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Assassin's Creed: The Engine of History – The Resurrection Plot is a novel by Kate Heartfield. It is the second entry in The Engine of History trilogy. It was published by Aconyte Books on 4 July 2023.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

The conspiracies of the Templars reverberate across nineteenth century Europe as they seize control of the future, and only the Brotherhood of Assassins can hold them back, in this globetrotting adventure from Assassin's Creed.

Cairo, 1869. When a bomb goes off at the Khedivial Opera House celebrating the opening of the new Suez Canal, visiting Assassin Pierrette Arnaud investigates, only to uncover a plot to eradicate free will... To her surprise, her old friend and teacher Simeon Price arrives in Egypt on the same trail, seven years after they allied to stop the Templars in London. But there's no time to reminisce as the Templars maneuver Europe and Africa like pieces on a chessboard, wreaking havoc on a global scale. As Simeon and Pierrette race to stop further attacks, they unearth plans suggesting a mysterious tower is the key to the ultimate Templar takeover... and with the puzzling Engine of History in their grasp, the Assassins might be outmatched at last.


Chapter 1[]

Atop a roof, Assassins Pierrette Arnaud and Safiya El-Nadi watched Cairo above until Arnaud signaled to change course towards Safiya's husband Gamal Sabry's book stand. Her plan and mission tonight was to meet the khedive Ismail Pasha, viceroy of Egypt, at the Khedivial Opera House while intercepting another of Pasha's guests, an American businessman. However, Gamal signals them of a Templar spy, whom they later see. Quickly, Safiya assassinated the spy while Pierrette scouts the area for other enemies. With no one else in sight, they continue on their plan at the opera house.

Chapter 2[]

After dealing with the spy's body, Pierrette goes to the Azbakeya district towards to the opera house, where Pasha has invited heads of state to witness the opening of the Suez Canal, a project ten years in the making. Tonight, the opera house has its guest of honor, Empress Eugénie de Montijo of France, and Arnaud has to stop her meeting with American businessman and Templar Albert Hawkins. From Master Assassin Amira Benyamina's information, Arnaud learns of him coming to meet with the empress to sway her policy on France. Hawkins is reported to undermine Pasha's work by using speculators' money and forced labor to create his own railway.

With Hawkins as her target, Pierrette readies herself with her dress and blade underneath her glove. Entering the opera house, she catches sight of the khedive and Hawkins in their cluster. She uses her reputation as a retired circus performer and traveler to move through the crowds. Eavesdropping on the conversation, she hears Pasha argue over using forced labor for his canal to a French invitee. Hawkins intercedes and jokes about using the canal to showcase Pasha's victory over French royalty. Pierrette is soon introduced to the party, much to Hawkins' dismay. When Pasha asks Pierrette's opinion over his upcoming Hippodrome, Arnaud gives her honest opinion. While being offered a job, she notices Hawkins has left. She leaves the conversation and searches for the Templar.

In the auditorium, Pierrette finds Hawkins in the royal box near the khedive's seat. She sees him climbing to the third level while she sees him the khedive's wives' box. Moving closer, she sees going in and out of the lattice near the stage. While he reties the lattice, she waits for the right time and strikes Hawkins down with her blade into his windpipe. With her target dead, she takes her handkerchief and swipes his blood as a sign of her completed mission. She shoves his body behind the red curtain as she inspects the area near him. In the royal box, she finds Hawkins' cane and discovers it to be a bomb.

With the cane and crowds beginning to come inside the auditorium, Pierrette runs through the secret entrance for the khedive's wives and out of the opera house. Running through the Opera Square, she finds a pond over a bridge and throws the cane into the water. Leaving the bridge, she makes her way to her fellow Assassins and hears a great rumble and spray of water behind her.

Chapter 3[]

After disposing of Hawkins' body from the opera house, Pierrette, Safiya, and Gamal inspect the cane and discover it contained dynamites and other explosive material. During the speculation over why Hawkins placed it there, they believe that they are being tracked and head to Amira. While venturing to Benyamina, Pierrette begins to recall the first time she saved the empress and her old mentor Simeon. After Oscar Kane's demise, Simeon left London and was last heard in Russia while Arnaud stayed with the London Assassins. However, despite her time with Evie Frye and Ethan Frye's own problems, she debated over the Assassins' tactics with fellow Assassin George Westhouse. He suggests that her footing in the brotherhood was unorthodox and stated she should go to the Egyptian Brotherhood to learn about the origins of the Assassins.

Two years later, she heard that both Jacob Frye and Evie Frye took down the British Templars without waiting. At Amira's workplace, all three Assassins talk with the Master Assassin about Hawkins' motives. Safiya notes that Hawkins' railway should be investigated due to its particular spot. Amira agrees and states for them to leave tonight after they rest. Amira prepares them camels and resources, much to Pierrette's delight.

Chapter 4[]

With Gamal leading the trio, they pass the obelisk of Heliopolis and meet Amira's man with the camels and resources. They soon come across Hawkin's railway and make camp before going southeast. After breakfast, they journey along the train tracks till an abrupt end. After resting, they inspect the area in the night and find no Templars. Safiya takes first watch for the night, due to her own abilities of finding an enemy sooner than the other Assassins. Pierrette recalls her night training with Simeon and how she tolerated it. However, while trying to sleep, the trio of Assassins hear movement in the night. Readying her knife, Pierrette almost throws but not until a voice states he is too old and slow to dodge. Amazed, Pierrette knows it's Simeon and hugs him.

At daylight, they talk about their trails coming together. Simeon details a half a mile more are limestone hills with a cave filled with twelve Templars, led by Armen Kazan, an elusive art dealer. His reputation led him to swindling artists and socialites to killing or turning Assassins sent after him. Before he could go in, he heard the trio's camels. Simeon also discloses that he may have the Ankh, a possible Piece of Eden that supposedly held the power of temporary resurrection. The four Assassins discuss that they may intend to resurrect someone in the cave. Safiya notices a possible entrance to the cave and Simeon agrees to have them join his mission.

