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KhangND KhangND 23 November 2020

🛠 Fandom Utils - a browser extension for your own convenience

Hello everyone, I'm stopping by to promote a browser extension that I developed to benefit our community.

Try out Fandom Utils - a browser extension that incorporates several tools and utilities develo…

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Raylan13 Raylan13 15 December 2014

Rogue vs Unity Community Choice Awards

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Amnestyyy Amnestyyy 12 July 2014

Fanon separation

You may or may not have noticed that, a while back, there was a community vote regarding the removal of all fanon articles from this wiki and move everything to a separate wiki. The vote passed thr…

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Awyman13 Awyman13 15 June 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity at E3 2014

E3 2014 has ended and I have to say my experience was phenomenal. I got the chance to get live demos of numerous Ubisoft games as well as hands on and heres what I have to say.

While I would have love…

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AgentG231 AgentG231 18 October 2013

Assassinews '18-10-13 — Assassin's Creed Initiates now in Open Alpha Stage

Since Sima is in hiatus and I don't know if he's online these days, I will fill in this Assassinews section for him. This is a good news for everyone waiting for an activation key in Assassin's Creed…

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