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Assassin's Creed: Uprising 12 is the twelfth and final issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed: Uprising. The comic, written by Dan Watters and Alex Paknadel with art by José Holder was released on 13 June 2018.

Publisher's summary

Time has run out for our modern day Assassins! With a new world order on the horizon, Charlotte and her cell are faced with the biggest threat the Brotherhood has ever encountered as they race to halt the impending resurrection of the Isu deity Juno, her fanatical acolytes, and their plans for global domination! The Phoenix Project saga reaches its heady climax in this final chapter of Assassin’s Creed Uprising!

Plot summary

Modern Day: Resurrection Day. Australian desert.

Otso Berg, his Black Cross uniform donned, approaches the secret Phoenix Project lab amidst a heavy sandstorm. At the entrance he finds Violet da Costa waiting, along with many armed Instruments of the First Will. Jasdip Dhami steps out to face Berg alone, and after a brief discussion, is deftly assassinated by a sniper shot to the head delivered by Galina from a distance.

Inside the labs, Richmond attempts to unlock the door that has trapped him in the room with Elijah. Elijah mentions that he remembers the day that he was taken from his mother, with her ultimately being killed. He vows revenge on the Instruments, and promptly executes Richmond with a screwdriver to the neck.

At the rear entrance to the labs, Kiyoshi and Arend engage in a fire fight with the Instruments, ultimately resorting to the use of a rocket launcher to eliminate the clustered cultists.

Back out in the sandstorm, Charlotte struggles through the winds to find a hidden hatch, and climbs into an air vent down into the labs. A blast of energy breaks the seal of Juno's tank, and she walks out into the air, remarking that the power of the Shroud infuses her body with energy. As Juno dons some robes, Charlotte leaps from the air vent above, and makes an attempt to perform an air assassination on the Isu with her Hidden Blade. Juno reacts in time and blasts Charlotte with energy emanating from her hands. Charlotte is suspended in the air by the power, and as Juno looks to get dressed further, Elijah approaches Charlotte whilst carrying the Koh-i-Noor. Elijah mentions that he recognized something old within her, as it was inside him. He puts the diamond to Charlotte's hand, and energy begins to fill the room with bright light. Charlotte is able to control the energy, and is able to shield her Assassin allies within the facility, by funneling them away from the Instruments and towards the labs with walls made of energy.

Juno knocks the diamond from Charlotte's hands, as the Assassins rush into the lab. Arend and Kiyoshi are blasted by Juno's energy beams, and fall to the ground lifelessly. As Juno grabs Charlotte by the hair, she looks up and sees Consus staring back at her. He mocks her new body, stating that it is fresh but her heart is dead as a moon.

Suddenly, we see Charlotte and all the Assassins alive again. Juno is standing talking to a coffee cup. Charlotte is channeling an illusion into Juno's mind all of this time. Juno becomes enraged, and starts blasting at an imaginary Consus. This begins to destroy the ceiling, and the roof starts to collapse in on itself - with Gramática killed by a falling girder. Juno finally realizes it is an illusion, and reaches out to Elijah to pass over the Koh-i-Noor. At this moment, a Hidden Blade cuts through Juno's throat from behind, and she falls to the ground - slain by Charlotte. Elijah vows that Aita is a ghost in the wind, and that this lineage ends here. He climbs a rope and escapes out of the air vent, leaving Charlotte behind.

The remaining Assassins and Berg run out of the labs, as it slowly collapses around them. As they emerge outside, Violet and the Instruments lie in wait. Despite looking severely out numbered, Berg mocks Violet as Templar special forces surround the area. He takes Violet's gun, and shoots her through the chest, stating that before she dies she should enjoy one final show. He takes out a remote detonator, and clicks it. The lab immediately explodes, with both Charlotte and the body of Juno still inside. As the explosion erupts, in the distance Elijah walks into the desert, still clutching the Koh-i-Noor.[1]



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