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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla – Sword of the White Horse is an official tie-in novel of the video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla by Elsa Sjunneson. It was published by Aconyte Books in April 2022 and is an original story that portrays the events directly following the end of the game.

Publisher's summary[]

A Celtic warrior defending her people from Viking raiders infiltrates an ancient sect to save her homeland, in this gripping original saga set in the world of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Mercia, 878.
Witch-warrior Niamh discovers a new order called the Hidden Ones is seeking to establish a foothold in Lunden. Her land is already scarred by Viking raiders, bloody wars, and clashing cultures. Determined to protect what remains of her homeland, she infiltrates this new group to discover whether they stand with her... or against her. Yet when Niamh learns the Hidden Ones have stolen an artifact sacred to her people, her own loyalties are challenged. Casting aside newfound alliances and friendships, Niamh soon discovers that betrayal comes with a heavy price and it will take everything in her power—her gods willing—to survive.



Niamh of Argyll travels alongside the Hidden One Hytham north of Hadrian's Wall, back to her homeland. However, both remain secretive to each other of their intentions, as Niamh has to find an opportunity to betray her ally without notice.

Chapter 1[]

In 878, Niamh, a witch-warrior of Avalon and her clan, the Women of the Mist, meditates peacefully near the shores of Caledonia, until her apprentice, Birdie, comes to deliver news from the "The Lady." Niamh soon receives two letters, which spoke of a warrior named Nimue and The Lady dictating Niamh to infiltrate the group called the Hidden Ones in Lunden. Reluctant, Niamh agrees to the mission on spying on the Hidden Ones as Birdie asks her mentor for permission to join her. Weighing her options, Niamh agreed to have Birdie join her mission for the Goddess. As Birdie prepares for the journey, Niamh goes to her mother's cairn, reminisces of her time and training on Avalon, and laments over leaving the only home she knows. After spending a whole day alone with her thoughts and questions, Niamh readies herself to leave her village and her duties.

Chapter 2[]

Riding her horse, Mathan, Niamh leaves their village alongside Birdie. Traveling a long way, Niamh and a sore Birdie came across the border between Caledonia and Mercia: Hadrian's Wall. Niamh asks Birdie if she was ready to venture into the unknown and Birdie hesitates but quickly agrees to keep going forward. Finding a way through the wall, Niamh and her apprentice quickly find a river and begin to rest besides it. Niamh talks with Birdie about the fears they have and how to survive among passing through the Danes, Picts, and Anglo-Saxons. As they continued their travels, Niamh and Birdie find another space to camp as Birdie scouts the area for any predators nearby. Birdie returns with good news as she promises to keep first watch for the night, much to Niamh's reluctance.

The next day, Niamh wakes up, only to find Birdie missing. Inspecting the forest, Niamh came across voices and soon finds Birdie captured by three bandits. Approaching the bandits, Niamh offers their lives in exchange for Birdie's life. However, two bandits engage Niamh in a fight while one holds Birdie hostage. Niamh defeats and severely injures the two bandits, while the other bandit ran away. As all the bandits left, Niamh rescues the shocked Birdie and tells her to go home, as this life is not for her. Birdie agrees as Niamh promises to find another witch-warrior for their village. As Birdie leaves, Niamh continues on Mathan to Lunden.

Chapter 3[]

Arriving in Lunden, Niamh enters inside the Hawk's Nest and searches for the people who sent the invitation. Inside, Niamh is met by two Hidden Ones, one of them being Hytham. Hytham welcomes her as Niamh reveals her own namesake in place of the name, "Nimue," and asks them why she was invited. Hytham reveals that "her" ancestors were part of their group, that they heard of her previous work, and they want to recruit her themselves. However, the other Hidden One, Marcella of Rome, harshly states that Niamh would need to impress her solely. Remaining secretive, Niamh tells both Hytham and Marcella just enough about her upbringing, training, and lifestyle during their interview. Tired and noticing Marcella's wary attitude, Niamh asks to rest first before she answers more questions. Hytham agrees, much to Marcella's displeasure. Sleeping on a bed within the loft, Niamh looks from a window to see the Tamesis river and the rest of Lunden. Yet, Niamh wishes to be at home with the peaceful silence, compared to Lunden's noisy atmosphere. As she begins to rest, Niamh prepares her cover story for tomorrow while at the same time, she investigates the Hidden Ones' true purpose.

Chapter 4[]

Waking up early, Niamh traveled through Lunden to forcibly immerse herself with the city's surroundings. Niamh takes notice of the city's horrific smell, its barbaric men, and the women at Tamesis' waters, especially one who was praying to the same "Goddess." Heading back to the Hawk's Nest, Niamh is met by both Hytham and Marcella, who bluntly states her distrust of Niamh. Niamh concocts of a story of wanting more of life rather than being a mother or homebody in her village. Nevertheless, Marcella reaffirms her suspicions by planning to test Niamh's abilities. Hytham intervenes and takes Niamh further within the bureau to talk with her privately. Close to a window, Hytham doved out through the window as Niamh, shocked, followed suit. Landing in a haystack, Niamh rises from her landing and searches for Hytham's location. Hytham challenges Niamh as he jumps further within the city, while she figures out what he means. Niamh starts to hide herself within Lunden by blending in with a group of nuns.

Within a group, Niamh is confronted by a nun, who comes to her for help. The nun recognizes Niamh as a person from Caledonia and asks for help about the disappearances of multiple nuns. Wondering where to investigate, Niamh is told by the nun that an order called the Order of the Ancients may be responsible. Niamh agrees to help and leaves the prayers quickly, due to her discomfort with Christians. Afterwards, Niamh continues to hide from Hytham and she perches herself on a willow tree near the Tamesis river. However, Hytham was in proximity near the tree and starts to wait out Niamh. After a few moments, Hytham looks up and lets Niamh know about how he figured out her location beforehand. Hytham starts to advise Niamh about her surroundings and tips of how to disappear from sight, but commends her use of the nuns. Both Niamh and Hytham start to head back to the bureau as they pass through the city's markets. For the first time, Niamh is amazed at the wares, items, and luxuries sold and the interactions between the owners and hagglers.

Nevertheless, Niamh and Hytham arrive back to the bureau, where Marcella is waiting for them. As both Hidden Ones discuss Niamh's current position, Niamh reveals an issue she receives from a nun about the Order of the Ancients. Shocked, Hytham and Marcella become tense as they tell Niamh about the long tumultuous war the Hidden Ones and the Order have been fighting. Niamh sees the danger the Order may bring as Hytham shares a list of possible Order members within England. Niamh is also revealed to be the only recipient of multiple letter sent out from the Hidden Ones. Hytham points to a name on a list as the name represents a priest in Oxenefordscire with ties to Order. The priest has been spreading misinformation and slander about the Hidden Ones and was designated as Niamh's first task. Before Hytham could finish, Marcella quickly states to assassinate the priest.