Chapter 5[]

After Kane's demise, Simeon recalls that he moved to Russia and aided freedom fighters against Tsar Alexander II of Russia, but they soon lost interest or resilience to keep going. One of his recruits Dmitry Karakozov tried to kill the Tsar, but failed and was subsequently executed. Before his execution. Dmitry sends a letter to Simeon to care for his family and make sure they were not hounded by secret police. However, in Russia, he hears of the Ankh, which led him to Egypt. Talking with Pierrette, Simeon mentions he came to know a woman named Helena Blavatsky, who presented herself as a mystic and offered the Ankh. However, a doubtful Simeon states that he went back the next day and his interest piqued when he mentioned it and Helena's face went white.

Gamal and Safiya come back and state they found another entrance to the cave. Going through a tunnel together, the four Assassins come across images of the late pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the female pharaohs of Egypt. Simeon recalls Kane's teachings of intaking knowledge before him while Gamal states that Hatshepsut fought a battle against the Hyksos, rulers of a small kingdom in Egypt. Soon, they come across statues of Horus, Osiris, Isis, and Set. Gamal recalls the story of Osiris' death by Set and how Isis used the Ankh to revive him for one day, which resulted in their son Horus. He surmises that the Hyksos were worshippers of Set and that the mural portrays Hatshepsut's victory over them as well as Isis' victory over Set.

Moving forward, Pierrette is stopped by Gamal, who wants to understand the context, but she refuses. Trying to calm her down, Simeon tries to reason with her but she retorts that she has made her own way. She proclaims herself to be Set while Safiya begins to see the Lord of Light, Osiris, come through to them. Realizing what must be done, a tearful Simeon tries to move forward but Pierrette pushes him back and leaves the three in the dark. Shouting out for them, Simeon sees himself alone and blames himself for Arnaud leaving. With one hand, he moves along the wall to the nearest corridor.

Chapter 6[]

Pierrette feels at ease after revealing her true feelings about the Brotherhood and continues solely to find the Templars. As she nears the next room, her resentment begins to fade as she faces a crossroad. Entering the hall filled images of horses, she figures that she is going in circles. Feeling angered at her Assassins betraying her, she grows to hate the images of Osiris. Feeling lost, she puts her lantern to the image of Osiris and hears a sound. Instantly, she feels a surge and begins to choose the right paths. She soon finds two unknown guards and thus her path to the Templars.

Before she could act, she was grabbed behind and struggles. Grabbing the lantern, she knocks out the guard, which brought the other two to her. She grabs her knives and instantly kills both guards before they can make a sound. Forward, she enters into an amphitheater surrounded by life-sized horse pictures. She counts twelve Templars, three stand right near the Ankh on a stone slab. There, she sees Armen Kazan speaking to his peers as the slab begins to shake. She recalls that Templars always used these pieces to control humanity and how the Frye twins took an artifact from the Grand Master Crawford Starrick before killing him.

Readying herself with her weapons and attire, Pierrette shoots a bullet into Kazan's chest and a woman besides him. Immediately, she throws a smoke bomb and starts to take down the Templar members. However, the onslaught takes it toll as she is injured on her right side. She is then held down by a familiar enemy Art Hennighan while another older Templar orders to restrain her. At the same time, a light beams out of the Ankh and one of the horse picture seemingly came to life. Suddenly, shots are heard as the other Assassins came. Gamal becomes injured while Simeon engages Hennighan solely. Stuck, she sees her guards dead but too woozy to move. The horse came to life and knocks down both Price and Hennighan and passes over Pierrette.

Chapter 7[]

Simeon comes to his senses and sees Pierrette injured while Hennighan escapes with the Ankh. Safiya takes care of Pierrette while telling Simeon to chase Art. Gamal joins Price chasing down Hennighan but the maze proves troubling again. They soon take a minute after a shot. They see the newly revived horse is injured after Hennighan has shot at it. However, they are too late as the horse and Hennighan are gone. Back at the cave, Safiya carries Pierrette on a camel and advises to go back to Cairo for a doctor. Simeon proposes to go but Safiya asks for him and Gamal to stay to see if Hennighan or more Templars return.

Gamal begins to speculate that the Ankh could have affected them earlier with the memories of the gods from before. Inspecting the cave more, Simeon realizes the horse paintings are made of real bones with paint material on them. Shocked, Simeon sleeps the night although always looking over his shoulder. The next day, a group of Assassins led by Master Assassin and Cairo Council member Mustafa Hussein came and relieved them. However, Price worries over the cave's contents and the Ankh's powers.

Chapter 8[]

Simeon wakes in Safiya and Gamal's house and finds Amira tending to Pierrette. While Safiya serves tea, Amira congratulates them of Kazan's death but Simeon states Hennighan has the Ankh. Perplexed, Amira wonders why he came as his countess was not there. She concludes that both Simeon and Pierrette travel to Paris to look for any information about the European Templars. Although reluctant, Pierrette wants to stay in Cairo but Amira admits that they must take back the Ankh from the Templars. Gamal comes in and hands a letter to Pierrette. As she open its, Pierrette feels ill as Simeon reads it to be a note from Evie Frye stating Elizabeth Siddal's body is being exhumed.

Chapter 9[]

Venturing to England, Pierrette curses herself for being dumb for using Siddal's grave as a hiding place for Ada Lovelace's notes. She recalls only telling Simeon and Ethan Frye, who has been dead for a year. Arriving in London at Waterloo Station, Pierrette is alone while Simeon travels to Paris. However, Evie Frye welcomes her and hugs her. Catching up, both Assassins make their way to Dante Gabriel Rossetti's new home in Chelsea. However, Evie states other Assassins, including Jacob and Henry Green, were busy. At Rossetti's home, she enters alone and sees his home run amok with animals.

Rossetti welcomes her into his home but the conversation begins to turn awkward. She asks why she was exhumed as Dante explains that he must have the book of poems he left in there. She begins to feel dizzy but asks if there is another book. He states nothing else. She carefully asks about his friends that helped him exhume her body. He explains that his friend Howell convinced him to exhume the body. Realizing Howell's connection to Felice Orsini in the past and being John Ruskin's assistant, Arnaud thanks him before leaving him in his grief.

Chapter 10[]

Pierrette later meets with Anne Blunt, daughter of Ada, at her townhouse as she announces her recent marriage. She recall Byron's deaths month after their fight against Kane and how it was so close to Siddal's death as well. Pierrette asks Anne for a favor, which is to make an introduction with Howell and engage him about any information of her mother's notebook. Anne adds that he will be here tonight and asks Arnaud to come. Arnaud agrees. That night, Anne, Howell, Pierrette, and Evie play whist with each other, with Anne and Howell winning. Perceiving herself to be a novice, Pierrette has Howell change partners and soon they begin winning.

