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Administrators are Assassin's Creed Wiki editors who have been trusted with access to restricted technical features (tools) and the ability to protect and delete pages, as well as block other editors. Please note that they do not "own" the wiki in any way and are equal to other editors in terms of responsibility for the wiki's upkeep. Please refer to Assassin's Creed Wiki:Administrators for more information.

An asterisk (*) indicates that this administrator is also a bureaucrat.
A plus-minus (±) indicates that this Bureau member is the Dai of the Apprentice Initiative.

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The Bureau consists of this wiki's moderators, a team of editors who seek to improve the quality of regular articles, as well as maintain the quality of those given a Good and Featured status. While they are basically equal to other editors in terms of responsibility for the wiki's upkeep, they are especially trusted to keep the articles in good shape. For more information, refer to Assassin's Creed Wiki:Bureau.

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Chat Moderators

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