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Assume the Position was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Bartolomeo d'Alviano had Ezio assist his men in creating chaos around the district by attacking guards. Ezio then placed Bartolomeo's mercenaries at strategic points around the district.


Ezio returned to Bartolomeo's home after freeing the mercenaries.

  • Bartolomeo: Salute, Ezio. Welcome back. And well done. My host is restored to its former glory. Now Silvio will see just how grave a mistake he's made.
  • Ezio: How should we proceed? A direct assault against the Arsenale?
  • Bartolomeo: No. We'd be massacred at the gates. I have something else in mind. Take my men and plant them throughout the district. The trouble they cause will force Silvio to dispatch most of his guards.
  • Ezio: And with the Arsenale drained of mercenaries, I can move in for the kill.
  • Bartolomeo: Esatto! (Exactly!) You'll be virtually unopposed.
  • Ezio: Let's hope he takes the bait.
  • Bartolomeo: Oh, don't worry. He will.

Ezio and the mercenaries moved to a marked location.

  • Ezio: Wait here for my signal.
  • Mercenary: As you wish.

Ezio escorted the remaining mercenaries to another location.

  • Ezio: Hold your ground here.
  • Mercenary: Consider it done.

Ezio escorted the last of the mercenaries to a third location.

  • Ezio: Here. This is where you'll wait.
  • Mercenary: Send word when it's time to strike.


With all of the mercenaries in place, Ezio then returned to Bartolomeo.



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