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Assassin's Creed: Underworld is a novel written by Oliver Bowden released on 5 November 2015. The novel follows Jayadeep Mir during an assignment in 1862, before concluding with the storyline of Evie and Jacob Frye from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.


A disgraced Assassin. A deep-cover agent. A quest for redemption.

1862, and with London in the grip of the Industrial Revolution, the world's first underground railway is under construction. When a body is discovered at the dig, it sparks the beginning of the latest deadly chapter in the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and Templars.

Deep undercover is an Assassin with dark secrets and a mission to defeat the Templar stranglehold on the nation's capital.

Soon the Brotherhood will know him as Henry Green, mentor to Jacob and Evie Frye. For now, he is simply The Ghost.[1]

Plot summary[]

Part 1: Ghost Town[]

1- The Assassin Ethan Frye watched and tracked a target in a market.

2- The thief and courier Boot was headed down to deliver photographic plates in the St. Giles Rookery when he was threatened and interrogated with a Hidden Blade by Ethan.

3- Boot was about to reveal his boss' identity when he was shot by an unidentified individual. The man also tried to shoot Ethan, however, the bullet killed an innocent girl bystander. Enraged, Ethan chased and assassinated the man, who was revealed to be Boot's boss and Templar associate Robert Waugh. Later, Ethan reported the incident to his friend George Westhouse. The pair formulated a plan involving The Ghost and the corpse of Waugh to uncover the Templar plans.

4- The chief engineer John Fowler recollected his memories regarding the construction of the first underground railway. Touring the construction with his friend and solicitor Charles Pearson and his wife, they discovered the body of Robert Waugh in one of the construction trenches.

5- The manager Marchant informed the director Cavanagh of the crime, and Police Constable Frederick Abberline was called to inspect the crime scene. Abberline discovered that the cause of death was a clean stab wound. Despite Mary Pearson's request to delay the construction due to the death, Charles and Cavanagh insisted to continue the work. However, The Ghost witnessed a look of recognition in Cavanagh as the latter gazed at the corpse. The Ghost signaled a drunk man after Abberline left with the corpse.

6- Reaching Belle Isle, Abberline tried to avoid the curious street children and eventually reached the mortuary yard. However, he discovered that Waugh's body had been replaced by a dead pony's corpse.

7- The Ghost returned home, passing by Marylebone Church to check messages. Sure enough, he learned that his handler wanted to see him. He returned to the Thames Tunnel and met with his friends Charlie, Jake and Maggie.

8- Remembering his childhood in Amritsar, India, Jayadeep/The Ghost recalled his father, Arbaaz, stories and his time training with Ethan Frye.

9- Jayadeep recalled the first time he met Maggie: by saving her in Marylebone Church from five men who were beating her.

10- Ethan revealed to Arbaaz that Jayadeep had a weakness with violence and that he could never be an Assassin. Angered, Arbaaz told Jayadeep to prove Ethan wrong, despite Pyara Kaur's pleas. Jayadeep, desperate to please his father, agreed.

11- Six years after Ethan's departure, he sent a letter to Arbaaz, telling him about Evie, Jacob and Jayadeep's fate by letting them choose their own path instead of instilling them to their image.

12- Arbaaz, confident with his son's skills, refused Ethan's request and wrote him a letter about the matter.

13- An internal dispatch was sent to George Westhouse for Ethan Frye regarding Jayadeep Mir's presence in The Darkness.

14- Ethan immediately went to The Darkness to interrogate Jayadeep who told him that he hesitated to assassinate the Templar Tjinder Dani and had awoken him in the process. Arbaaz was forced to interfere and kill the target and the oncoming guards due to his failure.

15- Ethan asked Arbaaz to save Jayadeep's life by banishing him to London under the alias "The Ghost".

16- Jayadeep once again recalled his first meeting with Maggie. Maggie had saved him from one of her attackers because he hesitated once again to kill. He then invited her to stay in the Thames Tunnel.

