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Assassin's Creed is a series of action-adventure stealth video games developed mainly by Ubisoft and set in various historical periods. The series began with Assassin's Creed in 2007, and its most recent title is Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, released in November 2020.

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"We are one. As we share the glory of our victories, so too should we share the pain of our defeat. In this way we grow closer. We grow stronger."
―Malik forgiving Altaïr for the event in Solomon's Temple.[src]

Malik Al-Sayf (1165 – 1228) was the head of the Assassin bureau in Jerusalem around 1191, and later the right-hand man of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Mentor of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins.

Raised as an Assassin, Malik learned the fighting arts that struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. He was an excellent swordsman and a devoted acolyte to the Creed, as well as a caring and mature figure for his brother, Kadar.

Malik nurtured a jealousy of his rival Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, which was stoked into rage when Altaïr ignored the tenets of the Creed, and endangered his companions' lives during the events of Solomon's Temple, resulting in Kadar's death. Despite this, Malik retrieved the Templar treasure that Altaïr had failed to find, and delivered it to Al Mualim.

After Altaïr subsequently hunted and executed nine influential Templars to restore his rank of Master Assassin and assassinate Al Mualim for his corruption, he made Malik his close second-in-command after his change of attitude and appointment as the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins. As such, Malik was eventually deemed a temporary leader in the case of Altaïr's absence. (read more...)

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