Given a stealth task for the first time, Niamh looks hesitant and asks why not banish the priest. Hytham explains that Order does not listen to reason and kills anyone against them and their views. As Niamh agrees to the task, Marcella provides more information about the priest's whereabouts. Niamh wonders if the task was hers alone without supervision. Hytham explains that Marcella is currently on the run from another Order member while Hytham was ambiguous about his own reasons. Niamh realizes the autonomy she has but remains wary of other possible allies of the Hidden Ones watching her. Marcella soon gives out the name of the Order member, Father Deoric, and his location being in a small village near Cote. Niamh is told to dress less like a Celt, due to Deoric's prejudice. Niamh promises to send a message if she is gone too long as she sets out on her quest. As she prepares, Niamh has to use what Hytham has taught her and remain even more secretive about her true intentions.

Chapter 5[]

Niamh wakes up to start her journey and is surprised to see Hytham has prepared the essentials for her journey. Hytham also divulges his true condition as he was injured years ago and is still recuperating. Hytham also asks Niamh about any information about the Women of the Mist and a possible alliance between them and the Hidden Ones. Hiding her true knowledge, Niamh lies by promising to find information about the Women of the Mist. Leaving, Niamh readies Mathan and rides forward towards her destination. A day passed as Niamh comes to a crossroad, where the left leads to the village while the right leads towards Avalon and her homeland. Staying on task, Niamh goes left and passes through a thicker part of the wilderness, only to finally arrive at the village of Cote. Cote's community revolved around its church, where Niamh's target resides. However, Niamh looks at the community and notices that all the women are wearing kerchiefs as she wears trousers.

Finding an abandoned barn, Niamh dresses more like Cote's community, even having to hide and relinquish her bow and sword. Entering the village, Niamh walks her way into the church and starts to search for her target. As the church fills up, Father Deoric walks out as he starts the sermon for his parishioners. During his sermon, Niamh assesses Father Deoric to be a hard, emotionless man who does not seem to be passionate about his religion or his fellow villagers. After the sermon, Niamh ventures towards the village's countryside to find the destroyed cairns. There, Niamh finds a house that gave an offering to her Goddess. Calling out to the house, a voice emerges and tells Niamh to show her true colors. Niamh reveals her lunar tattoo on her arm and a woman reveals herself from the house. Niamh introduces herself as the woman introduces herself to be Wisweth.

Within Wisweth's home, Niamh talks with Wisweth, who informs of Deoric's recent arrival and his cruel treatment of pagans within the town. Wisweth also confirms Hytham's intel about Deoric destroying cairns as Wisweth recalls the priest destroying her husband's. Crying, Wisweth felt distraught over her husband's spirit being at unrest while Niamh felt enraged over it. Niamh promises Wisweth to fully investigate the matter as Wisweth offers her food in return. Afterwards, Niamh left to investigate what is left of Wisweth's husband's cairn and what else the priest has done.

Chapter 6[]

Niamh finds Wisweth's husband's cairn and notices that it was severely desecrated and replaced with a Christian cross. Angry, Niamh takes out the cross and reconstructs the cairn for Wisweth. After a quick moment, Niamh finally agrees that this faithless and cowardly act was grounds to kill the priest. Observing the priest's routine, Niamh surmises that her plan must be done when the priest is alone. Niamh waits till nightfall and then goes towards the Deoric's house. As a boy exits the priest's house, Niamh enters in but the father hears the footsteps. Initially, Deoric believes it to be the boy until he goes to see Niamh outside his door. Harsh and blunt, Deoric catches sight of Niamh and guesses correctly of her being a witch. Deoric begins a tirade over how his people outnumber the pagans and that his people will win.

Disgusted, Niamh retorts back that his people have tried but failed against her people. Deoric continues to taunt and belittle Niamh, who immediately kicks him down. Shocked, Deoric banged his head when falling backwards as Niamh lands a punch against Deoric. Deoric breaks free but remains stunned and imbalanced. Although Deoric may have more information alive, time was not on Niamh's side. Niamh grabs her dagger and slits Deoric's throat. Covered in blood, Niamh gathers journals and documents from Deoric's table about his superiors and came across the mention of the sword of Excalibur. However, Niamh hears a noise coming closer within the cottage. Leaving out the back, Niamh jumps out of the house and hangs by a windowsill. The boy enters, finds the priest's corpse, and screams, while Niamh drops, runs through the graveyard, and quickly makes her way to hide in the shadows of the church's tower. With the papers, Niamh confirmed Hytham's information about Deoric being part of the Order of the Ancients.

The next day, Niamh climbs down and disguises herself among the crowd of mourners. However, their sentiments were quick to blame pagans for the priest's death, which Niamh believes would prove dangerous for Wisweth. Going through the crowd, Niamh makes her way back to the abandoned barn and readies a scared Mathan. Her duty as a witch-warrior compels her to at least help and safeguard Wisweth. Racing to Wisweth's home, Niamh sees smoke and then leaves Mathan at a fence post for his own well-being. Running, Niamh arrives to Wisweth's home burned down and no sign of Wisweth except her necklace near the house's entrance. Distraught, Niamh blames herself and the Hidden Ones for convincing her to outright kill Deoric. As she prays for Wisweth's soul, Niamh makes her way back home to inform the Women of the Mist of what has transpired and asks for their permission to be relieved of her quest.

Chapter 7[]

Niamh arrives at Glastonbury Tor, a hill which overshadowed the presence of the isle of Avalon. Niamh waits in the cold waters while an empty rowboat came for her. Niamh climbs aboard as the mist moves the boat toward Avalon. Walking onto the isle's shores, Niamh quickly changes her apparel and cleans herself at the baths, as no outside grounds may be present on Avalon. With no shoes, Niamh walks further into the main courtyards as initiates stare at her. Near the tip of the Tor, Niamh kneels as she awaits someone to assist her. A hand touches her shoulder and Niamh speaks about leaving the quest early and her sorrow over the recent events with Wisweth. Revealed, The Lady asks Niamh to follow her. Further atop the hill, The Lady showcases the Sacred Table, a table filled with sacred objects to the Women of the Mist, to a tearful Niamh. Yet, The Lady states that one remains missing: Excalibur.

