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Assassin's Creed 11 is the eleventh issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed. The comic, written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery with art by Ivan Nunes and Neil Edwards was released on 24 August 2016.

Publisher's summary

A brand new arc! And an explosive new secret! While Charlotte is reeling from the meeting with Erudtio, it is time for the Assassin cell headed by Brotherhood stalwart Galina Voronina to pull her team together... but will she be able to do it alone, or is it time for reinforcements?[1]

Plot summary

2016: A meeting of the leaders of Erudito has been called. The debate turns as to why Charlotte and her team were invited into discussions, with the topic turning quickly to that of Consus. It is quite clear the entity is of special reverence to the hacker collective, as the fact that Charlotte heard his voice is of great interest to them. Charlotte discovers the story behind Juno and the Phoenix Project, and that Erudito believed only Giovanni Borgia had been contacted by Consus - thus their interest. It turns out that they believe Giovanni has a second memory of Consus, that has been hidden from Abstergo. Fortunately for Charlotte, her ancestor Hiram Stoddard was in contact with Giovanni in 1516.

Erudito calls for a vote amongst its members, with Charlotte's grandmother calling for the creation of hive bases across the globe, and cross-training their own agents. Counter arguments are made for Erudito to stay out of events, and with the votes on a knife edge, Charlotte elects to stand in - offering a team up between the Brotherhood and Erudtio. In exchange for Galina training and assisting their agents, Erudito will help track down Joseph Laurier. Charlotte will also seek Consus and answers within an Animus. The votes agree, and the course is set.

Galina leaves for Somalia, hugging Charlotte on her way out - the two finally getting along now. Before Charlotte can sit in the Animus, she reveals she was injured by Templar agents - Florencia thus insists on a full body scan to check for tracing chemicals or chips. Mid scan, Kody wakes her to express his concerns about entering Hiram's memories - he fears the meeting with Consus did something to seriously derange his mind, and worries what it will do to Charlotte...

1516: Florence, Italy. Hiram Stoddard enters a building, and finds Giovanni Borgia hiding in wait. Although he dodges a thrown dagger, Giovanni is taken down by a swift kick from Hiram. Hiram then puts a sword to his throat...[2]

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