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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

An Assassin medic of the British Brotherhood and served in the British Army during the First World War.


On the Christmas Eve of 1914, the medic treated wounded British soldiers while German artillery hit the British trenches. Later that evening, the Germans stopped, beginning a Christmas truce.

As the British and German troops fraternized, the medic assisted the German general and member of the Templar Order, Erich Albert, with saving the life of a wounded German soldier. Following this, Albert showed his ring to the medic. In return, the medic revealed the Assassin brand on his finger, and killed Albert with his Hidden Blade before the Templar could react.

Personality and characteristics

The medic was quite friendly, showing good faith when he exchanged a novel and some candy with the German soldiers during the truce. As a medic, he was eager to help anyone in need, readily performing a surgery on a wounded German soldier.

Equipment and skills

The medic was a skilled doctor and surgeon, successfully extracting bullets from a wounded soldier. Additionally, he was able to eliminate Albert quickly and discreetly with his Hidden Blade.