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This article is about the Isu. You may be looking for the Titan in Greek mythology.

Atlas was an Isu and one of the sons of Poseidon, the ruler of Atlantis. He was the brother of Azaes, Gadiros and Ampheres.


In a simulation created by Aletheia, the misthios Kassandra encountered Atlas during her time as the dikastes of the city.[1]

Elpis, lover of Atlas wanted to rule beside him. Unfortunately, Atlas didn't see it that way. When Elpis obtained some raw adamant with the help of Kassandra[2], she created an Isu device that could mix Isu DNA with her human DNA. After Kassandra provided an distraction, Elpis was changed into a hybrid. An angry Atlas tried to attack Kassandra, but was accidently shot to death by the changed Elpis with a directed energy beam. After his death, Azaes gave Atlas' position to Elpis.[3]


  • Atlas is mentioned by Plato in Critias as one of the ten kings of Atlantis and the twin brother of Gadiros.



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