However, Anne soon cleans them out and proposes information for all of his money back. Refusing, Howell is held up by Evie's gun as Pierrette demands to know why he convinced Dante to exhume Lizzie's body. Although he wanted to help a friend, Evie interrogates him to reveal his connections in business with the Templars, as he was an old friend of John Elliotson. He explains that Sidall has another lover before Dante and how he knew about another book. He continues to say he told Elliotson and this leads Arnaud to think Elliotson told another Templar about it.

During the exhumation, Howell explains that he and Dante's friends retrieved the books until an apparent female apparition in white came before them and then the other book was gone. Realizing that he is no Templar but a greedy hustler, they let him go. At the door, Pierrette explains she knows about the ace in his sleeve and threatens him not to speak about this conversation.

Chapter 11[]

Simeon has spent eight months in Paris but with no sight of Hennighan or the Ankh. From Michel Moulin's resources, the Countess Konstanze von Visler is heard to be ostracized by the Templars for her own pet projects. However, her business ventures accumulate a large revenue. However, Paris has an even balance on both sides of the war and with Moulin as head of the Paris Assassins. Both discuss any targets that are close to Hennighan and Price comes across glasswork businessman Virgile Donat. Casing Donat's glass factory, Simeon comes across a guard, who tries to move him away. However, with a subtle warning, Price has the guard carry on his work while he stayed.

While reading the news, Price begins to worry about Napoleon III's cause for war against Prussia. Finally, he sees Donat leave his factory but Donat notices Simeon and tells him to go. Immediately, Price stabs Donat in the stomach and interrogates him about Hennighan's whereabouts. Donat reveals that he is in the factory and plans to use the Ankh with a device called the Engine of History. Donat starts to drift away and Price mercifully ends his life. Venturing back to an Assassin hideout in another factory, Simeon finds Moulin surrounded with three Assassins, Mary Fitzpatrick, Sami Zidane and Jean-Baptiste Barbeau.

Michel is seen as the leader after Henri Escoffier left on assignment to Zürich and Amira in Cairo. After Simeon tells them Donat is dead, Moulin states his other worries over the emperor's own plans for war. Concurring with Michel, Simeon hears that King Wilhelm I is being convinced by his foreign minister Otto von Bismarck to unify German states for a new empire. From a telegram, they plan to instigate France to strike first thus Prussia and Germany rally together.

Moulin believes the German Templars are behind the makings of this war. Moulin advises Simeon to destroy communication networks for Prussia with help from their brotherhood there. Despite waiting for Hennighan, Simeon agrees to help while Moulin goes to talk to more politicians about the incoming war.

Chapter 12[]

Michel sends brothers Jules Sabourin and Fabrice Sabourin to aid Simeon in his sabotage of the telegraph lines. A shot is fired and Jules nearly falls from the pole but continues cutting after reestablishing himself. Another shot happens and Simeon readies a flashbang to divert attention away from Jules. Although falling again, Jules manages to cut through the cable. All three of them evade capture or being seen completely while Simeon worries on who shot at them. They later find refuge in a small hotel in Metz while Simeon keeps watch. Fabrice tries to take over Simeon's position but then notices a letter at the door.

With Fabrice looking for the messenger, Simeon reads it and realizes it was a desist letter sent by Konstanze von Visler for her telegraph line. However, Simeon and Jules hear people marching and then news of war being declared. Fabrice comes back and comforts Jules, who begins to worry over their family being sent to war. Simeon tells them that they will not go if he has something to say about it.

Chapter 13[]

In London, Pierrette finds Tom Shallow, a petty criminal who worked for the Templars, and asks about the countess' whereabouts but no luck. Meanwhile, she visits her old troupe friends like the Robinson's, Ariel Fine, and Tillie Wallin. With the new Aurora Troupe, they manage to perform just as great as the original troupe led by Tillie's father Leo Wallin. With her new son Spider Wallin, Tillie begins to innovate the troupe with Pierrette's help. However, Arnaud manages to be busy with her own work.

Back to her lodging, Pierrette becomes surrounded by a group of thugs and fights them off. She knows them to be Tom Shallow's workers and threatens them to close up shop or the Assassins will. Inside, she is let by her landlady, Mrs. Twill, who worries about the onslaught of bullies. Shaking it off, Pierrette is given two letters. One letter is from Safiya and how they secured the paintings from the cave site. The other letter is an invitation from Tillie to watch her performance tomorrow. Gladly, she readies herself.

The next night, Pierrette meets Tillie and Spider backstage and wishes her luck. Watching the performance with Spider in the audience, she also keeps an eye for any suspicious people or any Blighters. However, her eyes lose track when Tillie happens to fall. With so much chaos, she grabs Spider and rushes toward Tillie. With Ariel and the troupe's doctor nearby, she sees Tillie motionless while Ariel blames themselves.

Chapter 14[]

In France, Simeon watches as the war rages. Meanwhile, Monsieur Sabourin comes to Simeon's place for his sons. Simeon tries to dissuade him for putting his sons in the line of fire but the old man wants to defend their homes from the Prussians. Listening, Simeon is pulled on each end as he began to teach the boys some Assassin techniques to survive. However, their instincts prove to be complicated when all three were almost arrested at the Gare du Nord for protesting an unlawful arrest. Lying to the old man, Simeon states his sons are not here. However, Jules and Fabrice come out and admits to fight for their people and town and thank Simeon for their training.

Two days later, Emperor Napoleon III has fallen and the Second French Empire with him. However, the people of Paris rises up in either defiance of or peace with the Prussians. Michel informs Zidane that they must find good people for leadership of the new republic. He tells the Assassins at the Gare de l'Est hideout to make Paris strong and unified and to make Kaiser Wilhelm seek peace. Simeon works a carriage service for the people but is soon surprised by a visit by Pierrette. While riding, Pierrette surmises that one of his passengers is former Empress Eugenie. Passing by the theater where they saved the queen for the first time, Simeon asks why Pierrette is here.

