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[[ru:Assassin's Creed III (мобильная игра)]]
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[[uk:Assassin's Creed III (мобільна гра)]]
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Assassin's Creed III is a game for the mobile platform developed by Gameloft and released alongside the main game in 2012. The game features the Mohawk Assassin Connor and is set during the events of the American Revolutionary War.


The gameplay is similar to that of the other mobile platform games, with Connor navigating across levels in a 2D platform perspective, dispatching guards and targets using a simple control system, using the tomahawk, bow, flintlock pistols and muskets.

The game has nine levels, two of which involve the use of the Aquila, and consists of locations such as Boston, New York City, and the Frontier.


During missions, Connor would often find citizens in need of help. Rescuing them would unlock the Assassin as a recruit to be used for guild missions, which were executed in a similar manner to those in the main games, complete with a leveling system for the recruits.

Differences from main game

  • Connor was never referred to as Ratonhnhaké:ton, even amongst the people of his tribe. Similarly, the Kanien'kehá:ka were only known as the Mohawk.
  • Haytham Kenway was not a playable character.
  • There was no mention of Achilles Davenport, Kaniehtí:io or Kanen'tó:kon in the game.
  • The first memory, which took place in 1770, included an encounter with Charles Lee during which Connor was shot by the former, falling off a cliff into a lake.
  • In a journal written in 1758 by a Mohawk man named Ari Sawi, he referred to Connor as his son.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill took place in February, 1776 with George Washington leading the troops as opposed to June, 1775 with Israel Putnam in charge.
  • The assassination of Thomas Hickey took place during the Great Fire of New York during which Hickey attempted to assassinate an injured George Washington. Following this, Connor also rescued Benjamin Franklin from oncoming British forces.
  • Haytham Kenway was only shown as a traitor to the Patriot cause, and was not related to Connor in any way.
  • The final encounter with Charles Lee featured many differences, such as a carriage chase, a British ambush and the tavern scene taking place in Boston, rather than Monmouth.


  • The images used to represent Connor's apprentices are the same as those of the Animi Avatars in the main game.


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