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Assassin's Creed: The Ming Storm (Chinese: 刺客信条 : 大明风云; Pinyin: Cìkè Xìntiáo : Dàmíng Fēngyún) is a novel written by Yan Leisheng focused on the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun.

The novel was released on 31 March 2019 by Newstar Press in China.[1] The French version published by Mana Books is set to be released on 1st October 2020.[2]

Newstar Press summary

During the Ming Dynasty, in the Zhengde years, the "Eight Tigers", the eunuch group of the Chinese Rite of the Knights Templar, won the emperor's favor, with the dog and horse, singing and dancing, fighting, with strict punishment and law, under the authority of the authorities. At that time, the leader Zhang Yong set up the "Great Rites Controversy" when the emperor died, giving a fatal blow to the enemy, the Chinese Brotherhood. Suddenly, the Chinese Brotherhood was overturned, and thousands of years of inheritance were in jeopardy, and Zhang Yong secretly arranged to set up a conspiracy to seize the world. Among the catastrophe, the Assassin Shao Jun escaped death by a hair's breadth. She took the top secret mission to go to Europe's mainland, and studied under the legendary Master Assassin Ezio, leading a pious life with concentration and waiting for the opportunity to act. The story of Shao Jun begins on the road of vengeance...

Who is the true leader of the Chinese Brotherhood? Can Shao Jun kill the Eight Tigers with her own strength? Where will the fate of the Ming Dynasty end up?

This chess game involving the world has already tipped the scales, and will sway old hatreds of the Brotherhood and the Knights Templar!

Mana Books summary

China, 16th century.

The Assassins are gone.

The Chinese Brotherhood was overthrown and all of its members were massacred.

Zhang Yong, the relentless leader of the Eight Tigers, took advantage of the Emperor's death to have all his opponents eliminated, thus paving the Templars' power in blood.

Shao Jun, the last member of her Brotherhood, barely escapes death and has no choice but to flee her homeland. Vowing to avenge her former brothers in arms, she then joined Europe to train with the legendary Ezio Auditore.

Back in the Middle Kingdom, she will quickly understand that her sword and her determination alone will not be enough to eliminate Zhang Yong: she will have to surround herself with allies and maneuver in the shadows to strike the Eight Tigers in their very hearts...

The Ming dynasty prepares to become the scene of a gigantic game of chess between the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templar Order.



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