Keeping silent out of respect, The Lady recounts when King Arthur pulled Excalibur out of the stone and was a true and a good king, until his advisors swayed him in another direction. Ultimately, The Lady tells Niamh that King Arthur died by being betrayed by his advisors and Excalibur was apparently buried beneath the Stonehenge. Many witch-warriors sought to reclaim it, but to no avail. However, The Lady informs Niamh that Excalibur was removed from its vault by a Norse Viking. The Lady orders Niamh to find and recover the sword and in return, she promises Niamh whatever life she wants. Niamh immediately agrees to reclaim the sword as she states she may have a lead. After a moment of silence for the Sacred Table, The Lady leads Niamh to the back of Tor, which is unknown territory for Niamh. There, The Lady offers a seat and a drink to Niamh to talk about her recent arrival.

Niamh reveals that she infiltrated the Hidden Ones and states that they seems to pose no threat, although The Lady remains skeptical. Niamh also reveals that a task the Hidden Ones gave led to her killing a corrupt priest which in turn, led to the villagers killing a fellow Celt. The Lady reprimands Niamh for not covering up the corpse but Niamh soon reveals of the priest's connection to the Order of the Ancients. The Lady recollects that the Order is the same that advised Arthur years ago. The Lady and Niamh consider to switch their worries onto the Order rather than the Hidden Ones and to keep an eye out for the Descendants of the Round Table, the Women of the Mist's greatest foe. Nevertheless, The Lady adamantly declares to Niamh to find Excalibur and reclaim it back for their people. Worried, Niamh asks if she should continue. The Lady proclaims to Niamh that it was foretold that this path is her destiny and that her job was to make sure Niamh stays on task.

Niamh asks The Lady for a sign of reassurance as she continues on her path. Before leaving to do work for the Goddess, The Lady places her hand atop Niamh's head gracefully and then leaves Niamh. Niamh goes back to the shores where her equipment and the boat are. Contemplating about her choices, Niamh keeps her promise to Avalon and The Lady, readies herself, and travels across the lake, back to Mathan. Riding Mathan, Niamh travels back to Lunden to search for Excalibur, while she remains cautious of the Order's interest in the sword, too.

Chapter 8[]

Niamh arrives back in Lunden at night and hurries back into the bureau within Hawk's Nest. Wanting to rest like Lunden's population, Niamh overhears the voices of Hytham and Marcella talking with another, a "Dane." Niamh sees a possible opportunity of the third voice being the target who holds information about Excalibur. Using a hole in the floor, Niamh sees the third party, who appears as a Norse woman who is dressed like a mystic for a clan. Within their discussion, the third party states that their leader is heading to Ireland, but making a stop in Caledonia first, as she asks Hytham about their own guest. Hytham brings up Niamh as he believes she may be a possible recruit, while Marcella believes Niamh to be dead from her task. In contrast, Hytham believes Niamh is a good and insightful person more aware of the lands and people than they are. Marcella reveals of her own distrust and hatred for all Caledonians, who she sees as selfish and only want to save their own kind.

Appearing as though she arrived recently, Niamh climbs down the ladder to their room wearing a cloak, while Hytham recounts a story from his time in Constantinople. Hytham welcomes Niamh back as Marcella appears dissatisfied at her arrival. Niamh asks if she should come back but Hytham assures that their other visitor, Valka, is one of their own. Hytham introduces Valka as a seer from the settlement, Ravensthorpe, the community he lives in currently. Valka serves as an advisor and a correspondent to other allies for the Hidden Ones. Valka looks at Niamh, who inspects her just as much as Valka does her. Valka uses her gift to read Niamh and also states that her jarlskona, Eivor of the Raven Clan, would like to meet her. Shocked, Hytham and Marcella give signals to not shed too much information to Niamh.

However, a small tension forms between Valka and Niamh, due to Niamh's own disdain for the northmen and Valka assessing Niamh thoroughly. Yet, Hytham changes the course as he asks Niamh about the mission. Niamh reassures them that the priest is dead but her mission left an innocent woman dead. Dismayed, Hytham advises that the body must be hidden as well as the act and states that Niamh needs to practice. Saddened, Niamh continues to tell the truth about her feelings with the events, especially in front of Valka's eyes assessing her. Marcella, stunned, hears that Niamh followed through with the kill, despite her apparent discomfort, and reluctantly agrees with Hytham making her an initiate.

Confused, Niamh asks why, but Marcella argues that her honesty and insight of what went wrong proves her ability to learn. Hytham chimes in about her telling the truth rather than making excuses for her actions. Hytham places his hand on Niamh's shoulder and inducts her into the Hidden Ones, but as an apprentice. Marcella states that to become an assassin, one must be willing to sacrifice a part of themselves, which Niamh notices to be a ring finger on Marcella's left hand. Feeling sick, Niamh thanks them for their acceptance and asks if there is an initiation, for her own sake. Hytham states Niamh has already proven herself and offers a gauntlet from his cloak. Cautioning Niamh, Hytham offers her to use and become familiar with their weapon, the hidden blade.

Marcella opposes Niamh being given the gauntlet, but Hytham rejects Marcella strongly. Valka reminds Hytham of his mentor doing the same as Hytham laughs at himself at the changed man he has become. Hytham and Marcella leave the room to rest while Niamh is left alone with Valka. Valka suggests Niamh to rest and Niamh concurs. However, Valka poses a question of whether Niamh deserves Hytham's trust, to which Niamh remains silent as she goes to her room. Left with the question, Niamh enters her bed and fell into a quiet sleep.

Chapter 9[]

Niamh wakes up and find Valka staring into the fire of the loft. Entering the premise silently, Niamh finds herself some food before being joined by Valka. With some resistance, Niamh sits with Valka, who bluntly states Niamh's uneasy attitudes towards Vikings from their interactions. Niamh relays her story of fighting to protect her people from raiders as Valka understands and compliments her skill set. Valka also admits that she admires the multiple religions, due to her wish to learn and understand, as Niamh opens up about being a protector for all people, no matter the background. Astonished, Valka values Niamh's attitude towards aiding anyone, despite their religion, and commends her. Valka soon asks Niamh if she has any knowledge about the Women of the Mist. Niamh, shocked, hears from Valka that although their magic is similar to hers, the Norse seers are not warriors like theirs. Valka also wonders why they hide unlike her.

Niamh quickly shifts the conversation about Christians' interference and whether Valka has dealt with them. Valka agrees and tells of how she remains steadfast in her beliefs and devotion to her gods, like Odin and Thor. Valka notices a raven symbol on Niamh and asks if she prays to Odin. Niamh replies by stating she does not but she prays to the battle-goddess, the Morrigan. Yet, Niamh tries to keep on being secretive as she pushes back, asking Valka why she is inquiring so excessively. The conversation took a harsh turn but Valka asks whether her people conduct a fire sacrifice within a wicker-man, a story of a man relayed to her by Eivor. Internally laughing, Niamh states that her people do not perform any type of those acts as Valka states her desire to learn as much as she can about the lands' religions.