Pierrette explains Tillie died from an accident during her performance while Simeon consoles her. At their destination, Simeon tries to drop the empress but her friend left Paris earlier. Onto Eugenie's chamberlain's house, Simeon begins to transport them with Pierrette while he tells her of a letter from the countess. He informs that some Templars are fleeing and may make a new base in Tours. They arrive at the chamberlain's house while Pierrette promises to check Tours. When Simeon tries the door, no one is home. Back at the carriage, Eugenie informs him to try her dentist while Pierrette has already disappeared.

Chapter 15[]

The Government of National Defense is established as the new government in France while the Assassins are aiding citizens with provisions. Using Champ de Mars as a training ground, the Parisians train for future battles while Simeon catches Fabrice in his sight after securing the empress' escape. Injured, Fabrice reveals that he survived an ambush but Jules, his cousin, and six others died. Instantly, Simeon consoles Sabourin. Few weeks later, the Prussians surround Paris while Simeon keeps looking for Hennighan and the Ankh. Simeon stays in Paris for the people whose government abandoned them.

As a means of correspondence between Tours and Paris, the use of a heliograph and carrier pigeons carrying cartridges become necessary. However, pigeons are mandated as the sole use of communication. Worse, the citizens suffer from no medicine or food incoming as well as the rising cold. Michel convenes a meeting at the Gare de l'Est with new allies Dr. Georges Clemenceau and bookbinder Nathalie Lemel. Michel assists Georges with rations from an abandoned storehouse while struggling to help Lemel with more medical supplies. Michel proposes to break the circle the Prussians at the village Le Bourget and to force the government to act and fight back. Simeon supports the notion and that the people are governing themselves and rather fight besides them.

Before the rest could answer, Mary whispers in Michel's ear, which leads Michel having Victoire L'Estocq enter the room. One of the most powerful, best-connected Templars happens to be Victoire, married to fellow strong Templar Robert L'Estocq. Victoire and Michel greet each other awkwardly while Mary stands behind the Templar for any possible fight. Victoire offers to help by proposing a new government and gives way to leave to do so. However, Michel opposes the proposition and sees that the Templars want to overthrow this government in favor of their own. Simeon adds his opinions and shares his experiences on the matter.

Michel still rejects the offers and states that Victoire will share the same fate as all of them. Victoire states that the Templars have their "toys" that have god-like powers before leaving. With Lemel and Clemenceau behind Moulin, they all intend to share their information through the heliograph. Alone, Simeon and Michel discuss how the Templars could have known about this meeting. However, Michel shrugs and admits everyone makes mistakes.

Chapter 16[]

On October 27, six Assassins take down more than a dozen Prussian sentries while hundreds of Parisians, including Fabrice, take over Le Bourget. With dawn coming, they march forward while Simeon sends a coded message for taking the village. Three days in, they hold the village from the Prussians. With no reinforcements, on the third day, he is told to retreat. However, shots are first to come before the message. In the harshening sound, Simeon remembers Sawyer Halford, who's deaf but living in a hamlet in Essex with his family. After the shots stop, marches are heard.

Michel and Simeon leave the destroyed village and venture to pigeon keeper Madame Charpentier to see a new message while Simeon takes in the lost lives and the missing ones, including Fabrice. Despite the madame's lecture, Michel looks into the canister and finds a message from the Templars for Victoire. When Charpentier asks what to tell the government man above the message, Michel retorts it's a Prussian pie. With the coded message, Michel and Simeon give it to Mary, who decodes it in a hour. The message talks about the artifact not being out of Paris and how they have had talks in Brussels for a new French government and how they control the Tours government.

The message also reveals that it came from the Countess Konstanze von Visler. Michel orders to send a message to the Brotherhood to send someone to Brussels. Realizing Pierrette was right, Simeon offers to go to Brussels and deal with Countess von Visler himself.

Chapter 17[]

Leaving the city on a balloon, Simeon readies himself with railway engineer Lebrun as they check their equipment. His mission is to travel to Tours and set up a heliograph communication before leaving for Brussels. Leaving, Simeon views a broken France, including Versailles, below him. However, the Prussians begin to shoot at the balloon, which leads Simeon and Lebrun to cut a sandbag each. However, Lebrun comes to stab Simeon but the Assassin gains the upper hand and subdues him. Stripping Lebrun of his weapons, Simeon finds out that he is carrying the Ankh himself.

However, the basket rocks from Lebrun's movement and the drag rope with the anchor ties around Simeon's neck. With Lebrun also on him and stopping him, Simeon tries to escape the strangulation but with no luck. In a lucky turn, the rope loosens and he breaks hold of Lebrun's weight. However, Lebrun and Simeon fight but Lebrun begins to choke him while making the pigeons onboard coo. With one last push, Simeon pushes Lebrun out of the basket but along with Ankh. With enough consciousness, he looks below and tries to remember the location for the Assassins to look later. However, with less weight, the balloon flies into a cloud and keeps rising.

Realizing he needs to lower slowly into the forest below, Simeon releases the pigeons for Paris. Realizing the balloon is going down, Simeon looks at a millpond and leaps below, hoping to live from the endeavor.

Chapter 18[]

Pierrette watches over Tours as she catches sight of Simeon injured at a café. She knows that she and him are the only two Assassins here while she keeps an eye out for Hennighan. On a rooftop, she climbs down as she sees a sniper aiming at Simeon. Engaging with the sniper, Pierrette sees his smile and recognizes him to be Hennighan. However, the wet rooftop causes her to slip but with Hennighan chasing her. On the rooftops again, Pierrette takes his unguarded rifle and strikes him when he is not looking. Wanting to kill him, she knows that he might lead her to the Ankh or the countess. Yet, she slips up and Hennighan overpowers her. In the nick of time, she stabs him in the rib as he falls back. While demanding Hennighan to spill the countess' location, Pierrette is told to ask him. While Hennighan dies, Pierrette looks to see Simeon behind her.

Simeon tells her that his location was a trap for him by the Templars but thanks Pierrette for saving him. He tells her that he and two Assassins set up a heliograph with Paris and how the Templars are manipulating the Government of National Defense. Since there is no way to convince them to help the people, Simeon states he leaves to find Konstanze in Brussels. Pierrette wants to join but the letters he received states that the countess is tired of the feud. Simeon states that he intends to kill the countess alone and that if he fails, Pierrette is free to do it her way. She concedes and goes to the heliograph to communicate with Michel. Promising to keep in touch, Simeon intends to send messages to Moulin as well about his progress.

