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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Song of Glory 3 is the third and final issue of the Dark Horse comic book series Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Song of Glory, a prequel to the 2020 video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. The comic, written by Cavan Scott with art by Martín Túnica and Michael Atiyeh, was released on 23 December 2020.

Publisher's summary

As the rival Vikings retaliate, the King of Stavanger and his people are vulnerable with both of their champions seeking glory elsewhere. Eivor's prize is within her reach, but will she choose the power it could bring or does her destiny lie with her kingdom? And back at the merchant's castle, Sigurd faces off with the Assassin for a more personal treasure![1]

Plot summary

As the Raven Clan battled Kjotve the Cruel's Wolf Clan thugs, Dag Nithisson yelled at a clan-mate to take the injured King to safety. One of the thugs taunted him, pointing out his injuries and claiming his king was now Kjotve. While another thug set fire to Stavanger, Tora Auzoux pleaded with Styrbjorn to go, but he stayed to fight the invaders, blaming his daughter and asking where she was.

Eivor witnessed Bjarke Broadside beat Gull into submission, and taunted him that Gull wouldn't be able to lead the way to the treasure if she was dead. Gull cried out when Bjarke grabbed her, "The King's desire lies at Himinbjörg, where Heimdall dwells". When Bjarke had enough of her rambling, he went to beat her again, before Eivor tackled him to the ground to rescue her. Bjarke was dumbfounded that Eivor would protect the one who betrayed her, but easily tossed her off. Eivor tumbled towards the mouth of the cave, but gripped the ledge for her life. At this moment, the temple's foundations weakened, scaring Bjarke, his partner Erland, and two other Wolf Clan members. While their attention was diverted, Eivor snuck up behind Bjarke and stabbed him through the back of the head with a sword.

She then turned to fight Erland, but in her weakened state, he pushed her to the ground. Looking upon a painting of Himinbjörg on the wall, Eivor recalled Gull's rambling and kicked in the wall. Behind the wall was Heimdall's treasure, a mountain of gold coins and other riches, and among these, a pedestal with an Apple of Eden. As Eivor reached for it, she was thrown to the ground again by Erland, who claimed the treasure belonged to Kjotve. Eivor remarked that Kjotve was nowhere to be seen and kicked Erland off the treasure pile sending him and the other thugs through the weakened floorboards and to their death. Gull grabbed the apple and stood up, no longer the cowering slave. Calling out to her, Gull's response to Eivor was "That is not my name. And this is not my life." and tore off her slave collar to reveal a marking on her neck.

Eivor, still dazed and confused, had no idea what Gull was talking about. She demanded that Gull hand over the treasure that rightfully belonged to her father as she did. Gull refused to be owned by anyone, and Eivor was resigned to take it off her dead corpse and attacked. Gull commanded her to stop and with the power of the Apple, Eivor could not move. As the rest of the temple continued to crumble around them, Eivor pleaded Gull to release her from the stasis or they would both die.

Gull was unafraid to die, but accidentally dropped the Apple, cancelling the stasis. Eivor, now free, realized the power the Apple held and wanted it for her father. Gull warned Eivor that she did not understand that the world was not as it seemed as she scrambled to get back the Apple as the floor broke apart. Eivor held out her hand for the Apple promising to help, but Gull refused for the Apple to go into Styrbjorn's hands. Gull, no longer mind-addled, recalled what Bjarke had said about her village under attack and asked if Eivor would abandon the man who took her in and raised her. With the ledge as weak as it was, any attempt to take the Apple would definitely kill them both. Gull gave Eivor two choices; "Risk everything for glory, or save [her] people". Eivor chose the latter and left Gull to her fate.

Back in Fornburg, Eivor arrived too late to save her friend Tora, but managed to avenge her and protect her father. Styrbjorn was proud of Eivor for not letting him down again. As Eivor fought against the warriors of the Wolf Clan, she called out to Dag to not let Tora's death be in vain. When questioned where she was all this time, her answer was that she made a choice; Stavanger.

Meanwhile, at the castle in the Dniester Pass, Sigurd and Ammon battled, with Knud bleeding to death in the same room. The Hidden One cut Sigurd's sword in two and stabbed him in the gut with his Hidden Blade before noticing some soldiers from the Order of the Ancients outside. He then jumped out the window and made his way to another section of the castle, where he would fetch what he came for.

Sigurd survived the wound and made his way to Ammon, finding him holding a Shroud. Sigurd mocked him for treasuring a dirty rag, throwing Ammon into a frenzy. He attacked the Viking, only to be slain. With his dying breath, he begged Sigurd not to take the Shroud, although the Viking had no interest in it and instead used his axe to sever Ammon's right wrist to claim the Hidden Blade for himself.

Later, in Constantinople, a young Hidden One informed Basim Ibn Ishaq of Ammon's failure in retrieving the Shroud and subsequent death. One small detail on the story was of more interest to Basim, the fact that Ammon's killer had a mark on his neck, just as he'd described. He then said he must meet that Norseman, for he would "change everything".




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