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Assassin's Creed: The Fall 2 is the second issue of the Wildstorm comic book limited series Assassin's Creed: The Fall. The comic, written and illustrated by Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart was released on December 15, 2010.


The comic book companion to the hit videogame series continues as Daniel Cross explores his mysterious past and his connection to the modern-day Order of Assassins. Meanwhile, his ancestor Nikolai Orelov prepares a dangerous siege on a Templar research station in remote Siberia - a mission that concludes with the awesome and devastating Tunguska Event![1]

Plot summary

At an unspecified time, a couple driving down a road in a forest saw a young boy walking alone. Concerned, they stopped to talk to him, when they saw bruises on his face and body. As they asked him his name, he only replied in Russian that he wanted to go home.

Daniel was woken up by the woman from the bar in an unknown room. The woman asked him how he knew about the Templars, but he didn't understand what she was talking about. She then introduced herself as Hannah, and showed him around the Assassin camp.

She explained that though they had believed Daniel to be an Assassin, no one could recognize him, and he wasn't a known member of any camp.

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