Chapter 19[]

Journeying to Brussels, Simeon makes his way past the Prussians and arrives in the capital. Venturing the city and wanting to find high ground to inspect the city, Simeon climbs a cathedral and thinks where to look for von Visler. After looking at the city, he ventures back to his rented room and is given a letter from the countess at Château Aarden after five o'clock. After sending messages to Pierrette and Moulin about finding her, he travels to a deserted forest area and considers walking into the castle he found. Climbing and trying to stay out of sight, Simeon makes his way inside through a window.

However, one of the leaded-glass windows open and Konstanze invites him to climb the stairs. Hesistant, he moves forward as she explains that she wants to talk and that no fighting has to come from their interaction. He finally sets his eyes on the countess in eight years as she offers whiskey and Ada's notebook. She admits that she has been wrong as the notebook has been rendered useless for their project. When Simeon mentions the Engine of History, she becomes startled. She continues that Ada was nearly genius but that the Templars forwent her pet project.

After burning Ada's book, Simeon asks why he has come while Konstanze wants to make an arrangement. Simeon asks for the Templars to stop manipulating the government of France and she readily accepts. Simeon tries to understand what she wants to know but she begins to close the shades. Grabbing her, he demands what she wants. She admits to wanting to know more about his Brotherhood. Letting her go, Simeon laughs as he is no spy. Konstanze asks why his actions impeded progress in her technological advances but he withdraws and states he will not compromise the Brotherhood.

Debating on the matters on how she sent Hennighan and Lebrun to kill him, Konstanze and Simeon continue to argue their points and their own creeds to each other. She admits that the Templars were surprised by the French Empire's demise and believes their own war will continue to spread chaos. She asks for an truce between them first before any compromise can be found. Although knowing Pierrette would be dissatisfied, he agrees to a temporary truce as she promises no further Templar action in Paris. After striking a truce, Simeon sends a letter each to Michel and Pierrette about his deal. Michel responds and states that he understands and expresses a faint hope to convert the countess to the Brotherhood. Pierrette reluctantly responds to Simeon's alliance with patience, trust, and time for now.

Chapter 20[]

In the winter of the war, on January 1871, the Government of National Defense signs an armistice as Konstanze keeps her promise by having no more Templar manipulation in Paris and in Tours. Victoire leaves Paris to meet her husband at their estate. With the countess, Simeon is told that Lebrun's body is found but the Ankh remains lost. Speculating that the Templars intended to bring a past Templar back, Konstanze rebuffs the remarks with a possible disintegration of their alliance. At the chateau, they continue to discuss their principles while the locale's butler Lambert hosts them.

Simeon reads the news of the start of Kaiser Wilhelm's new German Empire while France starts their Third Republic. Konstanze is thrilled and plans to meet with King Leopold II about Belgium being saved from any more war. When winter turns to spring, Simeon finds out that the army and government departments have left Paris and that Fabrice had survived. However, a new Committee of Public Safety is created in response to pro-regime debates, much to Konstanze's chagrin. Simeon and Konstanze continue their arguments but on her terms as she had meeting with fellow Templars and does not want Simeon nearby.

Pierrette writes to Simeon to have Konstanze give more and convince the regime supporters to desist for creating their Commune and even asks to kill her. However, it proves to be for naught as the Commune falls through and even Sami Zidane is captured and executed for his part in it. In the end, the Third Republic becomes the successor to the Empire. The next day, Simeon awakes to Konstanze waiting in his room. However, Konstanze offers her condolences and even slightly understands their plight, despite some misgivings. However, Simeon states there is a missing piece in her understanding of the Assassin's beliefs.

Konstanze reveals that she grew up in the Templar Order as her father was one and a man of science. However, her father's actions led to losing most of their money and Konstanze being sent to her aunt, another Templar. Although cruel, her aunt protected her from her father, who went to betray the Order and their plans to anyone who listened. As a result, her father was killed and her mother was sent to live in a small house. Meanwhile, Konstanze was kept by her aunt as she learned mathematics from Germany's best professors and how to fight. She explains that she rebuilt their family's fortune back to their former glory and that her love comes from carrying on their work.

Konstanze reveals that their organizations are similar in how they believe in their principles or how they act upon it. Before leaving him to dress himself, she states their meeting is still this Tuesday. While in Brussels, Simeon comes into contact with many people, like Hippolyte Fontaine, who helped finance the production of the war cannons for the Parisians. In the summer of 1873, he receives Gamal, who comes to the capital for a book-related issue. Touring the city with Gamal, Simeon discusses how he is running out of ideas with Konstanze but feels her wanting to defect due to being unhappy with the Templars. While Gamal believes she may be tempting him in another way, Simeon states that she is in denial and has not tried to convince him to join the Templars. However, the problem remains that his usefulness may be running out.

Chapter 21[]

Simeon visits Konstanze, who is meeting with another mathematician while Price waited. However, Price knows that no matter how fascinating she is, he is willing to do what must be done. Scouting the chateau, Simeon is nearly garroted by Lambert, who begins to fight against him. With no time to maintain himself, Price fights back and ultimately kills him with his blade. In front of the door, Konstanze sees them and is horrified. Simeon pulls his revolver and points it at Konstanze as he accuses her of betrayal. At a standstill, Konstanze explains Lambert works for her colleagues, who tried to make sure she stays in line and Simeon was never dangerous.

Simeon tries to read the situation while Konstanze lets him make his choice. Trying to leave while confused, Simeon walks past Konstanze, who then pulls him to her and kisses him. Surprised, Simeon asks what they are doing but Konstanze considers they find out. The next morning, Simeon wakes up from her bed while she tells him to leave quietly before three incoming Templars arrive. However, perplexed on which side she is on, Simeon kisses her and promises to stay with her. She explains their plan as she details that Belgium is a refuge for her work as she is not seen approachable but necessary in the Templars' advances.

