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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is an upcoming bande dessinée graphic novel by the same artists behind the webcomic. Written by Mathieu Gabella with art by Paolo Traisci and Fabien Alquier, the comic will be published by Glénat Editions and is scheduled for a 16 March 2022 release date.[1]


Only death allows justice

England. On the sidelines of the unpredictable Viking raids on which certain monastaries are victims, Ecbert, a young copyist monk seeks to understand the reasons which pushed his brother to commit suicide...

Among the documents of the deceased brother, some strange parchments blackened by a hermetic language were found. No one knows where these obscure, occult-appearing letters came from, but Ecbert has seen such signs before...

In the Viking camp where he was recently prisoner, he saw some identical sheets lying around the workshop of Hytham. a wise man who had then take him under his wing.

Hytham is part of a secret organization: "The Hidden Ones". To Ecbert's questions, he gives no direct answer but he decides to help him by sending him to London accompanied by Niels, a boy as unruly as he is promising. There, they will undergo accelerated training in the form of an investigation into the traces of a cult with disturbing practices

As they follow this track, they will be confronted with the dangerous stakes hidden within Ecbert's questions...


In April 2021, the new graphic novel was announced alongside eight other future Assassin's Creed projects. Game Informer reported that the comic will feature original characters and a new location to explore, Scotland.[2]



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