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Assassin's Creed 13 is the thirteenth issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed. The comic, written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery with art by Ivan Nunes and Neil Edwards was released on 23 November 2016.

Publisher's summary

Tensions are running high in the Erudito camp as it becomes clear that Charlotte's memories may hold the key to the code they've been trying to piece together. But it won't be easy to decipher, as Charlotte encounters the mysterious Consus once again, in the mind of Giovanni Borgia.[1]

Plot summary

1515: Florence. Hiram and Giovanni lie in wait, high above the city alongside Michelangelo. Their target passes by within a carriage below, supposedly holding onto a Piece of Eden. Giovanni urges caution and to wait for nightfall, but Hiram is insistent they launch a surprise attack. They both dive down and engage the carriages' guards. Amidst the battle, the target escapes with the artifact - much to Giovanni's disgust.

2016: Charlotte is awakened from the Animus by Kody. Her vitals were apparently off the charts. Kody demands she rests, but Florencia argues that she must continue until Consus is found. Charlotte re-enters the Animus.

1515: Two days later, Hiram and Giovanni continue to argue over the tactics that they employed. Giovanni states that he will report his misgivings directly to Ezio, whilst Hiram decides to get drunk and attracts the attention of a female bartender. The next morning he awakes to find Elena waiting for him, having evidently been informed by Giovanni. The two men fight, with Elena branding them both as animals - throwing off her scarf. The simulation suddenly becomes pixellated and repeats...

2016: Charlotte awakens again. Kody and Florencia agree that what she has experienced was a 'false' memory, and that the memories have seemingly been masked and erased by Consus. Charlotte re-enters and experiences the same fight between Hiram and Giovanni over and over, each time playing out with a differing ending. Each time she notices the scarf, and eventually elects to touch it. The scene plays out again, this time with Consus speaking through Giovanni. He leaves a cryptic message for Charlotte, whom then awakens to find the Erudito facility under attack by the Templars.

Meanwhile in Somalia, Galina attempts to attack Joseph but is struck down. My'shell manages to distract him with a flanking strike, before Sheed pulls a gun on him - ceasing the fight. Word reaches them that the Erudito island is under attack, and they quickly realise that Joseph is the only one with a plane. He reluctantly agrees to go, but only if he can speak with Charlotte.

Back on the island, Kody wires up explosives to the servers to blow them up. Florencia attempts to back up their data, but bullets start flying before they have chance. Charlotte pulls Florencia clear, but Kody tries to run back for the data and is gunned down.[2]

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