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Aten was an aspect of the Egyptian afterlife reserved for those who followed Akhenaten's monotheistic worship of the Aten. It took the form of the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna–the one-time capital of Egypt during Akhenaten's reign–in its prime and was dominated by a representation of the sun disk, Aten.


Around 38 BCE, the Mentor of the Hidden Ones in Egypt, Bayek of Siwa, seemingly travelled to Aten in order to combat the disembodied spirit of Akhenaten, which had been returned to the world of the living thanks to the Curse of the Pharaohs that was plaguing the city of Thebes.[1]


  • An architectural model of Amarna, the city upon which Aten is based, can be seen within the tomb of Nefertiti's royal architect, Thutmose, near Set-Ma'at.



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