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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Forgotten Myths 3 is the third and final issue of the Dark Horse comic book series Assassin's Creed: Valhalla – Forgotten Myths, a prequel to Dawn of Ragnarök. The comic, written by Alex Freed with art by Martín Túnica and Michael Atiyeh, will be relesed on 11 May 2022.

Publisher's summary

Norse god Baldr leads the dwarves in a defense against the Fire giants knocking at their gates! Meanwhile, a mysterious midnight visit from the woman he hopes to marry could have dire consequences. The explosive conclusion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Forgotten Myths![1]

Plot summary

The Muspel incursion into Svartálfaheimr has been swift. Immortal he may be, but Baldr has become fatigued leading dwarven resistance as he awaits word from Loki and has not slept well since his experience in Jötunheimr. His forces win a small but costly victory in a nameless valley after a day's worth of fighting and news has reached them that the jötnar have joined the fire giants at the realm's southern front. Meanwhile, Loki has kept himself entertained picking mistletoe and baking on his journey back from Múspellsheimr.

At their base, Baldr tells stories to the war wounded only to struggle to reassure a dying dwarf that the realm won't fall. Loki arrives and eases the dwarf's passing with an account of cowardly Muspels led by raging fools. As they head towards the lord of light's chamber afterwards, Loki dismisses Baldr's praise of his kindness and is evasive on whether or not he has met with Eysa, simply saying that his gift is "in Muspelheim", deferring the discussion until morning.

Baldr is awoken during the night by Eysa. The Muspel princess remarks that many men have tried and failed to court her and yet she did not anticipate the tales of his sincerity, wit, or humility, and never thought that a son of Odin could be so humble. However, despite her fondness for him, she says that she can neither wed Baldr nor stop Surtr's designs on Svartálfaheimr, explaining that it is her father's nature "to burn, to consume and spread", and warns that the fire giant is to arrive that dawn through a forgotten portal to the realm hidden among the dwarves' underground network of halls. She dissuades Baldr from taking an army to meet him head on, as it will reveal her betrayal and ensure a death sentence. Instead, she urges him to return to Asgard and prepare for the fighting there, as the inhabitants of Svartálfaheimr are doomed. Eysa will marry Baldr upon his killing of Surtr in accordance with "the Muspel way", then departs his company after offering a small cake as a gift to bestow strength and encourages him to run.

The god of light and Loki head into the depths of the dwarf halls to await Surtr's arrival, with Loki telling his companion that facing the Muspel leader alone is foolish. Baldr replies that he is not alone as long as Loki is at his side. As they wait, Loki observes that Baldr looks worse than ever and that Eysa would have realized that warning would send Baldr to her father had she known Baldr as he did.

The portal opens to Surtr and his forces. Baldr meets them and announces his desire for peace and Eysa's hand in marriage, but refuses to let the fire giant enter Svartálfaheimr. Surtr dismisses the remarks and the Muspels engage the Æsir. With his focus on Surtr, Baldr asks Loki to watch his surroundings. During the clash, the trickster shouts "strike at his eyes" at the combatants and Surtr's blade just misses Baldr's face. A call to "bury him in rubble" leads to debris collapsing about Surtr. Despite Baldr's weakened state, willpower alone is enough to allow him to start to turn the tide of victory in his favor until he's distracted by the Muspels closing in on Loki. He ignores his counterpart's demands to leave him and finish the fight. which allows Surtr to hurl a large stone slab at Loki. Baldr throws himself in front of it.

Loki pulls Baldr out of the mass of rubble which provides time for a momentary retreat. Immortal Baldr notices that he has hurt himself and deduces that Eysa's gift was laced with mistletoe berries. When Loki asks why Baldr sacrificed himself, the son of Odin tells him that he is forgiven. Loki, who is known to have disguised himself as Freyja once, realizes that the incapacitated Baldr is aware that he had not been visited by Eysa. Baldr then reminds Loki of his promise to him in Jötunheimr: "You swore to tell Eysa of my deeds, and our journey. You promised to tell the world, so that Baldr would not be forgotten".

Amused, Loki retorts that Eysa is aware, and yet Baldr emphasizes that he is to tell the world unless he's asking to be released from his oath. Loki reassures him that he will tell it well then grows suspicious of what Baldr is up to. Baldr explains that stories can change people: "You will carry the story of our quest, telling it over and over again. You will remember me—and our friendship, our valiant actions—every day. You will carry my sacrifice in your heart."

The trickster starts to accuse Baldr of putting a curse on him and Baldr counters that it is actually a gift, then tells him that he had truly delighted in their time together. While Baldr points out that Loki has succeeded in his mission to make Odin suffer, he indicates that the world will discover if Baldr has fulfilled his desire to see Loki on the path to redemption. Loki reflects then laughs, calling him a clever boy. He leaves through the approaching Muspels, stopping only to tell Surtr that he's delivered Baldr as promised and that Svartálfaheimr belongs to the fire giant.

In the aftermath, Loki returns to Asgard and allows himself to be imprisoned. From there, beaten and bruised, Loki begins to tell his tale and an unseen narrator notes that while the details changed each time he told it, "The love of Havi. The deadly mistle-berry." and "the innocence of Baldr" remained the same.

The stories also spread over time with the telling:

The brother of the one guarding Loki's cell tells a bookseller what he has heard.

The village storyteller wonders aloud to his listeners if Loki hated Baldr for achieving immortality through the tale or actually developed a begrudging respect.

In his chronicle, the monk questions whether or not the trickster had or would weep for Baldr, also known as the god of tears.

An Assassin on a rooftop reflects to his companion that it is only really known that Loki told the tale.

A teacher tells his class that the death of Baldr has mirrors elsewhere in mythology.

Alone, Basim Ibn Ishaq closes a book on Viking myths with the unseen narrator concluding that only Loki would know if he ever truly regretted his betrayal. He looks out of his cabin window and notices the arrival of the new dawn: "Huh. It's getting light out".



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