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Video games

Main installments

ACButton.jpg AC2Button.jpg Acb-icon2.png Acr-icon.png
Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed II AC: Brotherhood AC: Revelations
ACIII-GMi.png ACIVGM.png Assassin's Creed Rogue Icon.png Assassin's Creed Unity Icon.png
Assassin's Creed III AC IV: Black Flag AC: Rogue AC: Unity
ACSyndicate icon.png ACOrigins icon.png Assassin's Creed Odyssey button.png AC Valhalla icon.jpg
AC: Syndicate AC: Origins AC: Odyssey AC: Valhalla

Surrounding installments

Chronicles-icon2.png Bloodlines-icon.png Acd-icon.png Aciiil-icon.png
AC: Altaïr's
AC: Bloodlines AC II: Discovery AC III: Liberation
Freedom Cry icon.png Assassin's Creed Chronicles China Button.png Assassin's Creed Chronicles India Button.png Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia Button.png
Freedom Cry AC Chronicles:
AC Chronicles:
AC Chronicles:

Spin-off games

AC2 MP button.png Acpl-icon.png MP Rearmed button.png Acrec-icon.png
AC II: Multiplayer AC: Project Legacy AC: Multiplayer
AC: Recollection
Assassin's Creed Pirates Icon.png ACMemories button.png ACIdentity Button.png The Tower Assassin’s Creed button.png
AC: Pirates AC: Memories AC: Identity The Tower: AC
ACRebellion button.png AC Freerunners button.png
AC: Rebellion AC: Freerunners

Mobile adaptations

AC mobile button.png AC2 mobile button.png ACB mobile button.png ACR mobile button.png
Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed II AC: Brotherhood AC: Revelations
AC3 mobile button.png ACU mobile button.png
Assassin's Creed III AC Unity:
Arno's Chronicles


Novel tie-ins

Renaissance-icon.png Acbook-icon.png Assc-icon.png ACR-NV.png
AC: Renaissance AC: Brotherhood AC: The Secret
AC: Revelations
ACFGM.png AC4BF novel button.png Unity novel button.png ACUnderworld button.png
AC: Forsaken AC: Black Flag AC: Unity AC: Underworld
Movie Novel button.png Desert Oath button.png ACOD novel button.jpg ACVGS button.png
Assassin's Creed AC Origins:
Desert Oath
AC: Odyssey AC Valhalla:
Geirmund's Saga
Wiki noimage.jpg
AC: Sword of the
White Horse

Stand-alone novels

Heresy button.png AC Silk Road button.png
AC: Heresy AC: The Silk Road

Young adult novels

Last Descendants button.png Tomb of the Khan button.png Fate of the Gods button.png
Last Descendants Last Descendants:
Tomb of the Khan
Last Descendants:
Fate of the Gods
AC Fragments button.png AC Fragments 2 button.png AC Fragments 3 button.png
AC: Fragments –
The Blade of Aizu
AC: Fragments –
The Highlands
AC: Fragments –
Les Sorcières
des Landes

The Imperial Jade Seal

AC Prophecy of the Emperor button.png
AC: Prophecy of
the Emperor

In-universe books

Blackbeard Lost Journal Button.png Abstergo Entertainment Employee Handbook Button.png
Blackbeard –
The Lost Journal
Entertainment –

Non-canonical novels

AC The Ming Storm button.png
AC: The Ming Storm

Mr. Men and Little Miss

AC Mister Ezio French button.png AC Little Miss Kassandra French button.png AC Little Miss Eivor French button.png
Mister Ezio Little Miss
Little Miss Eivor

Films and television

Feature films

Assassin's Creed The Movie Poster Button.png
Assassin's Creed

Television series

AC liveaction tv series.png Wiki noimage.jpg Wiki noimage.jpg
live-action show
animated show
Untitled anime

Short films

Lineage-icon.png Ascendance-icon.png Embers-icon.png
AC: Lineage AC: Ascendance AC: Embers

Collaborative shorts

French Revolution icon.jpg The Syndicate icon.png
French Revolution The Syndicate