Niamh tries to appease Valka and lies to her about her knowledge of Avalon's clan but states their similarities between acceptance and their quarrels with the Christians. Yet, Valka looks unconvinced and a moment of awkward silence occurs. Suddenly, Hytham jumped through the window and asks for Niamh to assist him on a mission. Wary, Niamh accepts as Hytham divulges their task to save a pagan woman within Lunden as well as gather information about their next target. Happy to help and seeing a new side of the Hidden Ones, Niamh asks who the target is. Coming down to the room, Marcella reveals it is a man named Cyrus, who was the one tracking Marcella for the Order of the Ancients. Thus, Marcella states that she cannot go due to being seen right away as Hytham must go with Niamh.

Niamh questions Marcella about her desire to go and hunt Cyrus herself, but Marcella states that her isolation is made by Cyrus' constant tracking and the Order's relentless hunt for her. Marcella, seeing Niamh's reluctance once more, relays that she escaped Cyrus and that Cyrus treats all women like objects. Valka interjects and asks Hytham if he feels ready, due to his injuries. Hytham rebuffs Valka's concerns as Valka asks if Niamh can do it alone. Marcella agrees, but Hytham reminds Marcella of Cyrus' fighting skills and the fortress' defenses. Looking at the situation, Marcella becomes silent. Hytham asks Niamh again to aid him and she agrees. Valka soon warns Niamh that if Hytham becomes injured once more, she will blame her.

Hytham declares that he is fine and that his injuries and his stationary work has left him distraught and aching to be useful like before. Hytham also states that Niamh has his back and that he feels confidence in their abilities to fight together. Valka remains worries, as Niamh deduces that she might have been his caretaker when he was injured. Despite Marcella's and Valka's worries, Hytham continues to depart with Niamh to save the pagan woman. Niamh also begins to feel encouraged and honored that Hytham believes in her. Both Niamh and Hytham walk to the stables to take their leave.

Chapter 10[]

Niamh and Hytham travel along the Tamesis and after long hours of riding, Niamh asks where they are going. Hytham states that Cyrus, a former Roman soldier, runs a settlement along their path. Cyrus also seems to be cruel and malicious to women, from both Hytham and Marcella's accounts. Niamh recalls similar men like Cyrus and starts to understand Marcella's hostility. Through the woods, Hytham and Niamh come across a keep, but Niamh makes a decision to hide the horses, due to patrols. Taking the lead, Niamh tells Hytham she is more attuned with the environment and can use it to their advantage to approach the keep. Using the fog and trees, Niamh and Hytham blend into their environment and venture towards the keep, where they spot Roman soldiers. Seeing a patrol of four soldiers, Niamh readies her bow and shoots down three while Hytham assassinates one from behind. Together, Niamh and Hytham study their bodies before moving them into a ditch.

Niamh and Hytham each take a side of the keep as Niamh climbs along its wall. Pulling a guard down over the wall, Niamh enters the keep and scouts the area. Seeing drunk guards outside, Niamh overhears a party inside a bar and blocks them off with a grand box, trapping them inside. Hytham, covered in blood, asks Niamh if she found anything. Startled at the blood, Niamh states of the advantage of being early as both she and Hytham investigate the keep. Deducing where Cyrus may keep the woman, Niamh heads to a small, windowless building. Breaking down its door, Niamh found the unconscious woman but this alerts the guards in the bar. Trying to carry the woman, Niamh stops as Hytham faces off against a giant guard. Placing the woman down, Niamh faces off against the giant guard and saves Hytham.

The giant guard holds his own until Niamh lunges her sword into his stomach, effectively killing him. As time is of the essence, Hytham checks the dead guard and confirms it is not Cyrus as Niamh has to search for any information. Looking around the keep, Niamh came to find Cyrus' room in the keep's tower. Filled with furs and luxuries, Niamh looks over Cyrus' paperwork and finds out that the Descendants of the Round Table and the Order of the Ancients are working together. Taking more possible clues, Niamh leave the room, only to find the keep on fire. Hesitant and worried, Niamh looks around for any sign for Hytham and the woman. Using her connectivity to the forest, Niamh hurries out of the keep and finds the woman and an injured Hytham near a bush. Niamh quickly hustles towards their horses until she is met by a Roman man.

The man questions Niamh and asks if she has what she needed from his keep and the woman, too. Niamh retorts back that she does as the man, Cyrus, laughs. Cyrus admits that he has what he wanted from the woman and that she is damaged goods to her people. Loosing her sword, Niamh readies herself while Cyrus admits that he needs a replacement for the nunnery since the woman is no longer viable. Cyrus engages Niamh in a fight, to which Niamh becomes increasingly tired. Using her surroundings, Niamh fights aggressive and makes Cyrus back up towards the horses. Mathan initially becomes startled and when Cyrus backs up again, Mathan back-kicks to the ground. With the hidden blade, Niamh almost strikes Cyrus down but hesistates, due to flashes of her killing Father Deoric and the consequences afterwards.

Niamh carries the unconscious Cyrus up and strips him of his weapons and his clothes. As Cyrus' head begins to bleed profusely, Niamh ties his hands and ankles as well as bounding his mouth shut. Niamh brings the horses to Hytham and the pagan woman. Niamh admits that she fought Cyrus but lies about him escaping. Disappointed, Hytham assures Niamh that there would another time and place as he struggles to ride his horse. As they travel together, Hytham tells Niamh that he knows that killing these targets prove to battle Niamh's morality, but states that people like Cyrus, who has abused the pagan woman and Marcella, must be dealt with permanently. Hytham also admits that he does things out of necessity and that most actions he did, like the fire, were last-minute acts of desperation.

Niamh hears and understands Hytham even more, as she feels that the Women of the Mist follow the same reasoning for their people. The pagan woman whimpers and softly states she wants to go home. Hytham promises to care for her first as both he and Niamh ride back to Lunden.