Upon the Templars' arrival, Konstanze pushes him to the study and out of sight. He tries to eavesdrop on the conversation while remaining worried for her being a liability for the Templars. The countess soon comes in and kisses him as she admits to thinking of him. Later in the afternoon, Simeon meets with Gamal, who informs him of Pierrette safely arriving in London. At a publisher's workplace, Simeon and Gamal meet a client of the publisher, Arthur Rimbaud, who recalls Simeon and his friends saving him from being arrested. Arthur introduces himself as Gamal expresses his appreciation for his work. Flattered, Arthur states that he and his lover Paul found themselves in Brussels. Looking at Simeon, Arthur finds a kindred spirit in love and asks for his name before leaving.

Interested, Gamal asks what Arthur meant. Moving the conversation along, Simeon states that he is now a target for the Templars but could not admit to Gamal about his relationship with Konstanze. With a pause, Simeon tells Gamal that he is leaving Brussels by the first train he finds. Deciding on what to do, he leaves for Paris while Gamal stays to check on the countess. While packed on a train, Simeon is at ease until the train uniforms tell the people to evacuate. Believing it is Templars, he waits for them until he hears it may be a bomb.

Rushing people off, Simeon is alone in the car but only to be met by Konstanze. Worried, he asks if she plans to kill him. Konstanze wants to respond first to his question of walking away and how she will never stop him through any means. She later reveals that to his second question about her feelings for anyone and how she changed her answer. Conflicted, Simeon states their organizations would not let it be and how he cannot lie. Hugging him, Konstanze trusts him and thus trusts in his friends. Asking of the validity of the bomb, Simeon is assured there is one. She explains that she was sent to kill him but how she construed a false telegram of how he will kill him with a bomb. While Simeon refuses the notion, she states it is a cover for her death as a Templar and her pledge to be an Assassin.

In this instance, Simeon feels relieved that his feelings are true and their relationship is unpredictable as she is. Konstanze reveals that the bomb is about to go off in two minutes and forty seconds. She asks if they will leap into cold water alone or together.

Chapter 22[]

Pierrette expresses her disgust about the aftermath in Paris and how the Paris Commune was resolved. Sick of it, Amira sends her on a job in Egypt near the Suez Canal in a village. They follow a lead from the English antiquarians at the cave while Pierrette volunteers to scout an illegal art ring in Cairo sending their goods to Manchester. While in an office, Pierrette finds a drawer filled with artifacts but further looks into other drawers carefully, due to them belonging to Templars. However, she hears a voice at the door and shoots a foot when it comes through the doorway.

Interrogating the young man, Pierrette learns that one of the drawers has lists of names of Templar businesspeople. Leaving the man bound, she escapes the office with the list of abbreviations and soon gives it to Amira. Amira explains it will take awhile to investigate them and how someone needs to go to England. Pierrette volunteers to go as she wants to see her troupe since Tillie's death. In summer 1873, she arrives at Dover and meets a five-year old Spider Wallin in Brighton. He currently lives with Ariel and their lover Jim, a horse trainer. While Jim takes Spider to sleep, Ariel and Pierrette catch up about all of them raising Spider together but laments about not giving him a steady home.

The next day, Pierrette takes a bath and spends time with Spider at the stables. Spider asks her if she knew her mother while Arnaud tearfully admits to knowing her well. She explains her history with his mom and how they conducted their acts. Pierrette even admits how the troupe taught her many tools but retracts her statement to not influence the boy too much. However, Spider admits to wanting to learn how to ride better despite being given a general education but does not want to hurt Ariel's feelings. Pierrette advises him to be honest like how his grandfather used to say and how the troupe relies on it. Spider asks what she does now, to which she replies that she protects people.

However, Pierrette carries on with her mission and schedules to meet with George Westhouse. In a pub in Crawley, Westhouse goes over the list and explains nearly all of the businesses connected to the Templars have gone bankrupt due to the Vienna stock market crash. Drinking some alcohol, they continue to go over the list and come across the Drake Trading, which Westhouse believes to be connected to a steamship company, Drake Line. Pierrette concurs due to the Templars' ties with transportation and communication. In agreement, Westhouse admits to be proud of Pierrette's accomplishments, assures her ability to become a Master Assassin, and offers her a place to stay.

The following evening, she receives a telegram in Assassin code from Simeon stating that news will break out that he is dead but assures her to the contrary. Westhouse soon comes to the hotel room to tell her the grim news but she reassures him of the opposite.

Chapter 23[]

Known in most countries, Simeon and Konstanze find their way to a little cabin in the Swiss Alps. Together for a month, they soon take in a St Bernard and name the dog Javert. Living secluded, Simeon and Konstanze train together while living together like in a war room. Price's reason is to meet with Henri Escoffier, who leads a small bureau in Zürich and its assassins. Henri has stayed in Switzerland since 1867 to guide the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin and his revolutionaries. Upon their arrival, Simeon sent a heavily coded message to Henri about his survival and his unlikely ally to introduce.

Henri and his Brotherhood use an old house owned by an old widow Irene Egli, a mature Assassin who allows her place as a cover. Simeon and Konstanze travel by night to Egli's house and meet with Henri. Although Konstanze allows information about the Templars, Henri states that the Assassins do not work that way and that trust and mutual aid is their currency. However, he explains that he will protect his own from any betrayal. Into the drawing room, they all meet with two young Assassins and Egli and discuss how to protect the duo well.

Within months of meetings, they all talk about Templars' business and recent lineages while Simeon and Konstanze live in their own cabin. Although grumbling about their slow manners, Konstanze sees the charm in the Assassins' nature and continues to learn, much to Simeon's hassle. Konstanze even discloses to them of a chest with her most valued items, including an Apple of Eden she kept secret that she received from Oscar Kane years ago. However, the Engine of History is something she admits to Assassin Beatrice about how she could not make it work and that the idea fell apart.

Konstanze reveals she was not part of the Inner Sanctum but was privy to recent maps of the Pieces of Eden. However, the Zurich Assassin are not interested in finding the pieces but she does not press the matter. For the next three years, they live together peacefully while Konstanze asks the bureau for her first assassination, to which they agree. In September 1876, King Leopold issued an international conference in Brussels to gather experts in geography for global exploration. However, Henri's eyes and Konstanze's knowledge points them towards Maynard Poole, a Templar cartographer who may hold the map to the Pieces of Eden.

