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Assassin's Creed: The Fall 1 is the first issue of the Wildstorm comic book limited series Assassin's Creed: The Fall. The comic, written and illustrated by Karl Kerschl and Cameron Stewart was released on 10 November 2010.


Written by KARL KERSCHL & CAMERON STEWART Art and cover by KARL KERSCHL & CAMERON STEWART The monster-hit, historical fantasy/sci-fi Assassin's Creed video game from Ubisoft breaks into comics with a stunning 3-issue series written and illustrated by acclaimed creators Karl Kerschl (WEDNESDAY COMICS, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) and Cameron Stewart (BATMAN AND ROBIN)! ASSASSIN'S CREED: THE FALL follows 19th century Russian Assassin Nikolai Orelov as he strives to claim an artifact of immense power from the hands of the Templars, leading to a climactic and violent showdown with the ruthless Tsar Alexander III aboard a speeding train! Meanwhile, in modern times, a troubled young drifter copes with unsettling visions of a possible past life – visions that have irreversible consequences for the present. ASSASSIN'S CREED: THE FALL is an exciting new chapter in the popular series that no fan will want to miss![1]

Plot summary

At an unspecified time in an Abstergo Industries laboratory, Dr. Warren Vidic and his assistant surgeon prepared to insert a newly acquired test subject captured by the Lineage Discovery and Acquisition department into the Animus.

The scene then changed to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1888, showing Nikolai Orelov in his home, where he lived with his partner Anna, who was carrying his child. It is revealed that Nikolai was currently a member of the Narodnaya Volya, the Russian branch of the Order of Assassins.

Having previously failed to prevent the execution of Aleksandr Ulyanov, Nikolai worried about his coming mission, but Anna urged him to succeed for Ulyanov's brother, Vladimir, as well as their unborn child.

These moments were then revealed to be memories experienced in 1998 by a man named Daniel Cross, who had been diagnosed with an unspecified psychological disorder, and was under court order to attend psychiatric sessions. At his latest session, Cross admitted to experiencing unclear visions of a woman in Europe, but refused to continue taking his medication.

Upon being reminded of the death of his former girlfriend, Kelly, Cross reluctantly took the prescription from his psychiatrist, but later discarded it in a nearby trashcan. Upon visiting a bar, he attempted to proposition several women, before becoming sick and stumbling into the bathroom, where he began to experience another vision of his ancestor.

In late October 1888, Nikolai was tasked with assassinating Tsar Alexander III by the Mentor of the Assassin Order. Having previously assassinated Alexander II, and prevented further Templar gains in the country, the Assassins had hoped for a period of liberalization under Alexander III. However, the Tsar's actions had convinced them otherwise, leading the Assassins to attempt his assassination.

Following this, Nikolai boarded the train returning the Tsar and his family to St. Petersburg from the Crimea. After dispatching several guards, he burst into the dining car of the train to find the stunned Royal Family. As the Tsar grabbed him from behind, Nikolai stabbed him with his Hidden Blade, though this only wounded him. The two men then brawled in the car until a malfunction derailed the train.

Leading his family out of the wreckage, the Tsar saw Nikolai lying nearby. After striking him, the Tsar retrieved the Imperial Sceptre from the wreckage, believing that Nikolai had been sent to retrieve it. He then tossed the Staff to Nikolai, who unsuccessfully attacked the Tsar with it.

After this, the Tsar disarmed him, and took back the Staff, telling him that he would build a new Eden in Russia with the help of his "friends." However, the Tsar refused to kill Nikolai in front of his children, and allowed him to leave.

Back in the present day, while he was still disoriented from his visions, Daniel was kicked out of the bar onto the street. A passerby asked him if he needed help, but Daniel accused him of being a Templar, and pulled out a knife.

Before he could attack the man, Daniel was stopped by a woman, who threw him into her car and left before the police arrived. She then berated him for breaking cover, and almost violating the first rule of the Creed, believing that Daniel was an Assassin like her.



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