Chapter 11[]

Niamh and Hytham arrive back at Hawk's Nest, where an injured Hytham lies the pagan woman to rest as he deals with his pain. Niamh offers to help due to her knowledge in healing as Hytham agrees before Valka comes in and sees him. Using the herbs, Niamh tends and bandages Hytham's wound as Hytham admires her knowledge. Niamh tells Hytham to rest as she looks over the rescued woman. Hytham agrees and commends Niamh on everything good she has done before going to rest. Niamh readies more healing preparations for Hytham and she takes care of the woman. The pagan woman, awake, asks Niamh if she is like her. Without any verbal answer, Niamh shows the woman her lunar tattoo. The woman is relieved and introduces herself as Ebba. Ebba asks to go home as Niamh questions her on any knowledge about Cyrus' works.

Ebba divulges of Cyrus' kidnapping of women to join a nunnery, which Niamh has heard before from her first time in Lunden. Ebba states that they captured a messenger of the Women of the Mist and that they interrogated her about Excalibur. Worried, Niamh has to make sure that Ebba does not speak to the rest of the Hidden Ones. Ebba asks if Niamh can lead her to the river bend of Tamesis and Niamh agrees once Ebba is dressed. Niamh also goes to her room and finds a letter from Valka. The letter is written Niamh's native tongue and invites Niamh to find and talk with Valka, to cast aside their hesitations. Niamh realizes that Valka might be the ally she needs for the nunnery situation. In the night, Niamh takes Ebba to her destination and safely leaves her to go home as Niamh returns to the bureau in the morning.

Inside, Marcella and Hytham await Niamh and Niamh admits to taking Ebba back. However, Niamh states that Ebba was left in her charge and that she acquires information about the Order's presence and machinations. Niamh tells that the Order was taking women against their will for a nunnery and gives them the papers from Cyrus' room. Although Marcella wants to discuss matters privately with Hytham, Niamh argues that she has done what was asked and that she is an initiate. Reluctant, Marcella does not argue as Hytham divulges that both the Descendants of the Round Table and the Order search for Excalibur. Hytham lets out that he must contact Eivor to defend herself. Marcella, told by Hytham, relays that both groups believe that if a king holds the sword, all, even pagans, will bow to the ruler.

Angry, Niamh resents the fact the Hidden Ones knew about Excalibur and its current location with their Norse ally. However, Niamh cannot ignore the situation with the Order's sinister nunnery. Hytham understands and trusts Niamh, yet Marcella finally shares her contrasting views on how Niamh has barely earned her trust. Overwhelmed by the facts and emotions, Niamh tells them she needs to walk as she departs without a dismissal. As she leaves, Niamh overhears Hytham and Marcella talking about going to meet Valka and Eivor about the Descendants and the Order's search for her sword. Realizing her job has been more complex, Niamh decides to go to Avalon to inform The Lady of Excalibur. Afterwards, Niamh promises to deal with the nunnery and have Marcella and other allies trust her as much as Hytham.

Chapter 12[]

Niamh enters Hawk's Nest and sees Hytham alone. Niamh opens the conversation about the nunnery and how it would be more inconspicuous for her and Valka to go together. After consideration, Hytham agrees and asks Niamh to help him on the matters with Excalibur. After being given directions to Ravensthorpe, Niamh heads out immediately for Avalon. Following the same passage, Niamh wastes no time with formalities and goes to meet The Lady. In a breath, Niamh tells The Lady of Excalibur's current holder but also divulged of lack of knowledge of its current location. When The Lady asks who was against them, Niamh informs her about Mordred's Descendants and the Order being allied to find the sword. Knowing the Descendants have seen Niamh's face, The Lady and Niamh talk about their options. Niamh offers to befriend Valka as a means to find Excalibur and ask those involved to have it returned.

Emotional, The Lady tells Niamh to take the sword back, not to ask. Shocked, Niamh questions The Lady on why the Descendants want the sword and how they know that the Women of the Mist have rightful claim to Excalibur. The Lady finally reveals that the Descendants are not only derived from the Round Table, but from the Women of the Mist as well. The Lady states that since they are sons of Avalon, their king has claim to rule and with Excalibur, no one will deny him. Seeing how the Descendants and the Order might conquer the islands with their agendas, Niamh asks The Lady the meaning of it all. The Lady could not give an answer, but remains adamant to having the sword back. Niamh asks if they make another sword like Excalibur, but The Lady reveals that it was made by unknown source and it wields magic unlike any other sword. The sword was a indicator over choosing rulers of Mercia and Ladies of Avalon and The Lady asks Niamh to have it back.

Although becoming more torn as she starts to admire the Hidden Ones, Niamh promises The Lady to retrieve Excalibur. Without a second thought, Niamh leaves Avalon and rides towards Ravensthorpe.

Chapter 13[]

Passing Grantebridge, Niamh rides and arrives at Ravensthorpe. Leaving Mathan to rest, Niamh follows the instructions given to her and finds the waterfall in the peaceful settlement. Niamh enters in Valka's home and surprises Valka. However, Niamh bluntly asks Valka for her help to save women from a nunnery. When Valka questions why she needs her help, Niamh explains if the women are mistreated badly, then they will need medical aid. Without a thought, Valka readies her equipment and asks when they leave. Happy, Niamh states soon as she leaves to ready Mathan. Although wanting to know about Eivor, Niamh waits for Valka, who soon comes to Niamh alone. Together, Niamh and Valka ride to the nunnery in half a day. On their path, both women notice that the Church's presence is heavy as there are a lack of pagan symbols of any kind.

Once they station their horses, Niamh and Valka intend to enter the town unnoticed. However, an attacker comes from behind and starts hitting them. Grabbing the attacker's neck, Niamh smiles as it is a little girl. The young girl says she want to capture strangers as a bounty for the church, as Niamh and Valka are startled by such words. Using coin, Niamh persuades the young girl to divulge any information about the church. The girl states that the priest hates pagans and that she wants to leave the town. Without any hesitation, Valka offers her refuge back at Ravensthorpe for the young girl. The young girl informs that the nunnery is at outskirts of town and the priest takes the women to be converted. Usually, the women do not come back. Scared of a village operating like this, Niamh tells Valka to take care of the girl as she states to go to the nunnery alone.

Wary, Valka agrees as Niamh explains that if she does not come back, then Valka must save the girl and tell Hytham immediately. All three of them head towards the nunnery.

Chapter 14[]

Niamh, Valka, and the girl arrive at the nunnery, heavily patrolled by guards. Like Hytham, Niamh looks for a way inside the defended perimeter and barely makes her way inside the area through a crack in its walls. As the bell rings, Niamh looks closer at the nuns and the guards and sees the nunnery is a sham as the women are jailed and forced to work as maids, farmers, and polishers. With no veil, Niamh waits near a bush and takes out a guard with her hidden blade. Using his armor, Niamh walks around the women and passes the guards. Frightened, Niamh still makes her way towards the nunnery itself. Inside, Niamh finds cells of tens of women trapped and not at prayer. Although feeling hopeless, Niamh uses her guard persona and talks to one of the women in charge. Although the woman sounds resistant, Niamh tells them that she's going to help them.

