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The following page is an apprentice assignment page, which acts as a connection between the apprentice, Zac Skywalker, and their Master, AssassinRome. It exists as an external talk page, aimed at dealing with all aspects of the apprenticeship. Only the above mentioned users and the staff have permission to converse here. Any outside interference will result in an immediate ban from the wiki.

Project:Hunt in Venice

Now, my Apprentice, your first task. Something simple, but crosses over from your skill in HQ images and my love for event articles. Now here is what you must do: in this article I am not satisfied with the infobox image, therefore your task is to get a image more fitting for the articles infobox, something that shouts "A hunt in Venice!" So, understand? Any questions come and ask me, okay? Remember my Apprentice, first task is simple, they will get harder, and you can't continue with another task until I am satisfied with the one I told you to work on. Good luck! Assassino de Roma 23:35, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

  • Hunt in Venice - Task to be redone.

I suppose I should give you a better idea of what I had in mind. I would like a infobox image of Ezio actually killing, or about to kill one of the Venetian Templars, either Carlo Grimaldi, Silvio Barbarigo, Marco Barbarigo, or Emilio Barbarigo. Sorry for my lack of advise, or information, I failed you first time around. Better luck this time, and any of the Templars being killed will be fine. Or to Blaidd's sudden idea of having Ezio tail the Templars in Venice. Either of these will do fine.

Project:Bonfire of the Vanities

Good work on the first task, my Apprentice. However, something a little harder now, yes. Your new task is to completely revamp the Bonfire of the Vanities article. Now this includes writting and pictures, and quotes, and we sure as hell could use another infobox picture, perhaps one of a actually Bonfire. And any new picture you plan to add of Ezio must have him in the Armor of Altaïr, thats a rule. So good luck. Remember, if you are confused on this task, don't hesitate to ask me for guidance. Assassino de Roma 19:13, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

Project:Siege of Viana

Great work with the Bonfire article. Now, back to something similar. As Steen and Vatsa found this hard to obtain, I request a new infobox image for the Siege of Viana article. I want the new infobox image to feature the siege towers (when Ezio overlooks the countryside) with the Viana Castle in sight. So the siege towers heading towards the Castle. Good luck, and remember, if you want more details, or you are confused, ask me for advise immediately. Assassino de Roma 11:03, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

Project:Fall of Cesare Borgia

Righto! Now I understand this article is still in the process of voting for FA, but a few changes can be done to make it more fitting. Firstly, I would like a new infobox image. Now there is one at the bottom of the article showing Cesare getting arrested, that will do fine, except I want you to get your hands on a higher quality one. Secondly there is a picture of Ezio at the Colosseo, in the armor of Brutus. Please replace this one with Ezio in white robes instead. And thirdly, as your using the Cesare getting arrest at your new infobox, please replace the low quality one of Cesare standing outside Rome, while Fabio and his troops advance on him. Do this and it would make all the difference. Good luck, Apprentice. Assassino de Roma 20:46, May 5, 2011 (UTC)

Project:Revamp of the Nine

Though the actually task somewhat contradicts the title, you are to completely revamp some of the nine Templars in the orginal Assassin's Creed. I want you to do at least three of the nine. Choose which ones you want, aside from Jubair al Hakim. I intend to work on his shamble of an article myself in the future. Choose whoever you like. Remember, this requires more than images, you will add more information and reword certain area. Also, you are to inform me on which of the nine you have chosen to revamp, and tell me when the task is complete. Good luck, Apprentice! Assassino de Roma 19:48, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

P.S: Do not touch the Sibrand article at the moment, he is being worked on by another user.

Project:Fall of the Monteriggioni

Well, Zac. Long time since last task. So in the title really. Now the Fall of Monteriggioni article is in fairly good shape. However, some images are lacking a bit in terms of quality. Also, some information here and there needs a revamps. So, your new task is here.

  • One I need you to replace some images. Pretty much all to images under the siege section, aside from the Cesare one, need to be replaced with HQ ones. Same things, only much higher quality.
  • Also, the image under the aftermath section need to be replaced with Ezio after he falls of his horse due to his injuries.
  • Also, several area of information need to be revamped too. The siege section most notably.
  • Also, the infobox image. I honestly can't think of one. But if have a new one in mind, then I please tell me. I'd like to hear it.
That's all for now. Good luck on this task. Assassino de Roma 17:13, June 2, 2011 (UTC)
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