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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla – The Hidden Codex is a bande dessinée graphic novel by the same artists behind the webcomic. Written by Mathieu Gabella with art by Paolo Traisci and Fabien Alquier, the comic was published by Glénat Editions and first released on 25 January 2023.[2]


A secret knowledge. A forbidden weapon.

England, Ravensthorpe camp, 9th century.

Kidnapped by Eivor, a powerful Viking
jarlskona, Edward, copyist monk, seeks to understand the reasons which pushed his brother Ecbert to commit suicide...

Among the documents of the deceased, strange parchments blackened by a hermetic language were found. No one knows the provenance of this letters of occult appearance, but Edward has seen such signs before: in the workshop of Hytham, a man who had taken him under his wing.

Hytham belongs to a secret order: "The Hidden Ones". An order that can offer Edward answers, and guarantee his aspirations for freedom and knowledge. For that, Hytham proposes to send him to Lunden accompanied by Niels, a young Viking warrior as undisciplined as he is promising. There, they will undergo quick training in the form of an investigation on the trail of a cult with troubling practices... Following the clues to the mysterious lands of Scotland, they will be confronted with the dangerous stakes hidden within Edward's questions...


In April 2021, the new graphic novel was announced alongside eight other future Assassin's Creed projects. Game Informer reported that the comic will feature original characters and a new location to explore, Scotland.[4]



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