Konstanze plans how to interact with Poole while Simeon warns her of the possible repercussions of her survival and betrayal. Konstanze admits that they cannot stay here forever and how their Brotherhood will be there as well as him. Simeon kisses her before expressing his goodbye.

Chapter 24[]

Two months later, Simeon waits for Konstanze to come back and receives Henri. Henri reveals Konstanze successfully killed Poole and gained information with no Templar discovering her survival or her destroying documents about the Ankh. However, he relays that she met with King Leopold himself. Henri and Simeon talk more about their next stage before Konstanze arrives. When the countess returns, she brings a surprise guest Henry Morton Stanley to their cabin. Stanley has followed von Visler to their home after meeting in Brussels, much to Simeon's anger. In the kitchen, she explains that she wanted Stanley to meet him but Simeon wants to know what she talked with the king about. She reveals that she talked with him about his plans but Simeon is in no mood.

Leaving her with her guest, Simeon leaves for the bedroom where Stanley is as he looks at the countess' models. Stanley talks with Simeon about Konstanze's mind and intentions to better the future. Simeon states how he believes in her abilities but notices Stanley with a gun. Instantly, Simeon throws a fire iron at him before shooting him to disarm him. Konstanze soon comes in with her revolver at Simeon. Simeon, hurt and betrayed, holds Stanley between them and accuses her of being a traitor. She tries to explain but he throws Stanley onto her and escapes. In the woods, he yells out curses before going back for Javert. Taking their dog quietly, Simeon rushes Javert away from their cabin.

Chapter 25[]

In London, Pierrette continues to work and spend time with her old troupe, who are in disarray over the fog. Spider is set to perform but on the morning of the fitting, he is nowhere to be found. Luckily, Pierrette finds him with the new strongman while the boy looks out to the streets of London. While trying to find the steamship link, Pierrette and the troupe try to make sure Spider does his trade but to no avail. One instance, Nell could not find him so Pierrette looks to the streets for him, only to find him playing a war-themed game "Bedlam" with the kids. While she tries to explain how fortunate he is despite having no parents, Spider retorts that he wishes to be alone and forgotten.

Luckily, the troupe is about to start their summer tour, hopefully leading Spider away from street kids and back to his circus life. Although needing to meet with Westhouse, Pierrette makes time to meet Anne again after her travels through Syria. They discuss that khedive Pasha was replaced by his son due to his debts and selling his work to England. Anne reveals her Arabian horse and her intentions to breed horses in England. Anne reveals her new horses Pegasi could travel a rider at fifty miles an hour. It clicks and Pierrette believes her horses may be the product of Hennighan's intentions with the resurrected horse. Sending messages to Amira and Michel, she sought Simeon, who was still reeling in from Konstanze's betrayal.

Chapter 26[]

Telling the Zurich Assassins, Simeon and his fellow Assassins burn down Egli's home and find a new safehouse. In his loss, Simeon returns to Russia to aid the families he promised but his anger still rages. He sadly hears that Konstanze rejoined the Templars. One day, he is asked to help a man's cousin Nikolai Rysakov in Saint Petersburg and went to the Assassin headquarters. However, upon his introduction, they ice him out of their conversation but not before learning about Malaya Sadovaya Street. Angry and hurt, he pushes through the cold and finds a man with a mine on a table. Edging in carefully, he soon finds pedestrians readying to receive the Tsar Alexander II, who is heading for a road mine on his carriage.

Not minding of the tsar's death, Simeon keeps watch for the cousin but sees the carriage pulled fast by the horses. Using a different name, he enters the headquarters again and asks for Nikolai's location. Receiving the information, he tries to understand what happened while looking for Rysakov. However, an explosion is heard over a street near a canal. Rysakov runs past Simeon as the police gives chase. Pretending to be drunk, Simeon is pushed down but survives. Yet, Rysakov becomes apprehended. Suddenly, another explosion happens and the tsar dies.

Chapter 27[]

Pierrette offers to take a relentless Spider into her abode with Anne while the troupe tours. Meanwhile, Pierrette and Spider work in Anne's stable while she keeps Anne's horses a secret from the Templars. Letting Anne on the Pegasi's origins, Pierrette keeps an eye on both Anne and Spider, who is hired as a stable hand by Anne. Westhouse soon visits them while Pierrette rides Tulpar and even compliments the Templars' vision of the new horse breed until realizing their potential of quick getaways from the Assassins. Before talking about their next step, George states that Pierrette stay with Anne and Spider.

Pierrette states she is part of the Brotherhood like Simeon but George states Price's judgement and loyalty cannot be trusted. She states otherwise despite her misgivings about the countess. George states the countess' betrayal has resulted in Egli losing her home and a young Assassin nearly being killed. However, Pierrette wonders why the countess has not done more. George stops the argument and asks for her to aid in a mission. Ready to hear, Pierrette declines to help aid Queen Victoria due to the number of times she aided Empress Eugenie.

George explains that the tsar's death has led the country to persecute and wrongly single out the Jewish residents. Realizing the complications, Pierrette asks if Queen Victoria makes the world better. George states it would be disastrous for her to die at the hands of the Templars. He states his information about the Templars' connection with the asylum and using inmates as hitman puppets. They agree to find the gunman but George wants to make sure the queen is protected at all costs. Given a maid outfit and a location in Windsor, Pierrette starts to regret her decision.

Chapter 28[]

Waiting for the queen to arrive, she looks for any instance of trouble from the crowds to the guards and carriage. However, she spots Spider riding one of Anne's horse Delilah. Seeing fourteen year old Spider having stolen the horse, Pierrette still keeps a watch on the queen's movements while making sure Spider remain well and still. Then, a gunman comes out and aims at the carriage. Shooting once, Delilah reacts and knocks out the gunman before the public wrestle him down. Pierrette rushes the carriage out and checks in on Queen Victoria. After saving the queen, Pierrette returns back at the Windsor Royal Station, only to find Spider gone.

Back at Crabbet Farm, she finds Spider and scolds him about being reckless with Anne's horse. While Pierrette demands him to apologize, Spider leaves her and goes missing. Four months later, Pierrette tries to find him but to no avail. Gamal appears with Safiya as they talk about their conversation about Set. However, they speak about securing the horses while Pierrette feels awful about the trade of saving the queen and losing Spider. Wanting to take another train, they watch the horses until meeting with Anne. Anne reads a telegram stating that the British fleet bombed Alexandria.

