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Assassin's Creed: Uprising 4 is the fourth issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed: Uprising. The comic, written by Dan Watters and Alex Paknadel with art by José Holder was released on April 19, 2017.

Publisher's summary

Series unites the worlds of the Templars and the Assassins!

Illustrated by Assassin’s Creed storyboard artist Jose Holder.

Written by Dan Watters (Limbo) and Alex Paknadel (Arcadia).[1]

Plot summary

2017: Assassin hideout, London. Guernica watches over Charlotte whom remains in the Animus. He starts to talk of the world, observing how it is slowly sliding into chaos and that the end times have arrived. Remarking that only 'she' can save us, he puts a knife to Charlotte's throat. His hand is grabbed by Galina, who promptly throws him to the ground and breaks his fingers before torturing him to find whom he works for.

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Switzerland. My'shell meets with a banker to discuss the accounts of Vetulus De Montanis Ltd. Apparently William Miles retains ownership, but has been receiving substantial cash deposits from a shipping subsidiary of Abstergo Industries. Seeking answers to this anomaly, the banker suggests she speak with Mr Berg who waits just outside the office. Sure enough, she is grabbed and taken at knife point by Berg to a side room. Berg demands to know why the money is going to the Assassins, to which she swears they do not even know about it. Berg concludes that she may not therefore actually be one of them after all. A drone watches the two of them, before Berg destroys it. Knocking My'shell to the floor, he fights off assailants who suddenly appear. He manages to take down several, until he collapses from his wounds. He is slapped around by Jasdip Dhami, whom reveals himself as the high tech 'Assassin' of the fifth column. He warns Berg to stop pushing, or risk his daughter's life. The future and its vision belongs to 'she', and he throws Berg plummeting over a guard rail.

Back in London, the wounded Arend and Kiyoshi return to the hideout to find Galina torturing Guernica. Explaining why, Galina warns that it likely means that My'shell is also lost to them. Charlotte remains in the Animus, but she relives a memory that is not her own...

Isu Era: Within a golden Isu city, Minerva, Juno and her father discuss the problem of humanity - the slave race that they created. Juno warns that they try to be like the Isu too much, and that they are a threat to be exterminated. Minerva argues back, saying that humanity is learning to sing and make art and that perhaps one day they can be treated as equals. Juno's father agrees, before he is stabbed through the head by a human servant. The human uprising begins, and filled with rage from her father's demise, Juno utilizes the Koh-i-Noor to slaughter every human around them with a brilliant blue energy. Enraged, she swears that they must deal with humanity by saving them from themselves. Following this revelation, Charlotte slowly emerges from the Animus, realizing that Juno has been scanning her mind. She knows what Juno is planning, and states that they must warn the Templars.

2017: In an undisclosed location, Violet and Jasdip argue over how Berg was treated, with Violet wishing that he had not been harmed so brutally. Jasdip argues that it is only Juno's will whom will see Eden reborn. At this moment Juno appears in an overhead monitor, stating that she has what she needed from Charlotte, and now knows that the Koh-i-Noor was last seen in Spain. Desmond' son is guided to a crowd of waiting Instruments, where Violet warns Juno that he is his father's son and may well betray them. Juno states not to worry, as he is just a cog in a machine, one that will turns mountains into idols.[2]


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