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The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India.


Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
CIA-Infiltratort.png Infiltrator Complete Memory Sequence 1. 25 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-TheEnd.png The End? Complete Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India. 100 G.png PS3Silver.png
CIA-NotYourUsualAssassin.png Not Your Usual Assassin Complete Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India without killing anyone. 100 G.png PS3Silver.png
CIA-InvisibleMaster.png Invisible Master Complete Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India in Plus Hard mode without being seen once. 150 G.png PS3Silver.png
CIA-Thief.png Thief Pickpocket or loot 100 enemies without being seen. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-SmokeGetsInTheirEyes.png Smoke Gets In Their Eyes Use the Smoke to pass by 100 enemies. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-TwoForOne.png Two For One Multi kill 200 enemies. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-TakeMeDown.png Take Me Down Take down 100 enemies. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-GoneInAFlash.png Gone In A Flash Have 100 enemies pass by you whilst using Helix Blend. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-LeaveNoTrace.png Leave No Trace Dispose of 100 enemies using Helix Blade. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-LikeAShadow.png Like A Shadow Achieve Shadow Gold Style rating 30 times. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-LikeAnAssassin.png Like An Assassin Achieve Assassin Gold Style rating 30 times. 25 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-LikeASilencer.png Like A Silencer Achieve Silencer Gold Style rating 30 times. 25 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-ConsistentCombo.png Consistent Combo Reach the maximum score multiplier in any memory sequence and maintain it for two more sections. 25 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-ASpeedyRescue.png A Speedy Rescue In Memory Sequence 3, rescue Hamid in under 5 minutes. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-FasterThanLight.png Faster Than Light Complete Memory Sequence 4 in under 9 minutes. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-SharpShooter.png Sharp Shooter Clear the Mortar Guards in Memory Sequence 8 without taking any damage. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png
CIA-FasterThanAnElephant.png Faster Than An Elephant Complete Memory Sequence 9 in under 7 minutes. 50 G.png PS3Bronze.png