Leading three women as a guard, Niamh leads to the crack of the wall and helps two escape. However, one could not fit but states to spread the word of the escape. Niamh is also told that the key for the cells is held by the lead guard or on a wall in the guard house. Valka motions Niamh to leave, but Niamh ignores the signal. Disappointed, Niamh continues with her plan and saw that keys are not the wall, but with the lead guard. Going to the chapel, Niamh prepares herself until she sees a bandaged Cyrus at its entrance. Backing up, Niamh is unfortunately spotted by Cyrus, who sends the guards after her. Surrounded, Niamh readies her sword and fights off the guards. Tired, Niamh feels defeated until the women of the nunnery join in and fight their oppressors. Many fall as some follow Niamh to the wall. Guiding them to the crack, Niamh escapes the guards as she falls towards Valka, waiting with the girl.

Valka tells Niamh that some of the women ran into the forest as Niamh tells her that Cyrus was present. Valka calls the timing bad luck as they all rush away from the nunnery. Together, all three of them flee as Niamh must tell Hytham her findings.

Chapter 15[]

Niamh returns to Lunden while Valka returns to Ravensthorpe with the girl. At the bureau, Marcella awaits Niamh and stops her from entering. Marcella accuses Niamh for her rash, sketchy behavior and believes her to be a member of the Order. Insulted, Niamh rebuffs the accusation and fibs about needing speak to her goddess. However, Niamh tells the truth of having Valka help with the nunnery, to which Marcella believes to be an unworthy use of their time. Hytham hears the commotion and asks Marcella about her distrust of Niamh. Marcella continues her rant about Niamh being a thief and as a result, Niamh retorts back by taking off the hidden blade. Niamh soon demands a trial by combat, which dictates that if she loses and dies, Marcella is right. If Niamh wins and beats Marcella, then Niamh can be trusted as the initiate of the Hidden Ones.

Marcella charges and attacks Niamh, with the intent to kill. Hytham tries to stop the fight as a crowd of merchants starts to grow. Niamh yells at Marcella for all she has done and about Marcella's own bias against her. After a lengthy fight and Hytham's words, Marcella sheathes her blade and pushes both Niamh and Hytham away. Wanting to talk, Niamh and Hytham walk away from the area and head to a more secluded area. At an abandoned house, Hytham and Niamh first discuss Marcella's actions and Hytham details that her time with Cyrus may have led to distrust women or she may have been born with such fury. Marcella has to deal with her own demons. Niamh soon tells Hytham of what happened at nunnery and the actual events the Order is doing at the nunnery. Niamh tells of Cyrus' survival and how both the Order and the Descendants intend to use Excalibur to rule the islands.

However, Niamh suspects the Order to betray the Descendants in the end. Hytham agrees with her notes as Niamh cautiously adds that the Women of the Mist are possible allies to the Hidden Ones. Niamh also states that her time in Mercia has made her see her own biases against the Vikings and Mercians, like she sees with Marcella. Glad, Hytham states that he wants Niamh to become part of their creed and asks about Valka's opinion. Torn about telling the truth, Niamh states the nunnery must be dealt with as Hytham agrees. Hytham wants Niamh to accompany him to see both Eivor and their next destination, Caledonia. Knowing she has an oath to her people, Niamh joins Hytham for one last time.

Chapter 16[]

Back at Hadrian's Wall, Niamh travels back home with Hytham as they pass through the wall. Hytham details about his time in Ravensthorpe, a community Eivor and her brother created together. Hytham also tells of his injury he has and that despite the healings, he will mostly likely never recover. Nevertheless, Niamh and Hytham come across a skirmish between a group of Picts and a group of Vikings. Leading the charge, Eivor fights and defeats the Pict warriors with Excalibur as Niamh wonders if the sword may belong with her. However, Niamh shakes the idea from her mind. Seeing Eivor may be outnumbered, Hytham jumps into fight as Niamh follows. While Niamh incapacitates the Pict warriors, Eivor and Hytham fight and kill the rest until the remaining Picts run for safety. Afterwards, a joyful Eivor greets and hugs Hytham.

Receiving a horse for Hytham, Eivor brings him and Niamh to their camp. Eivor asks Hytham of his time in Lunden as well as his new traveling companion. Staring at Niamh, Eivor asks for her name. As Niamh replies to the answer, Hytham admits of sending letters out to people to aid the Hidden Ones against the Order. Eivor becomes wary of the fact of Hytham speaking so blatantly, but he claims that Niamh is trustworthy and has saved his life multiple times. Elated, Eivor welcomes Niamh and tells her of her goal to live in peace with other people, unlike her other brethern. Astounded, Niamh tells of visiting Ravensthorpe as Hytham states that she and Valka have been developing a bond. Afterwards, Hytham and Eivor walk elsewhere to talk privately as Niamh is left to hang with Eivor's warriors.

Niamh begins to feel uneasy as Eivor's warriors showcase suspicions towards Niamh. Yet, Niamh mentions if Valka is here. Stunned, one Norse warrior asks her if she knows Valka. Here, Niamh recounts her time with Valka and how they grew to know each other. The warriors soon drop their suspicions and welcome Niamh to feast alongside them. Quickly, Niamh does so and then goes to find Eivor and Hytham. Knowing she needs Excalibur, Niamh inspects the camp's tents and take some essentials for her getaway. After a long search, Niamh finds Eivor's tents and correspondence intercepted between the Descendants and the Order. Before leaving, Niamh hears Hytham's voice and hides by Eivor's bed, underneath many furs. Inside, Niamh hears Eivor and Hytham enter the tent as she slows her breathing.

Eivor and Hytham discuss Niamh's presence and tutelage as well as Hytham's change in his behavior. Hytham states that his trust has changed but tested as well, especially with Marcella's rage. Nevertheless, Eivor wants to help deal with the Order and the Descendants but states that she needs to answer the call to Ireland from her cousin. Hytham understands as he wishes for Eivor to talk with Niamh. Eivor agrees as she and Hytham both leave the tent. Alone, Niamh rises from her spot and sees a baffling opportunity in front of her.

