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In Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, several outfits are available to those who complete certain challenges or meet specific criteria, which are listed below. Once an outfit is unlocked and equipped, it will alter Edward Kenway's appearance. Edward could change his outfits in the cabin of his ship, the Jackdaw; at any general store throughout the West Indies; or in the basement of his manor on Great Inagua.

Special outfits

Edward Kenway's robes

Taken from the fallen Assassin, Duncan Walpole, these sleek robes have been heavily modified by Edward Kenway to better suit his purpose and personality.

Brown cloak

A brown cloak praised by veteran sailors for its resistance.

Pirate cloak

A standard cloak many pirates once wore to express their pride.

Crimson cloak

A ruddy cloak praised by the Spanish aristocracy.

Privateer outfit

A sleek black outfit, very common among privateers throughout the West Indies.

Pirate captain outfit

A black and red outfit, used by pirate captains to distinguish themselves and establish their authority.

Explorer outfit

Earned after completing community challenges, this is an earthy brown outfit, appreciated by explorers for its sturdiness.

Merchant outfit

A white and grey outfit typically worn by merchants throughout the West Indies.

Governor's outfit

Earned after finding a social treasure, this is an outfit that governors often wore for public appearances, in order to boost their prestige in the eyes of their constituents.

Officer's outfit

Collected by Edward's fleet, this is an outfit praised by English officers for its beauty.

Politician's outfit

An outfit quite popular among the English Crown's representatives.

Templar armor

Gained by opening the cage in the Great Inagua hideout using five Templar keys, this is a light and flexible armor that offers increased resistance to enemy attacks.

Stealth outfit

Earned after completing half of the Assassin's contracts, this outfit was specifically designed to improve the chances that its wearer would remain undetected.

Mayan outfit

Earned after acquiring all of the keystones from Mayan stelae, this outfit was created using scavenged First Civilization materials and had the ability to deflect metal projectiles.

Edward the Legend outfit

Redeemed on Uplay and worn by Edward for a brief time near the end of his career – as Captain Edward Kenway, Legend of the Open Sea – he once had the taste for the finer, flashier things in life.

Hunter outfit

Requiring a Red Howler monkey pelt and a White Jaguar pelt to be crafted, this is a traditional hunting outfit that considerably reduces an animal's range of detection.

Feline pelt outfit

Requiring an ocelot pelt and a jaguar pelt to be crafted, this is a hand-made feline's pelt outfit, which is soft and supple.

Shark hunter outfit

Requiring two shark skins to be crafted, this is a hand-made shark hunter's outfit. Rough to the touch, easy on the eyes.

Whaler outfit

Requiring three white whale skins to be crafted, this is a traditional whaler's outfit, which is sturdy and comfortable in extreme conditions.

Haytham Kenway's overcoat

Obtained via a code shipped with Haytham's figurine, or by ordering Edward Kenway: The Assassin Pirate figurine. Edward acquired the outfit from a chest in the Great Inagua treasure room.

Captain Morgan's redingote

Once worn by the famed pirate Henry Morgan, Edward acquired this outfit on Black Island.

Stede Bonnet's attire

Once worn by Edward's friend, the gentleman pirate Stede Bonnet, Edward acquired this outfit on Mystery Island.

Captain Drake's outfit

Once worn by legendary British explorer Sir Francis Drake, this outfit was acquired by Edward on Sacrifice Island.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's robes

Awarded to those with an internet connection and one previous Assassin's Creed game in their Uplay rewards and actions.

Ezio Auditore's robes

Awarded to those with an internet connection and two previous Assassin's Creed game in their Uplay rewards and actions.

Connor's outfit

Awarded to those with an internet connection and three previous Assassin's Creed games in their Uplay rewards and actions.

Temporary outfits

Crewman outfit

Worn during the Edward Kenway memory.

Duncan Walpole's robes

Worn during the memory sequences 1 and 2.

Tattered outfit

Worn during the Marooned and To Suffer Without Dying memories.

Italian Diplomat outfit

Worn as a disguise during the A Governor No Longer memory.

Diving outfit

Worn during the Diving for Medicines memory and other diving expeditions, as well as harpooning activities.

Adéwalé's robes

Worn by Adéwalé during the Freedom Cry memories.

Slave outfit

Worn by Adéwalé as a disguise during the Lifting the Veil memory.



  • The descriptions for the Explorer and Merchant outfits appear to be stated erroneously, as their colorations are reversed.
  • Duncan Walpole's robes, as well as the Politician, Governor and Officer outfits, all share the same design.
  • Haytham Kenway's overcoat, as well as the Privateer, Pirate captain, Explorer and Merchant outfits, all share the same design with Edward Kenway's robes.
  • The Stealth outfit is nearly identical to Ah Tabai's robes, with the exception of the hood.
  • Upon obtaining the Templar armor, it could still be found inside the gibbet at the Great Inagua's manor, even if Edward was wearing it.
  • The red sash tightly woven under the leather belt of Altaïr's robes does not flow freely at all and remains stationary.
  • The Templar armor bore similarities to the robes worn by Shay Cormac following his induction into the Templar Order.
  • In Black Flag trailers, Edward Kenway's robe contains two differences compared to that in the game. They are the two pistol holsters in the back rather than holster straps, and a bright blue portion in the robe's lower parts rather than the dark blue in the game.