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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - The Watch was a featured VIP program offered exclusively to those who had pre-ordered a copy of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag from select retailers. Available only in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the site could only be accessed through a special code found on the receipts from said retailers, or by a friend sending an invite through Uplay.

Marketed as a hub for fans of the series, The Watch gave players access to additional information about exclusive content, allowed players meet other fans, and to acquire exclusive content upon Black Flag''s release. Other features included various mini-games, news on upcoming content, and galleries of fanart and cosplays. Continual interaction within and surrounding the site rewarded players with badges that displayed their achievements, and points that increased their social rank. Named after stages in the Assassins' chain-of-command, a total of five ranks were available:

  • Recruit - 0 to 3000 points
  • Novice - 3001 to 10000 points
  • Disciple - 10001 to 50000 points
  • Assassin - 50001 to 100000 points
  • Master Assassin - More than 100000 points


Icon Name How to obtain
Master of the Watch Master of the Watch The more content you look at on The Watch, the more points and new badges you'll get.
Master of the Book Master of the Book Get rewarded for your knowledge of Assassin's Creed, each correct answer will get you 100 points.
Master of the Arts Master of the Arts Share your best fanart on The Watch. Get likes to get points!
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise Share your greatest cosplay on The Watch. Get likes to get points!
Master of Rumors Master of Rumors Spread the word from The Watch on social networks: the more you share, the more points you'll get!
Master of Recruitment Master of Recruitment Invite your friends to earn points and get new badges.
Master of the Compass Master of Compass The more coordinates you find, the more points you earn.
Master of Codex Master of the Codex Solve puzzles to earn points and get new badges.