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Assassin's Creed: Memories was a role-playing trading card game, developed exclusively for the iOS. The servers closed on 13 March 2015.


Don your cloak and ready your hidden blades! Assassin’s Creed Memories is a multi-faceted experience blending card battle, RPG, and strategy gameplay. Chase down your targets throughout history and assert your dominance over rival guilds. Equip your character with the most powerful gear and recruit history’s deadliest Assassins and Templars to be your allies!

Utilize Abstergo Entertainment's new mobile Animus
Hunt down assassination targets in familiar eras like the Third Crusade and the Golden Age of Piracy
Visit brand-new locations such as Feudal Japan and the Mongolian Empire!
Guide both new and familiar Assassins from within the Assassin’s Creed universe

Join a guild of fellow Assassins and battle together
Take on enemy players in strategic 20 vs. 20 Guild vs. Guild combat!
Utilize the signature skills of legendary Assassins to aid you in battle

Collect weapons and equipment from different eras to enhance your character in combat Customize your appearance with authentic historical gear
Send your allies out on contracts to bring back additional rewards
Use the Animus’ Data Merge function to upgrade the power of your Assassin allies[1]


Assassin's Creed: Memories was announced by Ubisoft on 17 July 2014 as a collaboration between Ubisoft, GREE, and PlayNext.[2] It was quietly soft-launched in the Oceania region beforehand on 7 July as Version 1.0.[3] It was then officially released a month later on 21 August as Version 1.1.[4] The game received no further updates whatsoever,[3] until 15 February 2015. PlayNext issued a statement in the form of a notification to players that Assassin's Creed: Memories would be shutting down. Microtransactions were disabled on 16 February, and the final Assassin Campaign and final tournament occurred on 23 February, before the app itself was removed from all digital storefront on 13 March.[5]


Navigating through maps customized according to the era of the mission, the player must use their energy on the five points of interest in each map, in order to randomly find gold, Animus Transfers, AP points, ally missions or side missions. After a random count of maps, the player will find the target of their mission and has a chance of obtaining their target's card.

Third Crusade[]

Memories of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Mongol Empire[]

Memories of Qulan Gal and Nergüi

Renaissance Italy[]

Memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Sengoku Period[]

Memories of Hattori Hanzō and Yamauchi Taka

Golden Age of Piracy[]

Memories of Edward Kenway

Colonial America[]

Memories of Ratonhnhaké:ton

Assassin's Creed: Memories memories
Third Crusade
Teutonic Captain - Tamir - Sibrand - Robert de Sablé - Al Mualim
Mongol Empire
Alexander Nevsky - Ilkhanate Captain - Jochi Khan - Hülegü Khan - Ögedei Khan
Renaissance Italy
Papal Guard - Charles de la Motte - Emilio Barbarigo - Juan Borgia - Cesare Borgia
Sengoku Period
Ashigaru Kashira - Shima Sakon - Mochizuki Chiyome - Mōri Motonari - Oda Nobunaga
Golden Age of Piracy
Laurens Prins - El Tiburón - Benjamin Hornigold - Bartholomew Roberts - Laureano de Torres y Ayala
Colonial America
British Officer - William Johnson - Benjamin Church - Charles Lee - Haytham Kenway
Empire of the Great Khan - Last Days of the Taikō

Raid Events[]

During one week, Memories offers the player a mission that combines the solo and multiplayer aspects of the game. During the Raid, the player has to visit maps similar to the maps of the solo missions, where they can find gold, Animus Transfers, Raid AP points, side missions and sometimes groups of opponents. These groups of five opponents must be defeated alone or with the help of a maximum of four members of the player's guild, each group being stronger than the last. Eventually, defeating more groups, the Assassin controlled by the player has to find the target of the Raid Event.

Mongol Empire[]

Empire of the Great Khan - Assassin: Qulan Gal; Target: Genghis Khan (14 October - 23 October 2014)

Sengoku Period[]

Last Days of the Taikō - Assassin: Yamauchi Taka; Target: Toyotomi Hideyoshi (19 November - 28 November 2014)

Cards rarity[]

Main article: Cards

All cards in Memories follow a hierarchy-based allocation. Common (C) are the most prolific type of cards, followed by Rare (R), Super-Rare (SR), and finally Ultra-Rare (UR) as the hardest to obtain.

Unlike further tiers of cards, Common cards have no mergeability. Rare cards can be merged once, with Super-Rare being mergeable twice, and finally Ultra-Rare with three. Each merge that a card receives improves its combat proficiency and added effect, but a Melee-based card cannot be merged with a Ranged-based card and vice-versa.

In the event of obtaining a card from a memory sequence, the following chance of capture is employed:

  • Common – 80% chance
  • Rare – 20% chance
  • Super-Rare – 10% chance
  • Ultra-Rare – 5% chance



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