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Looking for something to do to improve Assassin's Creed Wiki, but can't think of anything? Looking for a few small, quick improvements to make while you plan your next big project? Here are some suggestions.

Correct spelling[]

Everyone can let a typo or two escape notice while editing, but bad spelling reflects poorly on the professionalism of the Assassin's Creed Wiki. Keep an eye out to correct any grammatical errors you encounter.

Categorize a page[]

Categories assist in easy navigation by grouping articles together based on some characteristic, say, for example, members of the Hidden Ones or Locations in Greece.

You can find a list of articles in need of categorization here.

Fix double redirects[]

Sometimes, an article redirects to another article, which in turn redirects to yet another article. When this happens, instead of smoothly being redirected, a user must instead manually click through to the third page. In order to prevent this, we try to eliminate double redirects, pointing all redirects at their final destination.

You can find a list of double redirects here.

Fix reference errors[]

Though the name seems daunting, it's really quite simple. Sometimes, when adding sources something may go wrong and the reference gives you an error. Worry not, for they usually have easy fixes.

You can find a list of these errors and fixes, as well as the articles that have this type of error here.

Fix duplicate calls[]

Like the previous one, the name is scary but it's really a simple problem. It happens when a template has some arguments listed at least twice. It most often happens with infoboxes, where one editor starts and another editor, not noticing the argument has already been called before, writes it again. To fix this, you only need to find and remove the duplicate.

You can find a list of articles that have this error here.

Source an unsourced article[]

Many of our articles were created without proper source citation, some without specifying both game and memory and some without any citations altogether. To add a source simply write <ref>Game – Memory</ref> preferrably at the end of a sentence.

You can find articles that are in need of sources here.

Add images[]

Some articles would benefit greatly with the addition of one or more images. To add an image to an article you must first upload the image, also including the image's source and licensing. If the article has an image request tag (that can be added to any pictureless article by typing {{Imageneed}} at the top of the page), don't forget to remove it once you add the image.

You can find pages that have been need images here. Here is the list of uploaded files and here the gallery of the most recent files.

Expand a stub or a page[]

Some articles are merely placeholders, waiting for an intrepid WikiAssassin like yourself to come along and expand upon them.

You can add a stubmark on any short article by adding {{stub}} on the top of the page. Don't forget to remove after the article has been expanded. Note that short pages that are already complete should not be listed as stubs.

If a page is no longer a stub but can still be expanded, you can trade the {{stub}} template for the {{Expand}} template.

You can find a list of these "stubs" here and of those pages needing expansion here.

Create a wanted page[]

Some topics are referenced by a great many pages, but haven't had an article created about them yet.

You can find a list of these heavily-referenced topics, sorted by how many references they have, here.

The contents of this page were based partially or completely from a similar page at Wookiepedia.