Chapter 17[]

Excalibur sits unguarded and in front of Niamh. Getting close, Niamh holds Excalibur and feels its power and magic. Although not glowing, Niamh knows that she is a messenger and switches her sword for Excalibur. Niamh covers up any visible markers of Excalibur and leaves Eivor's tent undetected. Having to leave, Niamh takes multiple breaths as her betrayal comes to her oath but not her desire to leave Hytham in the dark. However, Niamh's hesitation leaves Hytham and Eivor to spot and talk with her. Their discussion leads Hytham to recount Niamh's thoughts of the nunnery. However, Niamh states once more of its actual use as a prison while Hytham divulges that she prays to the Goddess. Niamh becomes more silent until Eivor notices the sword at her hip. Questioning Niamh of the sword, Eivor hears silence from Niamh as Eivor unsheathes Hytham's blade.

Heavy, Excalibur is unsheathed by Niamh as the betrayal shocks Hytham. Accusing Niamh as an agent of the Order, Eivor engages Niamh in a fight as Niamh claims she needs it for her people. Nevertheless, Eivor fights enraged until Niamh finds an opportunity to run. With the advantage of distance, Niamh keeps running as Hytham calls out for her to explain herself. With enough distance, Niamh finds herself a horse and rides further away as she sobs over what she has done. Covering her tracks, Niamh faces the challenge of going home while being hunted. Blending into the environment and the Picts territory, Niamh hides until she hears Hytham's voice getting closer. Unable to maintain position, Niamh hides with the grass and slides downhill away from him. Hytham, in pain, loosens the grip on Niamh's horse, smacks its rear, and makes it run away.

Leaving the site, Hytham speaks to her disappointed of trusting her as Niamh now walks home by foot. Seeking aid, Niamh looks for settlements as the wear and tear of the environment leave her tired and bloodied. Along her trek, Niamh came across a Pict village and tries to make contact with its women first. A woman catches sight of Niamh and threatens her on whether she should scream. Niamh tells the truth of being hunted by "Danes," and the woman makes a proposal. The woman needs help to treat her son and in return, she will help Niamh. Niamh agrees and shows her a remedy. The woman quickly helps Niamh, who blends in with the women doing the chores. A group of Northmen arrive and ask the Pict warrior about Niamh's whereabouts, but luckily they are reluctant and state that they have not seen her. Unmoved, the Pict warriors threaten the northmen to move and it works temporaily.

Realizing her options, Niamh moves and gathers her belongings, including Excalibur, and looks for another horse. Finding a horse with no saddle, Niamh leaves on it regardless until the woman, who helped, stopped her. The woman accuses Niamh of stealing the horse, but Niamh finally confesses that she is a Woman of the Mist and the sword she has belongs to The Lady. A gamble, the woman speaks to Niamh in the same tongue and lets her go. Niamh promises to bring back the horse and rides swiftly to Avalon.

Chapter 18[]

After days of travel, a tired Niamh and her tired steed look for a place to rest. On the run from countless organizations and former friends, Niamh think about her choices and how it may have played differently if she was honest. Nevertheless, Niamh is left hungry and resorts to kill a rabbit in order to survive. After a brief moment, Niamh hears wolves move and hustle weirdly as she risks her presence with her campfire. Leaving the fire with her horse, Niamh hides as she hears two Briton soldiers looking for her and the sword. Touching her hip, Niamh realizes she hid Excalibur but sees that the soldiers are occupied badmouthing the isle of Avalon. With this opportunity, Niamh shoots an arrow at one soldier, effectively killing him, and then fights the other soldier. In the midst of their fight, both fighters land a couple of blows until Niamh holds the soldier hostage and demands him to tell his allegiance.

The soldier states that the Order has noticed her theft of the sword and knows what she has done against them. Weak and tired, Niamh prays to her Goddess as the soldier frees himself and unsheathes a poison-laced sword. In a last attempt, Niamh puts the soldier in a chokehold and tells him that both the Descendants and the Order have made an enemy out of her. With the soldier unconscious or dead, Niamh rummages his personal effects and finds a letter from The Adder's Son of the Order. The letter dictates of the Order knowing about Niamh's appearance and how they were preparing to attack the bureau in Lunden. Woozy, Niamh realizes she has been hit and considers her options. Realizing she cannot go to Lunden, Niamh takes her horse and rides to Valka in Ravensthorpe, in hopes to garner a message to save Hytham and the bureau.

Chapter 19[]

Now tired and ill, Niamh and her horse head south and find a viable abode, an inn. Maintaining her horse's health first, Niamh enters the inn and blends into the festive nature of its people. Wanting to not talk, Niamh keeps to herself when asked questions by a strange man. A female innkeeper sees Niamh and feeds her as well as shares furs for her to sleep. Out in the stables, Niamh sleeps besides her horse. In the morning, Niamh wakes up with a dagger to her throat. The boy threatens her, until she gains the upper hand and threatens him about his allegiance. Quickly, the boy states he is part of the Descendants as Niamh tells him to tell his superiors that the sword is Avalon's. Defiant, the boy tells Niamh that her allies are of no use to her as they burned down Hawk's Nest. Saddened, Niamh leaves the boy in his shame and threatens him if he follows.

Fatigued by the poison, Niamh continues to ride to Ravensthorpe and meet Valka, to warn any Hidden Ones left. Hiding her horse and becoming weaker, Niamh struggles to make her way to Valka's cottage. Inside, Niamh bangs on a table and Valka notices and attempts to attack. Tired, Niamh dodges and begs for aid. Niamh has Excalibur but she begs for assistance. With resistance, Valka asks why. Niamh admits of the poison from the Order as well as stating that she does not align with the Order, but wants help. On her knees, Niamh receives medical aid from a reluctant Valka and gives her a chance to explain herself, before on deciding to kill Niamh herself. Discussing what poison was used, Valka helps Niamh with her own remedy as they talk about the truth.

Niamh reveals the truth of being a spy for Avalon and the Women of the Mist. Valka admits that she had a vision of someone taking Excalibur but was blind to see who it was. Niamh explains that it belongs to her people and she took the letter for Nimue as a means to infiltrate about the Hidden Ones' agenda, but Valka remains unconvinced. Niamh relates Excalibur for her people to Thor's hammer to the Vikings and how both weapons were gifts from their gods to them. Understanding, Valka sees her reasoning and accepts it. With Valka's healing, Niamh is told by Valka to rest. Once she rests with furs from Valka, Niamh recuperates as she wonders about her next step.

Chapter 20[]

Still aching, Niamh wakes up, only to hear Hytham and Valka arguing. Bereft, Hytham asks why Valka did not kill her but Valka explains that Excalibur is to her as Thor's hammer is to the Norse. Overhearing the conversation, Niamh becomes glad at Valka's understanding but still bothered at the chance of not being able to be forgiven by Hytham. Looking outside, Niamh notices Briton soldiers of the Descendants coming upon them as she goes to warn Valka and Hytham. Without any notice, Niamh tells both Valka and Hytham of the incoming trouble and wanting to save them rather than let them die. Grabbing Excalibur, Niamh waits for the right moment at the cottage's entrance and immediately stabs one of the intruders. Surrounded by eight more soldiers, Niamh, still weak, defends herself from the intruders.

