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"The liberation of Roma has begun. If you choose to flee, do so now, but if you choose to fight, stand with me against the Borgia."
Ezio Auditore to a potential apprentice.[src]

The apprentices, also referred to as Assassin recruits, were formerly normal citizens saved by Ezio Auditore from the rough streets of Rome, during the war against the Templars.[1]

They subsequently devoted themselves to learning the ways of the Assassins Guild, motivated by their drive for revenge against the Borgia for corrupting their beautiful city, and for harassing them on a daily basis.[1]

Operating out of the Tiber Island headquarters, the apprentices were often sent on contract missions across Europe and Asia, in order to improve their skills and combat experience. When not on assignments outside of Rome, the apprentices would support the efforts of Ezio and his allies, providing reinforcement during Ezio's own missions.[1][2]


File:Ezio Recruiting Assassin.JPG

Realizing the efforts of the people of Rome to resist the Borgia, and that he would need an army of loyal Assassins to combat the armies of Cesare Borgia, Ezio traveled throughout the city, assisting the citizens wherever and whenever he could. He found many either being terrorized by or fighting against the city guards, and rescued them by killing the guards.[1]

Upon doing so, he would offer each the chance to stand with him in his Brotherhood, and should they accept, he would send them to Niccolò Machiavelli to officially become an Assassin understudy.[1]

Ezio's Brotherhood operated with multiple apprentices at a time (all of whom could either be male or female), who he instructed in combat, free running, pickpocketing, blending, and other such skills.[1][2]



Ezio calling upon his apprentices.

During his own missions, Ezio was able to have up to six apprentices support him. They would often operate in pairs or alone, and were commonly called upon to perform Arrow Showers (wherein they would fire arrows upon any target from above), to engage in direct combat with an enemy, or to perform assassinations. Each time, Ezio would signal the apprentices to strike by raising his arm and clenching his fist.[1]

When operating without their mentor, the apprentices would move in teams, led by a single Assassin appointed by Ezio. Together, they would complete missions across Italy (such as Rome, Florence, and Venice) as well as the rest of Europe and beyond (including Constantinople, Lisbon, Barcelona, Moscow, Paris, London, Cologne, Vienna and Calicut).[1][2]

Though they would not always survive these missions, the apprentices would always return with greater skills and experience, as well as money and items they had obtained during their travels.[1]

Equipment and skills

File:Ac brotherhood guild management.jpg

Assassin apprentices were trained in a wide variety of skills and weaponry, including swords, spears, smoke bombs, throwing knives, crossbows, guns, and, of course, the hidden blade. Each were also capable horsemen, and were able to do battle from horseback.[1][2]

Their armor and weaponry could be customized however they chose, with each allowed to decide whether they would specialize in attack, defense, or both.[1]

Apprentices were also given trainee robes to wear to show their affiliation to the Order. Although these were all identical, standard white robes, they were permitted to dye them a variety of colors. Once inducted into the Order as full Assassins, they were given white Assassin's robes, similar to that of Ezio's.[1]


Main article: Initiation to the Assassin Order

Apprentices started at the bottom of the Order, at the Recluta (Recruit) rank. As they gained experience and advanced in their skills, they would progress through several titles, before being granted the Assassino rank.[1]

Upon completing their training, the apprentice was allowed to formally join the Assassin Order as a full-fledged Assassin. An induction ceremony would be held within the Tiber Island headquarters, where, as per tradition, the apprentice's left ring finger would be branded, and they would perform a Leap of Faith from the building's roof.[1]

Though they did not gain the dual hidden blades upon promotion (which were reserved only for Master Assassins), they were instead given a certain sword identical to those used by the Masyaf Assassins of old, including Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.[1]



  • Gabe Graziani, the Community Developer for Brotherhood, had once stated that there will be a special cutscene when an Assassin dies. Although there is no such cut scene, Ezio may approach and close the eyes of any fallen Assassins, honoring them.
  • It was stated by developers that the player could pick a single Assassin recruit to be a "right-hand Assassin." However, this action is not present in any form in the game.
  • In-game, the apprentices attack alone or in pairs, but in the Rome demo, they came in groups of five.

