconscious.

Eventually waking, a critically wounded Connor made his way to the fort's courtyard, calling out for Lee as he did so. He was instead met by his father Haytham Kenway, Grand Master of the Colonial Templars, who informed him that Lee had fled, before striking him in the face. Connor retaliated, hitting Haytham in the groin. The brief fist fight between the two led to Connor using his Hidden Blade to stab Haytham in the arm. As Haytham stumbled back, Connor demanded he give him Lee, to which he refused, going on to say Lee was the promise of a better future. Following this, Haytham drew his sword, to which Connor responded with his tomahawk.

ACIII-Laststand 16

Connor and Haytham fighting

The two engaged in battle, arguing their sides of the war as they fought. Connor defended the Patriots and their right to freedom, while Haytham claimed that freedom was dangerous and that it would ultimately lead to war. As they sparred, another cannonball hit, sending them both to the ground.

Connor crawled his way to Haytham, offering to spare him should he surrender. Instead, Haytham climbed atop Connor, wrapping his hands around his throat as he mocked him and his Order, insisting that the Templars would forever triumph. Connor, having no alternative, extended his Hidden Blade and stabbed his father in the neck.

As Haytham fell, he told his son that he was somewhat proud of him, remarking that he had shown great conviction throughout his quest. With his dying breath, he said that he should have killed Connor long ago.