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"My task is not to simply murder my target, but to destroy his influence over Lonigo. I will strip him of his power, defile his name, and ensure that his legacy dies with him!"
―Francesco Vecellio.[src]

The assassination of Niccolò di Pitigliano was an event recorded in 1510, where the Assassin Francesco Vecellio covertly killed the Italian condottiero Niccolò di Pitigliano.

On the hunt

Francesco intercepts one of Niccolò's couriers

Entering the city of Lonigo, Francesco Vecellio began an investigation of his target. Disguised as a local, Francesco began to frequent the town's streets, courtesans, and taverns, familiarizing himself with the area, and gleaning rumors about Niccolò.

Soon, it became evident that most of the city's inhabitants loathed Niccolò. Francesco began intercepting Niccolò's couriers and interrogating them for information.

In time, Francesco also began stalking his target and his house, noting every single detail of Niccolò's routine.

Bait and trap

Niccolò's supporter lays dead

As soon as he was familiar with Niccolò and the town of Lonigo, Francesco began to implement his own plan. He assassinated key supporters of his target, the politicians and corrupt churchmen of the city.

Francesco intercepted Niccolò's assistants, looting the money they were given for purchases, eventually intimidating his mark by his deeds. Rumors were spread around the town about Niccolò – rumors started and circulated by Francesco himself – and the citizens of Lonigo began to resent Niccolò.

Panicking, Niccolò sent convoys of his prized belongings and family members out of the city, but found them either robbed or turned back.


Francesco enters Niccolò's manor

Finally, Francesco began to prepare for the act of the assassination itself. He blocked every possible exit from Niccolò's manor, trapping his target within, and sent an aggressive mob to the front of the house to occupy the guards.

Using courier pigeons to send messages, Francesco contacted and gathered a group of Assassins to slay significant numbers of Niccolò's guards, while he entered the manor himself. After determining Niccolò's exact location and successfully evading detection, Francesco moved in and completed his assassination.

Playing dead

Niccolò falling to the power of the Shroud

Despite being struck by Francesco, Niccolò miraculously survived. After the Assassin had left, he used the Shroud of Eden, which he had hidden under the floorboards under his desk, to partially heal his wounds.

After some intense hallucinations, he attempted to escape his manor after finding it ablaze. Following some effort, he managed to climb out a window, but was too weak to carry on. Niccolò, in an attempt to recuperate completely, wrapped himself in the Shroud and unleashed its power.

However, instead of healing him, it horribly mangled and destroyed his body. In his last moments, Niccolò witnessed Francesco taking the Shroud from him, with the Assassin uttering only one word: "Disgusting."