17- Abberline returned to Belle Isle and bribed the children for him to know who stole the body: a robed man with a cowl.

18- Before leaving for London, Ethan gave Jayadeep the name Bharat Singh and some money. He told him to survive on his own and to blend in with the poor until Ethan sends for him.

19- Recalling more of his memories, Ethan had ordered the body of Waugh to be thrown at the railway site in order for Jayadeep to pretend to be Cavanagh's ally.

20- Jayadeep reflected upon his information about Cavanagh and his connection from Kabul in 1842.

21- Cavanagh had impersonated an Afghan and slipped through their camp, at the cost of sacrificing the sepoy to a painful death.

22- The Ghost read about Cavanagh's return from Jalalabad and his rise through the Templar ranks. Ethan and The Ghost finished their conversation and Ethan read The Ghost into the current state of London's affairs.

23- The Ghost learned of the power structure of the Templars in London.

24- The Ghost met with Cavanagh, Mr. Hardy, Marchant, and Other Mr. Hardy to discuss his planted letter. He ingratiated himself with the Templars.

25- Abberline tracked down the robed man with another constable, Aubrey Shaw. He discovered that the double murder at the Old Nichol involved a Robert Waugh, who also happened to be the missing body.

26- The Ghost began the deception, leading Marchant and Mr. Hardy to Mrs. Waugh's.

27- The Ghost discovered Abberline at Mrs. Waugh's.

28- Abberline delivered the news to Mrs. Waugh.

29- The Ghost incapacitated Abberline and the others made off with Mrs. Waugh.

30- The Ghost was promoted by Cavanagh.

31- Abberline accosted Cavanagh's band to no avail.

32- Abberline and Aubrey returned to the Waugh's to understand what had happened the night before.

Part 2: Lost City[]

33- Evie and Jacob were introduced; Evie overheard the talk about Starrick's plans with Cavanagh.

34- Abberline and Aubrey conversed about right and wrong in a pub, but Abberline was followed by a strange man as he left.

35- Abberline accosted his tail, a private investigator in service to a viscount who was recently attacked by an Indian acrobat.

36- The Ghost took over Marchant's clerical duties and in so doing got a glimpse of the map in Cavanagh's office, which detailed an artifact hidden in the dig.

37- Abberline returned with the noble's bodyguard that the Ghost spared, but to everyone's surprise the guard denied knowing the Ghost.

38- Abberline and Cavanagh hosted some conversations about the Ghost.

39- Cavanagh reported to Starrick.

40- Aubrey mused at Lord's Pub before being followed.

41- Kulpreet and Ajay, guards of The Darkness, had an exchange of skills.

42- Aubrey, Kulpreet, and Ajay were all ambushed.

43- Aubrey was beaten and Kulpreet interrogated. Kulpreet died to take her inquisitor with her.

44- Templars intercepted an abort signal from Arbaaz.

45- Aubrey was severely beaten and left for Abberline.

46- Ajay arrives in London to begin informing for Cavanagh.

47- Abberline shelters Aubrey from his attackers and even from his family.

48- The Ghost is tasked by Cavanagh to kill Charles Pearson. He reports back to Ethan and refuses to kill an innocent man.

49- Ajay delivers a letter to the Frye estate and is chased by George, Evie, and Jacob into Ethan's ambush.

50- Cornered and disarmed, Ajay apologizes and commits suicide.

51- Ethan and George discuss the recent events while Evie eavesdrops.

52- With the rail line complete, the workers are let go and a platform raised for the celebrations.

53- Abberline leaves Aubrey to observe the festivities at the railway, where he spots The Ghost being manhandled by Cavanagh and the presence of Ethan.

54- The Ghost decides to leave the Assassin Order, but before he can do so, Cavanagh murders Mr. Pearson, a prominent figure, and frames him for the act.

55- Cavanagh completes the ruse against The Ghost, and Abberline saves Ethan from one of the Hardies and Templar thugs.