Graphic novels


Fall-icon.png Chain-icon.png AC Brahman Button.png Assassins Creed Titan Comics Button.png
AC: The Fall AC: The Chain AC: Brahman Assassin's Creed
ACTemplars button.png FCBD 2016 icon.png Last Descendants Locus button.png AC Conspiracies button.png
AC: Templars AC FCBD 2016
Last Descendants
– Locus
AC: Conspiracies
Apogee button.png AC Reflections button.png Origins comic button.png AC Bloodstone button.png
AC: Uprising AC: Reflections AC: Origins AC: Bloodstone
ACBoSJ button.png Assassin's Creed Dynasty button.png ACSoG button.png ACV BB button.png
AC: Blade
of Shao Jun
AC: Dynasty AC Valhalla:
Song of Glory
AC Valhalla:
Blood Brothers
ACV comic button.png ACBF Webtoon button.png Assassin's Creed Valhalla (bandes dessinée) button.png
AC:V webcomic Untitled webtoon AC: Valhalla


Bande dessinée


Acpa-icon.png Accomics.png Assassin's Creed Awakening Button.png AC Cinders button.png
AC webcomic AC LE comic AC: Awakening AC: Cinders

Audio books

Audio drama

Assassin's Creed Gold button.png AC TitMD button.png
AC: Gold AC: Turbulence in
the Ming Dynasty

Audio books

Assassin's Creed Renaissance audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed Brotherhood audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed The Secret Crusade audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed Revelations audiobook button.png
AC: Renaissance AC: Brotherhood AC: The Secret
AC: Revelations
Assassin's Creed Forsaken audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed Black Flag audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed Underworld audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed LD1 audiobook button.png
AC: Forsaken AC: Black Flag AC: Underworld Last Descendants
Assassin's Creed film audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed LD2 audiobook button.png AC Desert Oath audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed LD3 audiobook button.png
Assassin's Creed Last Descendants:
Tomb of the Khan
AC Origins:
Desert Oath
Last Descendants:
Fate of the Gods
Assassin's Creed Odyssey audiobook button.png Assassin's Creed Valhala audiobook button.png
AC: Odyssey AC Valhalla:
Geirmund's Saga

Other books


Acleab-icon.png Art of AC icon.png AC2 Conspiracy Book button.png Art of ACII icon.png
AC: Limited
Edition Art Book
The Art of AC ACII:
Conspiracy Book
The Art of ACII
Art of ACB icon.png ACR CE ArtBook button.png Art of ACIII Icon.png AC4BF CE Art Book button.png
The Art of AC:B The Art of AC:R The Art of ACIII ACIV:BF
CE Art Book
Art of ACIVBF Icon.png The Art of ACRo button.png ACU CE Art Book button.png Art of ACU Icon.png
The Art of ACIV:BF The Art of AC:Ro AC:U CE Art Book The Art of AC:U
AC Complete Visual History icon.png ACS CE Art Book button.png Art of AC Syndicate Icon.png Into the Animus button.png
AC: The Complete
Visual History
AC:S CE Art Book The Art of AC:S AC:
Into the Animus
ACO CE ArtBook button.png Art of ACO button.png ACOD CE ArtBook button.png The Art of ACOD button.png
AC:O CE Art Book The Art of AC:O AC:OD CE Art Book The Art of AC:OD
The Art of Assassin's Creed Valhalla button.png
The Art of AC:V


Encyclopedia 3 button.png Walk Through History button.png AC Coloring book button.png Essential Guide button.png
AC Encyclopedia AC: A Walk
Through History
AC: The Official
Coloring Book
AC: The Essential
AC Movie Poster Book button.png AC Graphics button.png AC Covers Collection button.png AC 2500 ans d'Histoire button.png
AC Movie
Poster Book
Covers Collection
AC: 2500 Years
of History
AC Atlas button.png Discovery Book Ancient Egypt button.png Discovery Book Ancient Greece button.png AC WTA English button.png
AC: Atlas Discovery Book:
Ancient Egypt
Discovery Book:
Ancient Greece
AC: Where's
the Assassin?
AC Cookbook button.png
AC: The
Culinary Codex

Board games


AC Arena button.png AC Vendetta button.png AC BoV button.png
AC: Arena AC: Vendetta AC: Brotherhood
of Venice


ACS Monopoly button.png AC Top Trumps button.png AC Risk button.png
Monopoly: AC Top Trumps: AC Risk: AC


Incredibuilds AC button.png
Assassin's Creed

Virtual reality experiences

The VR Experience button.png Escape the Lost Pyramid button.png The Temple of Anubis button.png Beyond Medusa's Gate button.png
The VR Experience
the Lost Pyramid
AC: The
Temple of Anubis
Medusa's Gate