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Assassin's Creed 14 is the fourteenth and final issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed. The comic, written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery with art by Ivan Nunes and Neil Edwards was released on 28 December 2016.

Publisher's summary

Charlotte's plan begins to unravel as the she realises she may be completely out of her depth. It's time for her to sink or swim, but can she keep it together long enough to get what she needs from Consus - and Erudito?[1]

Plot summary

2016: Fatally wounded, Kody is consoled by Charlotte in his dying moments. She promises him that he did well to save the data from the Templars. After he passes, Florencia and Charlotte argue over the situation with each blaming the other for what ultimately lead to Kody's death. A plane flies overhead, and is promptly shot down by the Templars. The group of remaining Assassins and Erudito members then decide it is best to keep moving. Florencia advises everyone that she hid boats in a cave on the southern side of the island in the event of such an emergency, and this is where they collectively decide to head for.

Meanwhile, at the former Erudito base, Sanchez and the rest of the Templars search for clues. It appears that Charlotte has had a tracking device on her the whole time, as such they all can see exactly where the group is heading. Sanchez elects to send a group to the caves in advance of the group's arrival in order to set up an ambush.

Templars surround the crashed plane, finding the deceased Sheed in the co-pilot seat. They are immediately ambushed by Galina, Joseph and My'shell who seemingly survived the crash. Realising that any hope of rescue relies on taking out the ship that shot them down, they head towards the water.

Charlotte and her group finally reach the southern caves, but her sixth sense is warning her that the group should not enter. She argues the point with Florencia, whom states there was no way that they could have known about the cave. The group sides with Charlotte's vision, and choose to double back. Explaining that she is being tracked, Charlotte elects to go off solo, in the hope of attackers following her away from the group.

Galina, Joseph and My'shell attack the ship. The crew retaliate, and explosives upon the deck are hit amidst the gunfire - effectively destroying the ship. Joseph is caught in the blastwave, and is badly wounded. Galina willingly takes his life to spare his pain.

Charlotte manages to take out a few assailants that follow her amongst the treeline. Florencia and the group manage to reach the crashed ship, and are surprised to bump into Galina and My'shell, whom are awaiting Assassin assistance...

In the mean time, Charlotte fights her way to the top of a waterfall. She manages to take down another soldier with a gun, but is quickly surrounded by Sanchez and several Templar guards. With nowhere to run, she is surprised as gunfire rains out with the entire Templar group getting gunned down. She spins round to see an attack Helicopter behind her. The door opens, with Florencia waving to Charlotte. After a leap of faith to the helicopter, Charlotte comes aboard to find the Erudito group along with Galina all settled inside. The helicopter is piloted by Kiyoshi Takakura, whom along with Arend Schut, were sent by Gavin Banks to rescue the remaining Assassins. It would appear Charlotte is finally to meet with the leadership of the Assassin Brotherhood.[2]

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