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In Assassin's Creed III, several cheats can be activated after collecting various pivots, though they will disable progress from being recorded (except the Season Changer cheat).


Cheat Name How To Unlock Cheat Effect
Made of Steel Collect Pivot Iota Connor can't get hurt.
Infinite Ammunition Collect Pivot Epsilon Connor has infinite ammunition.
Killing Spree Collect Pivot Theta Connor can always assassinate, even in open conflict.
Semi-Automatic Collect Pivot Kappa No more reload time for ranged weapons.
Ninja Collect Pivot Lambda Guard Detection and Investigation is disabled.
Recruit Collect Pivot Omicron Connor has infinite Recruit Tokens.
Thunder Kill Collect Pivot Upsilon Thunder and Lightning surrounds Connor every time he kills an enemy.
Weather Man Collect Pivot Sigma Weather switches from rain/snow to sunny and vice versa.
Sun and Moon Collect Pivot Eta Change from day to night and vice versa.
Season Changer Collect Pivot Tau Set the season to Summer or Winter.