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The Assassin Gauntlet

The Assassin Gauntlet was a modification adopted during the 19th century to the standard Hidden Blade. Built around a bracer that covered the entire forearm, it consisted of two main parts, the Hidden Blade and a rope launcher attachment.

By the Victorian era, later models replaced the rope launcher with an Assassin insignia-shaped grappling hook, allowing the wielder the means to a quick escape, or to facilitate urban travel by creating on-the-fly ziplines under the palm. These models also featured armor plating that partially or completely covered the glove, as well as embedded brass knuckles and a Dart Gun on the back of the forearm, which was used to launch poison darts at unsuspecting targets.[1]


The first known use of the gauntlet was in 1852 by an unnamed American Assassin. During the California Gold Rush, she was made aware of the actions of John Sutter, a Swiss pioneer forcing the local Maidu people to mine gold for him. Ambushing his carriage in the Great Basin Desert, the Assassin fired a tether from her gauntlet, using it to mount the vehicle before ordering Sutter at gunpoint to return the gold he had stolen from the Maidu.[2]

In 1863, during the New York draft riots, the Assassin Varius noted that newer gauntlet designs, involving rope launchers and darts, were being used in England.[3] In 1868, the twin British Assassins Evie and Jacob Frye made it their mission to take back London from the British Templars, who had ruled with an iron fist for the past century. The Rooks were created from the gang known as the Clinkers to counter the Templar-affiliated Blighters, and following a gang war with the gang leader Rexford Kaylock and his demise, the Fryes took possession of his broken grappling hook pistol.[1]

Believing the pistol could still prove useful, Henry Green introduced them to the inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who then modified the launcher to fit into the Fryes' gauntlets. Bell later added a Dart Gun to the bracer, allowing the twins to fire hallucinogenic darts at their targets. The design remained relatively unchanged for the next fifty years, being used by Lydia Frye during her efforts in World War I to protect London from the Templars and German spies.[4]


Name Level Attack Availability Upgrade
Leather Gauntlet 1 1 Starting Gauntlet £500
+1 Attack
Hardened Leather Gauntlet 2 2 Plan found in Sequence 3 £500
+1 Attack
Reinforced Gauntlet 3 3 Plan found in On the Origin of Syrup
Craft: £2,500 and 100 Metal
+1 Attack
Black Leather Gauntlet 4 4 Plan found in Survival of the Fittest £2,000
+1 Attack
Mirage Gauntlet 5 5 Plan Found in One Good Deed
Craft: £4,500 and 100 Metal
+1 Attack
Iron Death Gauntlet 6 6 Plan found in Driving Mrs. Disraeli
Craft: £5,500, 120 Leather, and 50 Silk
+2 Attack
Assassin Gauntlet 7 7 Plan found in Triple Theft
Craft: £200, 120 Iron, and 50 Silk
+2 Attack
The Devil's Handshake 8 8 Plan found in Double Trouble
Craft: £8,500, 140 Leather, and 60 Silk
+2 Attack
The Chimera 9 9 Plan found in Bank Vault chest
Craft: £9,000, 140 Metal, and 60 Silk
+2 Attack
Legendary Assassin Gauntlet 10 10 Reach Loyalty Level 5 with Clara O'Dea £10,000
+2 Attack
Redback Gauntlet 3 4 Purchase the Streets of London Pack £2,000
+1 Attack
Industrial Gauntlet 3 4 Purchase the Streets of London Pack £2,000
+1 Attack
Royal Gauntlet 3 4 Purchase the Streets of London Pack £2,000
+1 Attack
Nautilus Gauntlet 7 9 Purchase the Victorian Legends Pack £7,000
+3 Attack
Chronographic Piercer 7 9 Purchase the Steampunk Pack £7,000
+3 Attack
The Devil's Handshake* 1 7 Starting Gauntlet N/A
A Velvet Glove* 9 9 Buy for £12,000 £1,200
+1 Attack
Lady Owers' Gauntlet* 8 8 Complete The Lady Talks £900
+1 Attack
Kiss the Hand* 9 8 Reach Loyalty Level 3 with Nellie £1,200
+1 Attack
The Ripper's Terror* 9 10 Complete Live by the Creed, Die by the Creed £1,050
+1 Attack
The Yard Glove* 10 10 Reach Loyalty Level 2 with Frederick Abberline £2,000
+1 Attack
Seam Buster* 10 11 Plan found in City of London chest
Craft: 500 Metal, 200 Leather, 50 Silk and 70 Chemical
+1 Attack

*Only available after downloading Jack the Ripper.

Behind the scenes

The Dart Gun of the Assassin Gauntlet is similar to both the Hidden Gun and the Phantom Blade, as it acts as a firearm and is silent.

Varius' description of the gauntlets used in England appears to refer to the gauntlets worn by the Frye twins, despite the fact that, at the time, theirs had not yet been modified to include a rope launcher and dart gun.




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