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"I spent twenty years at sea only to realize the Cult was my home."

Asterion (died 420s BCE) was a member of the Gods of the Aegean Sea branch of the Cult of Kosmos.


When the Persian forces invaded Greece, Asterion lost his parents. Unfortunate, but life went on, and Asterion found love, both for the sea and for a woman. In time, the sea took Asterion's wife, and some time after also his children and friends, shipmates. After all these losses, Asterion's love for the sea failed and he sought only to feed the sea, sinking ships and drowning numberless crews aboard his trireme, the Astraios.[1]

In 431 BCE, the Spartan misthios Kassandra infiltrated a meeting of the Cult of Kosmos in their shrine under the Sanctuary of Delphi, Phokis. While there, she came across a letter Asterion had sent to the Cult, calling for captains for his ships. In the letter, Asterion promised that the "days of the Hounds are upon us" while also mentioning that they'd be setting off on the seas south of Argos, Argolis.[2]

With the help of the clues in the letter, Kassandra was able to hunt down Asterion and slay him. While confirming the kill, Kassandra found another letter on Asterion, sent by Sokos, a fellow member of the Gods of the Aegean Sea branch. Sokos mentioned that he'd met the branch's Sage, and together they had admired Sokos' rebuilt, improved ship. He also mentioned he'd be setting out from Melos the following day, leading Kassandra to his trail.[3]


  • Asterion's name is derived from the Greek word ἀστήρ (astḗr), combined with the suffix -ῑ́ων (-ī́ōn), meaning either 'little star' or 'son of star'.
  • In Greek mythology, Asterion was most notably the name of the son of King Minos better known as the Minotaur.




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