56- The roof of the tunnel collapses, buying the Ghost an attempt to escape. In the process, Marchant finally assassinates Cavanagh.

57- As they escape, Ethan confesses that his plan for the Ghost wasn't sanctioned by the Assassins. The Ghost flees, only to discover Maggie has been killed; he collapses with grief.

Part 3: Metropolis Rising[]

58- Ethan falls ill and lies on his deathbed from pleurisy. He spends his last days with George Westhouse and planning for the Assassins' futures. He finally passes.

59- Jacob and Evie receive their blooding assignments from George-- Jacob to take down Rupert Ferris and Evie to take Sir David Brewster.

60- Evie begins her hunt for Brewster. She reminisces on her father's teachings and eavesdrops on the Templar operations. Unfortunately for Brewster, that happens to be a chiding from Lucy Thorne.

61- Evie discovers a knowledgeable prison of the Templars and frees him in exchange for information.

62- Evie discovers Brewster and finally assassinates him, leaving his body behind as the laboratory he was working in explodes, taking an Apple of Eden with it.

63- Jacob meets up with Evie, reporting that Rupert Ferris was dead, despite derailing a train in the process. The twins decide to free London from Templar influence.

64- The Ghost spends his days in misery in the tunnel where he had lived with Maggie, until he is tasked by the Assassins once again, this time to keep an eye on London.

65- The Ghost is visited by his parents in London. While his father remains distant, The Ghost, now Jayadeep again for a time, talks with his mother and regains his confidence. At the end of the visit, he is ready to operate in London as Henry Green.

66- Henry Green meets the twins.

67- Green takes the twins to his curio shop in London, where they hatch their plans for London.

68- Aubrey and Abberline meet for tea. Aubrey has become a butcher, but Abberline has lost his wife to tuberculosis.

69- While Jacob builds up his gang, the Rooks, Evie tracks down Lucy Thorne. The twins manage to steal a notebook from Thorne, after a long chase.

70- Starrick and Throne meet to discuss the Assassin mischief.

71- Evie and Henry pore through the notebook, only to discover that a precursor object, a Shroud, had been discovered in London and hidden in the Kenway Mansion.

72- Evie and Henry go to the Kenway Mansion and sneak to Edward's vault underneath Lucy Thorne's nose. They discover more clues to a possible Shroud location.

73- The clues lead to the Great Fire Monument. Evie goes there, despite Jacob's ridicule, and spars unsuccessfully with Lucy Thorne, losing a key in the process.

74- Evie broods but finds that the key matches ones in the Queen's possession for the Tower of London.

75- Evie hunts down Lucy Thorne to the Tower of London. She manages to assassinate Thorne and retrieve the key, though all she learns is that the shroud is a healing device.

76- Starrick is informed of Thorne's death.

77- Evie and Henry meet with Maharajah Duleep Singh looking for blueprints, but they're informed the plans have been taken elsewhere by Templars. They try to steal the plans, but Henry's kidnapped.

78- Evie manages to rescue Henry, but the action places a setback to their plans.

79- Starrick plans to rebuild London.

80- Evie and Jacob fight, but they agree to one final joint venture at Buckingham, to stop Starrick.

81- Evie infiltrates a ball at Buckingham and discovers the vault location. Evie meets the Queen in person and is forced to dance with Starrick himself.

82- Jacob defeats Starrick's snipers, but Starrick steals the key from Evie. As Starrick flees, Evie dons her Assassin regalia and chases Starrick through the palace. Starrick is found wearing the shroud.

83- Henry and George talk about Henry's future with the Assassins.

84- Jacob had intercepted Starrick first, but the power of the Shroud worked in Starrick's favor. Though Evie tried to intervene, she is similarly subdued.

85- A thrown knife from Henry buys the twins time to complete their mission: the assassination of Starrick.


Evie and Henry flirt as they begin their new life. Henry proposes to Evie.