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Assassin's Creed: Uprising 11 is the eleventh issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed: Uprising. The comic, written by Dan Watters and Alex Paknadel with art by José Holder was released on 2 May 2018.

Publisher's summary

With Juno's new form nearing completion, our Assassin's make a final all-out assault on the Phoenix Project labs. But are they already too late? The Phoenix Project saga reaches its heady climax in this final chapter of Assassin’s Creed Uprising!

Plot summary

Modern Day: Location Redacted. Within the cells of the forming clone body, Juno converses by thought with Consus thanks to the usage of the Shroud of Eden. He warns Juno that she must know that Charlotte will stop her, but Juno dismisses the claim stating that the human is weak.

London. The Assassin hideout is engulfed in flames, as the emergency services arrive to try to contain it. Looking on from a distance, My'shell and Guernica realise that the dead bodies of the Instruments they left inside could easily have been them. My'shell questions whether Guernica will return to the Instruments now, but he collapses with the wounds inflicted upon him in the recent battle. As he bleeds out, My'shell argues that his actions of cruelty can never be justified as a necessary evil. Telling him to apply pressure to the wounds, she walks away leaving him shouting for an ambulance.

Location Unknown, Abstergo jet. Arend and Kiyoshi discuss about going over to speak to Otso Berg, whom sits further down the aisle. Eventually Arend elects to walk over and sit opposite the Black Cross. Reminding Otso of Rotterdam, and the battle between them over the Precursor Box, Arend tries to tell Otso that if they make it out of their current situation alive - then they will be equal. Otso regales Arend with the story of how Finland actually switched sides three times in World War II, before slamming Arend against the wall and promising that once things with Juno are over - he will happily be slicing his throat.

Location Redacted. Violet takes a call from Otso, stating that he will arrive in six hours and she should maintain a watch on the Instruments. She checks in with Gramática, who relays that they are well ahead of schedule with Juno's body now.

In a separate locked room, Elijah is tended to by an aide known as Richmond. Complaining that his back still hurts from the previous surgery, Elijah relates about how being a Sage allows him to access the memories and skills of the Isu scientist Aita. In doing so, after Richmond leaves, he is able to short circuit the locked door and moves deeper into the facility.

Back on the Abstergo jet, the group studies blueprints of the Phoenix Project lab and agrees to split out for infiltration. Berg and Galina will meet Violet directly, with Arend and Kiyoshi going to the south side Loading Bay. Finally, Charlotte will enter a ventilation shaft which leads directly into Gramática's lab. As the team starts to initiate their plan, Elijah locks Richmond into a room with a clear ill intent towards him.

Within the lab, the clone body of Juno begins to speak. Surprised at the feeling of vocal chords after thousands of years, she expresses that she is finally ready to walk the earth once more.[1]



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