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Atlantis Destroyed was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After successfully sealing Atlantis, Kassandra returned to the surface of Thera as the sun began setting over the mountains on the west side of the island. She reached the Minoan ruins and saw Barnabas pacing back and forth while Herodotos sat on a wooden bench—both seemed to be waiting for her.

  • Kassandra: What are you two doing here?

They moved closer together.

  • Barnabas: You know us—always on your tail. Old Herodotos couldn't wait to see you.
  • Herodotos: I told you, Barnabas, Thera is said to hold a secret. A secret no one can fathom.
  • Barnabas: Yes, but a lost world?
  • Herodotos: It's perfectly possible—Atlantis may exist.
  • Barnabas: Sounds like hooey to me. But he's insistent about it.
  • Kassandra: Herodotos is right. Atlantis exists.
  • Barnabas: Incredible!
  • Herodotos: I-it's true? I can't believe it. Tell me everything!

  • Kassandra: I'll tell you some day. It's too complicated for small talk.
  • Barnabas: It's not me, is it? I've proven I'm very competent!
  • Kassandra: I'm exhausted, Barnabas.
  • Herodotos: Ignore him. When you're ready, I'm all ears. I need every last detail.

  • Kassandra: My mother sent me here to meet my real father. You know... Pythagoras? It's him.

The historical significance of Pythagoras escaped Barnabas, while Herodotos picked up on the implication immediately.

  • Barnabas: You're father was living in a volcano?
  • Herodotos: Pythagoras?! That's unthinkable—it would make him immortal.
  • Kassandra: He had a staff that belonged to the Ancient Civilization.
  • Herodotos: It kept him alive all this time... Makes perfect sense.

Barnabas was excited by the news.

  • Barnabas: Well, where is he? Invite him along—he's your father after all.
  • Kassandra: He was a stubborn man. He wanted to keep all the knowledge of Atlantis to himself.
  • Barnabas: Huh, stubborn. I suppose that trait runs in the family.
  • Herodotos: He means he's sorry for your loss.

  • Kassandra: It's all right.
  • Kassandra: But none of this can ever pass your lips. This stays between us.
  • Barnabas: You have my word.
  • Herodotos: But the world needs to know! We could tell the most amazing tale of our time.

Kassandra crossed her arms.

  • Kassandra: Herodotos...
  • Herodotos: Oh, fine.

Herodotos sulked and walked away.

  • Kassandra: Then it's settled. Let's move forward.

Herodotos turned back and smiled.

  • Herodotos: Like always.

The sun dropped lower in the sky as they reached the beach where the Adrestia was anchored. They continued to reminisce on their adventures thus far while looking at the ship and the sunset.

  • Barnabas: We've learned a lot, haven't we, you know-it-all?

Barnabas tittered at his own jape.

  • Herodotos: Speak for yourself—I'm on the hunt for truth. Gods know not all your myths are accurate.
  • Barnabas: They come from the gods themselves, who are the most reliable sources we have.

  • Kassandra: For all we know, anything's possible.

  • Kassandra: You've both been a great help to me. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong.

Regardless, Barnabas agreed sportively.

  • Barnabas: And you would know, as the eagle-bearing demi-god you are.

Herodotos played along.

  • Herodotos: Perhaps she, too, is immortal.

Kassandra laughed nervously.

  • Kassandra: Sure I am.

Herodotos moved closer to her.

  • Herodotos: I do know one thing for certain. This has been an odyssey I won't forget.

She turned to him, smiled, and they clasped forearms. They all conversed for a little longer before setting off on their next adventure.


Kassandra returns from the gateway to the ruins to find Barnabas and Herodotos. She talked to them of what had transpired and reflects on it.



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