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Assassin's Creed 12 is the twelfth issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed. The comic, written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery with art by Ivan Nunes and Neil Edwards was released on October 5, 2016.

Publisher's summary

A brand new arc! And an explosive new secret! While Charlotte is reeling from the meeting with Erudito, it is time for the Assassin cell headed by Brotherhood stalwart Galina Voronina to pull her team together... but will she be able to do it alone, or is it time for reinforcements?[1]

Plot summary

2016: Charlotte awakens from the Animus and reveals that she has not had any luck with finding Consus as yet. Kody still has serious reservations about using the memories of "Bloody" Hiram. Florencia is evidently losing the Erudito vote, and as such Charlotte heads back into the machine in search of the Isu himself.

Meanwhile, in Mogadishu, Somalia. Galina leads a group of Erudito agents trying to locate the elusive Joseph. They are observing a public event attended by Zehra Okur, a successful businesswoman and known Templar funder. After some misdirection involving a digger, Galina is finally jumped by Joseph behind some crates.

1516: Greece. Hiram and Giovanni are engaged in a war of words. It is clear there is a great divide between them. They fight, until Giovanni manages to wrest an artifact from Hiram - an Apple of Eden! Giovanni wants to help Hiram, and leaves him with a book given to him by his mentor.

1515: Tuscany, Italy. A year earlier, Hiram and Giovanni are engaged within a sparring duel. Hiram cheats before they are interrupted by their Assassin teacher - Ezio Auditore himself! Giovanni is angered, and Ezio takes him on a walk. He explains that there are many paths to becoming an Assassin, and gives Giovanni a book by Dante (presumably Inferno, part of his Divine Comedy) to read and reflect on. Meanwhile Hiram entertains Elena, a young woman that assists Ezio. Her English is not very good, but he still manages to flirt with her. Ezio interrupts stating that he has an urgent mission involving Templars for Hiram, and that he must attend to his friend Michelangelo.[2]

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