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Assassin's Creed: Uprising Volume 2: Inflection Point is a graphic novel which collects the second arc of Titan Comics' series Assassin's Creed: Uprising. The book was released on January 17, 2018.


The Phoenix project saga begins to unravel in this second thrilling chapter of Assassin’s Creed Uprising!

Our modern day Assassins take the fight to the heart of the Spanish Civil War in order to secure a valuable artifact that could change the course of history. But when a brand new enemy rears its ugly head, both the Brotherhood and Templar Order are forced to form a shaky alliance.

  • The second chapter of Titan’s brand new 3-part story arc, which will conclude the Phoenix Project saga – a major AC videogame storyline!
  • A new creative team featuring Assassin’s Creed storyboard artist, Jose Holder.
  • A fresh cast of new and returning characters (including fan favourites Juno, Otso Berg and The Black Cross) along with brand new Assassin Ignacio Cordona.


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