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The following is our moderation policy.

First Offense[]

In response to a first-offense breach of, a staff member should send a talkpage message, offering to help and providing specific next steps to bring the page in question back into compliance. We want to assume good faith of our editors, and this kind of action is intended to help inform and guide users, rather than punish.

Second Offense Within 90 days or Refusal[]

If a second incident occurs after the talkpage message or the user outright refuses to acknowledge the first incident, staff are empowered to send a sterner talkpage message and rollback the offending edits. The work is still being tracked in the edit history, but this keeps our pages in line with guidelines.

Third Offense, Edit-warring, or Spam[]

At this juncture, the user's activity can no longer be considered beneficial and needs administrative intervention. The user should be banned for one week and a talkpage message left with a Template:Warn1 reference so the user knows precisely why they were banned. Hopefully, this will impress upon them the importance of following wiki policy and will encourage them to contribute to the community within policy.

Fourth Offense, Ban-dodging, or Aggressive Behavior[]

A fourth offense requires a sterner response of a one-month ban and a Template:Warn2 reference. This should prevent further harm to the Wiki and give the user time to re-assess their actions.

Attempts to ban-dodge or aggressive behavior towards other users also requires a stern response—the same one-month ban and a Warn2 template should convey this message.

Fifth Offense or Flagrant Resistance to Prior Warnings[]

If a user continues to not learn from their prior bans and talk page messages, on their fifth offense they will receive a Template:Warn3 reference and a three-month ban to keep them from damaging the Wiki. Flagrant resistance of contact and requests from staff to avoid being disruptive may also result in this action.

Sixth or Severe Offenses[]

At the sixth offense, the user will be permanently banned with no other communication. This user has shown that they are not willing to constructively contribute to the community, and in the interest of protecting the majority, the user will be removed from this Wiki.

Some other offenses may earn this response as well. The reasons for this should be well-documented and discussed with a Mentor before implementing.

These offenses include, but are not limited to:

  • "Sockpuppetry", i.e. the usage of alternate FANDOM accounts for the purposes of ban evasion and/or other non-wiki sanctioned activity, such as propping up arguments with "support" of multiple accounts.
  • Racism and discrimination, including but not limited to, the use of slurs and dog whistles and general disregard for peoples by their race, nationality, gender identity or sexual preference.
  • Doxing, i.e. releasing personal identifying information, such as residential or work addresses, email address, phone numbers, ID, etc. of people against their will or without their knowledge and consent.
  • Death threats, i.e wishing death or threatening harm to wiki users or other people through the usage of the wiki and associated platforms.
  • Impersonation, i.e. pretending to be a public figure, a known individual in the community, or an employee of Ubisoft or its affiliates.

This level of response may also involve contacting FANDOM directly to take action against the user.