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Assassin's Creed: The Imperial Jade Seal is a series of ten upcoming novels. They will explore Chinese history from the 3rd to 17th centuries. The first installment will be released in China in 2022.[1]



In April 2021, the new series was announced alongside eight other future Assassin's Creed projects. Game Informer reported that the novels will take readers from the Zhou dynasty, a series first, to the Ming dynasty, a period of time much more explored through the series. Significant Chinese figures such as Emperors, courtiers, legendary martial artists, poets, philosophers, and more are set to make their appearances.[2] The overarching story of the series will be about the Assassins and the Templars fighting to take control of the Imperial Jade Seal, a powerful Piece of Eden that grants its bearer legitimacy to rule China.[3] In an interview with, it was revealed that the series was headed by Shi Bo, and that a second novel was being worked on by Chu Xidao, to be set during the transitory period between the Sui dynasty and the Tang. Her novel would focus on the legendary folk heroine Hongfu.[4]


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