Guild Management

  • The names of each apprentice are randomly generated from a set list of first names and last names.
  • Each apprentice's appearance is randomized. However, their gender is dependent on the location of the map from which they are recruited.
  • When managing Assassins for an Assassination contract, even when the odds of success are 100%, sometimes the mission can still be failed, although you will not lose the Assassin(s) used for that contract.
  • When viewing the apprentice menu, if any are currently performing a contract mission, they may appear pale, blonde, or have incorrect eye color.
  • Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy includes several memories that correspond to the missions you are able to send apprentices on, detailing their experiences while they are away.
  • An apprentice, Vitellozzo Vitelli, has the same name of an Italian condottiero, who was also a friend of Bartolomeo d'Alviano. On December 31, 1502, he was killed by Micheletto Corella.
  • To level up low-ranking apprentices faster, it's recommended to send them on on 5-star rated contract missions with higher-ranked apprentices.


  • At Rank 5, the Recruit will gain the pistol; however, it is much weaker than Ezio's, taking 3 to 4 shots to kill a guard.
  • Upon reaching Assassino rank, they receive a crossbow, but will not use it. The only time it is implied that they use the crossbow is during an Arrow Storm; however even low-ranking recruits can still be used for the attack, even if they weren't carrying a crossbow to begin with. Additionally, long bow arrows come from the rooftops, not crossbow bolts.


  • Ezio signaling for the help of his apprentices is called a "B.A.M." or "Brotherhood Assistance Maneuver."
  • While in combat, apprentices have predictable attack patterns. Once called in, they will immediately attack the enemy that was targeted when the B.A.M. was called in. Once that enemy is dead, they will attempt to use their hidden blade for high-profile assassinations to kill any remaining enemies that aren't guarding against it, usually throwing a smoke bomb to allow for instant kills. Then, once engaged with any enemy, they will either slash indiscriminately with regular kicks, or parry blows until they can successfully pull off a counter kill.
  • Sometimes during combat, the apprentices will glitch and just stand immobile during a fight. This can also happen if they kill their own opponent, but other enemies remain around.
  • While the Arrow Storm is meant to kill all guards within sight, at times there will be one that might survive the attack, particularly if they are targeted by Ezio.
  • Apprentices usually have difficulty defeating Brutes and Seekers in a one-on-one battle, even as full-fledged Assassins.
  • Interestingly though, apprentices have little trouble with Papal Guards.
  • Unlike Ezio, apprentices can use their pistol at the same time as a heavy weapon (if equipped).
  • There is a glitch that occurs when both an Assassin and Ezio try to assassinate the same target simultaneously. They will both appear to leap on him in high profile, but Ezio will then promptly teleport onto the next closest guard, killing him as well.
  • If you call a B.A.M. from on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo, the apprentices will not leave afterwards.
  • If you call your apprentices from inside a hay cart, it is likely that one of them will jump out of the same cart and assassinate your foes.
  • It is possible to kill an apprentice by using the Apple of Eden with him or her in the blast range.


  • Once an apprentice is promoted to the rank of Assassino, there is a cutscene showing the Assassin performing a Leap of Faith into the Tiber River, despite the fact that they cannot swim.
  • In earlier trailers, the video showed an Assassin walking off the edge, instead of running and taking a Leap of Faith.
  • Within the Tiber hideout, only two apprentices will acknowledge Ezio's presence and greet him if he stands in front of them. This applies to the apprentice standing alone in the corner of the main room, and the one standing in the ceremonial hall.
  • Apprentices can sometimes be heard saying "Requiescat in pace," among other such phrases to dead enemies when a skirmish is won.
    • Alternatively, they may walk up to Ezio to bow and say "I won't forget what you did for me" or "It is an honor to fight alongside you," among other things.
  • Occasionally, after a battle is won, recruits will kneel and stay kneeling until Ezio leaves the area.
  • If you try to follow an apprentice, they will eventually get to Tiber Island and stop; though taking various confusing turns along the way, in an attempt to disappear from the player's screen. Alternately, they will simply run along a single set path, or vanish into the ground.
  • Apprentices receive no damage from falling, even from the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo. Also, if a guard pushes an apprentice into water, they will not die, but simply return to the Tiber Island hideout.
  • Even if all your apprentices are women, the Assassin recruits in the mission "Exit Stage Right" will always be male.
  • The apprentices will never travel alongside Ezio. Once their targets are dead, they will flee. This contradicts many videos produced by Ubisoft showing groups of apprentices walking or standing beside Ezio.
  • The apprentices' clothes are not physics-enabled, except for the cape.



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