In midst of the fight, Hytham and Valka join to fight off alongside Niamh. One by one, Niamh and Hytham fight alongside each other against the Descendants soldiers. Quickly, both Niamh and Hytham took out all their attackers. Hytham confronts Niamh of her betrayal immediately as Niamh states that the sword belongs to her people, not anyone else. Tension arises from their conversation but Valka helps ease the ire as she states the sword does not belong to the Raven Clan or the Hidden Ones. Niamh tells the truth to Hytham as Valka asks him to help her or let her die on her own. Subsiding his rage, Hytham asks Valka of a plan. Valka states to safeguard Avalon and destroy the Order's plans, they must destroy Excalibur.

Confused and shocked, Niamh immediately asks why. Valka explains to make a fake Excalibur and have Eivor "reclaim" it back. Unconvinced, Niamh tells Valka that Excalibur itself is a symbol of unity and power and that a fake one still has the symbolism for ruling the isles. Valka further explains that a "blót" will happen and they will offer the sword as a sacrifice for the Order and the Descendants to see. Valka surmises that the event will send the Order and the Descendants away from Avalon and Niamh's people, but they would need a sacred site of Avalon's to be convincing. Niamh sees the logic and offers the site, the White Horse, a horse etched in white chalk on the hillside. All three agree as well as keeping Marcella out of the loop. Reminding herself, Niamh asks if the bureau is gone and if the Hidden Ones are safe. Hytham smiles and replies that they are resourceful and they have received notice of the attack.

Realizing her power fading, Niamh is told to rest and garner her strength in the shadows of the forest, as Ravensthorpe's citizens may not welcome her. Once Hytham and Niamh move the bodies and he and Valka leave Niamh to recover, Niamh begins to rest. Soon, Valka returns with stew and helps Niamh eat. Valka tells Niamh how glad that her people, the Women of the Mist, are unlike the Christians and that they are respectful of other religions. Niamh accepts the compliments and says that she learns to safeguard people, especially women, no matter the lifestyle they choose. Yet, Valka asks why Niamh does not choose to wield Excalibur, but Niamh humbly replies that she is a messenger and that the sword will choose its bearer. Happy, Valka tells Niamh to rest more as they ready to trick the world tomorrow.

Chapter 21[]

Inside Valka's home, Niamh wakes up to a small fox yelping at her. As she stands up, Niamh sees Valka and Hytham walking towards her and keeping to their promise. All three discuss the plan of burning "Excalibur" as the fake one has been made already. Nearly identical to Excalibur, the fake sword gob smacks Niamh, who was stunned at the work. Valka explains that once the ceremony finishes, Niamh must take Excalibur home alone. Despite sweet farewells, Niamh agrees as she hugs Valka for helping her. Valka also states that Niamh wear the Caledonian garb to make it look as authentic as possible and to seem like a prisoner. Niamh asks if Eivor can accept the transaction but Valka replies that she can convince Eivor that it is in her best interests. Locking the real Excalibur with a leather strap, Niamh readies herself to give a performance of a lifetime.

Chapter 22[]

Niamh, Hytham, and Valka travel on their horses, with Niamh and Valka wearing their respective garments. Giving a performance of a chase and a possible spectacle, people start to follow them. The audience differs, such as witch-warriors of the Women of the Mist, Norse warriors for Valka, Britons, and possible some Order members and the Descendants. Niamh readies herself to escape as the performance commences. Niamh yells at Hytham and Valka for taking the sword from her as Valka yells back at Niamh at her people being greedy with power and how they will sacrifice it. Niamh proclaims a battle between the Women of the Mist and Valka's clan. To sell it, Hytham shoots an arrow at Niamh, barely missing her, and charges at her with the fake Excalibur. With the real sword, Niamh gallops away from Hytham and Valka, who head for the White Horse. Now, Niamh hopes to arrive in Avalon with Excalibur.

Chapter 23[]

Valka and Hytham contend with the crowd's questions as they soon arrive at the White Horse. Luckily, the site has been set up by Hytham's fellow Hidden Ones as Valka starts the ceremony with a bonfire. No turning back, Valka announces the destruction of Excalibur in the names of Odin and Thor. Hytham manages to guard Valka's performance as Valka continues the ceremony with caution. Shouting for Thor's and Loki's grace, Valka asks for power to burn the sword. Throwing the fake Excalibur in, Valka saw the sword melt as she makes the fire grow. A Descendant tries to attack Valka and save the sword, but Hytham intercepted the soldier by killing him. Valka continues to shout out the destruction of the sword. Meanwhile, the audience become split in their reactions, from crying to yelling out for making it burn brighter. Leaving the site, Valka and Hytham head to Lunden to tell Marcella and to send a note to Eivor.

Beside themselves and the Women of the Mist, hopefully, the legend of the destruction of Excalibur can begin to spread across England, for all to hear.

Chapter 24[]

Niamh rides quickly to the shores and waited for the boat. In the waters, Niamh calls for assistance and for The Lady to help. As the rowboat appears, Niamh climbs aboard and then arrives at Avalon. Quickly, Niamh presents the sword to The Lady, with other witch-warriors watching. Immediately, Excalibur starts to glow as it appears to have chosen the next Lady.

Chapter 25[]

A few weeks go by as Valka and Hytham arrive on the shores of Avalon after being invited. Niamh welcomes her friends as the spectacle proves to be successful. The Order still proves to be active yet with no haste looking for Excalibur, but the Descendants have fallen into disarray over the loss of the sword. Nevertheless, ceremony preparations start as Niamh leads her companions up the hill as she holds Excalibur. Climbing up the Tor, Valka and Hytham are introduced to The Lady, who motions Niamh to be by her side. The Lady commends both Valka and Hytham for helping Niamh and thanks them for returning Excalibur. Hytham admits that although hurt by the secret acts, he is willing to work and build an alliance with Niamh and the Women of the Mist. Defiant, The Lady reveals that the decision lies with Niamh as she is now the next Lady of Avalon.

The Lady states Niamh has a choice to be either a Lady in Waiting on the isle or become a liaison between the Hidden Ones and their people. Hytham rejoices at their new alliance as he hugs both Valka and Niamh together. With no more crises, Niamh finally has the choice to be whatever Lady she wants to be.




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