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The IRC is an online chat where users from Wikia as a whole can meet and talk. On this wiki, they are used for general chit-chat as well as for reunions of staff members. Rules have been posted, and all are welcome to join.

Please be aware: we have set controls on the #ACWiki channel on Xertion to prevent spammers. You will need to be authorized to use the channel by PM'ing DarkFeather on either Xertion or Discord while remaining online on Xertion in order to receive access.

The #ACWiki channel on Xertion is currently bridged to #off-topic on Discord -- we only have the one channel on Xertion, and this prevents the often off-topic discussions on Xertion from disrupting topic-specific channels on Discord.

This bridge is dependent on the AniNIX network -- contact DarkFeather if it is inoperable.

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