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Assassin's Creed: The VR Experience is a cinematic virtual reality experience filmed by Practical Magic in cooperation with 20th Century Fox and New Regency. The five-minute experience was made to promote the then-upcoming Assassin's Creed film. It was released on 1 December 2016.


In 2016, an Assassin hooked up to a heart rate monitor flatelines. They wake up to find them-self strapped into an Animus, they are then greeted by an Animus doctor reassuring them. The woman then instructs her nurse to start the simulation.

Its 1492, during the waning days of the Spanish Inquisition. A prisoner in a cage witnesses an Inquistion herald sentence people to death for heresy, including them. Before anyone else could be killed, the prisoner is saved by several hooded men–Assassins. The prisoner then has their cage hoisted up to safety.

Now safe, the prisoner makes their way through a hallway. When approached by several guards they are saved by an Assassin who quickly dispatches both of them. The prisoner followed the other through the hallway to safety while they continued to fight off the guards. They then leapt to the battlements below and continued fighting and moving forward. The Assassin then performed a backwards Leap of Faith to escape a guard. A second Assassin appeared and kicked him off the battlement before performing a Leap of Faith herself. The prisoner then approached the ledge to jump, turning to their left they saw Aguilar de Nerha who recited the Creed before jumping too. The prisoner themself then also followed.

However the Assassin in 2016 reliving their memory desynchronized before they could land.


  • Tamir Elbassir as Assassin/Prisoner
  • Christoper Marrone as Courtyard Assassin
  • Michael Fassbender as Aguilar de Nerha
  • Amy Bloom as Animus Doctor
  • Bryan Keith as Animus Nurse
  • Amanda Bradley as Assassin
  • Andrew Franklin as Assassin
  • James Hutchinson as Assassin
  • Natasha Paul as Assassin


The entire experience was shot throughout 2016 segment at a time, and was shot on location in Los Angeles, unlike the movie that was filmed in Malta. The team at Practical Magic sent out drones to map the area and then recreate the scenery of Malta and London. Which took the crew around a few days to complete.[1]

The cast only consisted of 50-60 people and due to the 360-degree nature of VR filming, a lot of background talent ended up featuring heavily in the sequence. While filming the previous year at Pinewood Studios, Practical Magic were given the chance to work with Michael Fassbender as Aguilar de Nerha for this exclusive VR experience.[1]

It was filmed on several RED Dragon cameras in 6K quality. The VR experience was then edited using Nuke and CaraVR for compositing, Maya for 3D and Vray for rendering, and After Effects for a few key tasks, along with some custom software, plugins, and tools of their own.[1]


The experience was released worldwide on 1 December 2016, and could be downloaded from the Oculus store as well as be viewed on Facebook via its own 360-degree video player. It also opened at select AMC theaters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City between 2 December and 1 January.[1]


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