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"[Me] and Qulan Gal had planned to infiltrate the Mongolian camp. It was said that Khan was there, too."
―Altaïr, reporting on the assassination.[src]

The assassination of Genghis Khan was an event during the High Middle Ages in which Darim Ibn-La'Ahad, with the help of his family and the Assassin Qulan Gal, brought down and killed Genghis Khan.

Journey to Mongolia

"Altaïr suspected that Genghis Khan's progress might have been helped by another artifact, similar to the Apple. Perhaps the Sword. He needed to establish whether this was the case, as well as to stop Khan's inexorable march."
―Niccolò Polo explains Altaïr's motives to his own brother Maffeo, 1257.[src]

Preparing for his trip to the East, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad left the leadership of the Assassin Order in the hands of Malik Al-Sayf, supported by his son Sef, to fend off any affairs.[1]

From there, he journeyed with his wife Maria and his son Darim from Masyaf, traveling through Persia, India, and Mongolia, eventually arriving at the Mongolian camp in Xingqing near Western Xia.[1] Throughout this journey, the Ibn-La'Ahad family had liaised with the Assassin Qulan Gal, with whom they eventually broke into the Mongolian camp where Khan was supposedly situated.[2]

During this time, Altaïr suspected that Genghis Khan possessed a Piece of Eden, possibly a Sword, which he used to power his unstoppable march of the Mongol army.[1][2]

The assassination

While Altaïr and Qulan made their way through the Mongol tents, Darim located a vantage point not far from the camp, where he watched over the other Assassins. Moving through the heavily guarded area, the two relied on Darim to dispose of any guards that were about to raise the alarm, so that the they could safely reach Khan.[2]

However, Altaïr almost alerted the Mongols to their presence; becoming unwary and clumsy with age, he let an enemy soldier sneak up on and wound him before Qulan Gal killed the guard. Qulan escorted Altaïr out of the camp, bringing the Levantine Mentor to safety.[2]

Moments after, Qulan formulated a plan with Darim in order to flush Khan out of his tent and create an assassination opportunity. Khan, however, was already aware of the threat posed by the Assassins and tried to escape on horseback. He was brought down first by Qulan, and then finished off by Darim.[2]