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Brotherhoodians are people who write and edit the pages for Assassin's Wiki as opposed to readers who simply read the articles.

Anyone can be a Brotherhoodian — including you. Just click our sign up link at the top of any page and become a member of our community.

You can browse or search the full user list, or request a random Brotherhoodian's user page.


The name is derived from Wikipedian, the editors of Wikipedia. As in that sense, the "dian" sufix suggests being part of a group, community or demonym. So in this sense, Brotherhoodians are people who form The Assassin's Wiki Community.

Contribution styles

Some Brotherhoodians welcome newcomers; some award those who they feel deserve awards, some upload images; some work on history articles; some clean up grammar; and still others work on reverting vandalism. Many take on all of these tasks. Whatever one decides to do, every Brotherhoodian is presumed valuable.

There are Brotherhoodians who contribute mainly by writing and editing the contents of Assassin's Wiki, and there are those who contribute to ACWiki's administration or provide access to it for every single person on the planet.

Furthermore, a multitude of views and other contribution characteristics are represented well by common Wiki-related userboxes.

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