Chapter 29[]

In 1889, Simeon stands in Paris while realizing that Konstanze's study of the Assassins and the Templars' advances made it impossible for the Assassins to stealthily complete their missions. His mission is to find and kill Templar gang leader Centime under Moulin's orders. Although reduced to take down petty criminals, he feels better knowing that he can proceed without hiding. While Simeon remains outcasted, Henri has tried to aid him when going to a conference in Berlin two years ago about carving Africa up between fourteen empires. However, the mission to locate Konstanze proves to be a bust as she was not found.

Walking towards a tavern where Centime busies himself, Simeon uses his smoke bombs and calls out for Centime. A man answers and is roughly interrogated about the gang leader's location. He reveal Centime went south and then Simeon leaves. Simeon goes south for a bit and finds Centime near a public urinal. Holding Centime at gunpoint, Simeon identifies the gang leader by his attributes but Centime discloses his ambivalence for the Templars and tries to bribe Simeon. Simeon grabs a knife slowly and stabs Centime immediately.

In his residence at Montmartre, Simeon is visited by a weathered Fabrice and they begin to talk. Simeon congratulates him on becoming an Assassin but Fabrice's face soon becomes a grimace. Fabrice informs that Konstanze is in Paris, past the Gare de l'Est, and how her ironworking company is supplying new material for Gustav Eiffel's new tower. He details that some Templars are here for a private viewing at the Gallery of Machines to show off new inventions. Fabrice and other Assassins are commissioned to kill her and Simeon states he will not interfere. Simeon knows better than for her to be out in the open.

Investigating, Simeon finds her hotel room and breaks into the room, verifying her belongings. Before he could inspect further, Simeon is found by Fabrice, who tracks her to this room before going to the next room. Konstanze slides down a railing and states a burglar is her room. Fabrice states they follow her by the stairs but Simeon goes out the window without a care. In front of her, Simeon sees the woman to be a decoy while Fabrice comes outside and sees the same result. However, Simeon does have a document case and brings it to Michel. Simeon covers for Fabrice with half-truths and discovers the case to be a puzzle box.

With Michel, his wife Mary explains that the box must be pressed accordingly while Michel sees a pattern in terms of a Templar cross. Recognizing a previous Latin statement "TRITICA REGIT PALEAS," Simeon declares that Konstanze uses the saying. Pressing it, the box opens and finds papers of inventions and another cipher. Mary decodes the cipher and it reveals that Konstanze's conviction in the Engine of History is at hand and the end of Assassins as well from a mysterious sender. The cipher also contained a sketch drawing of the Eiffel's new tower.

Chapter 30[]

Ariel Fine is declared dead at sixty-eight. In her fifties, Pierrette tries to garner money to find Spider as a model. In London, Pierrette keeps tabs on her troupe while she, Jim, and the Robinson visit Fine's grave. At the church's door, Spider waits while Pierrette runs and hugs him. Nearly twenty-one, Spider and Pierrette talk and she convinces him to stay to pay respect for Ariel. While they are walking toward their friends, Angelica approaches them after a year of being introduced by Evie. A quick letter by Simeon to Pierrette that details Konstanze's location in Paris and a great danger looming.

At her ends, Pierrette asks Spider if he can stay in England a little longer but he responds no. Happy, Pierrette asks him to come to Paris and she is ready to supply him a home and food and freedom. All she asks is to spend time together when they can and learn about each other. Spider agrees as he sees that Pierrette is working to save others and even the world. Pierrette asks again for his company and his help, if he wants.

Chapter 31[]

Spider and Pierrette arrive in Montmartre and meet Simeon at a train station. After introductions, Simeon reveals that Konstanze may be using the tower as a Templar machine for the Engine of History and that she copied Ada's notebook before burning it. Disappointed, Simeon and Pierrette agree to stop her from soiling Ada's memory. At the safehouse with Mary, Michel, and Fabrice, the three enter and discuss their next plan. Pierrette includes Spider to help them, like her friends did all those years ago. Michel has been corresponding with other councils and dictate that Simeon lead a team and plant distracting evidence of a fictional monarchist to take the blame of the tower's demise.

Spider adds that the Assassins pose as workmen on the construction site while Michel plans to destroy the four legs for it to collapse. They plan that at the late evening, Michel and Fabrice would lay the wire while Simeon would lay a dynamite charge at each leg with the detonation wires. At three, Mary and Fabrice would each operate one blasting machine. Their issues would be Templars' eyes on the tower. Pierrette is tasked to remove Templar obstacles while Spider is to shoo away any civilians and divert police's attention.

After planning, Spider rests, Mary goes to meet with Jean-Baptiste about the explosives, while Fabrice and Michel find the wires. Pierrette and Simeon go to chat alone as she feels mad over the Assassin's loss of attention due to Konstanze's power and her temporary change of sides. She also notes that Simeon was in love, which is something she has never experienced to distract her. However, she knows that Konstanze not only hurt the Brotherhood but wrecked Simeon's heart. Simeon and Pierrette talk about the plan and their eyes set on Konstanze's death.

Before he leaves, Pierrette gives her handkerchief with Konstanze's initials. While Simeon heads to meet Mary, Pierrette calls Anne and tells her that Spider is alive and well. In their conversation, they talk about how some of Ada's notes survived and discuss what three lines on a page meant. Ending the call, Pierrette tries to remember and suddenly recalls how Ada uses the column of numbers were calculations Ada used to predict races. Connecting the dots, Pierrette believes the Engine of History is not a device but a method of calculating to beat the Assassins' comings and goings. If she is right, the device may already be complete.

The tower is most likely a trap and from that, Pierrette goes to Spider as they have to warn their fellow Assassins about the tower being a trap. Riding a bike, she races to the tower down a dark street. There, Konstanze shows up and shoots Pierrette in the hip. Towering over her, Konstanze admits that she has rigged the telephone lines and then aims her gun right at her. Suddenly, shots appear towards the countess as she runs away. Spider comes to aid Pierrette but she tells him to go to the tower and warn the Assassins of the trap. Bleeding, she hears the police coming and tells Spider to leave immediately. Spider runs instantly.

Chapter 32[]

Simeon transports the dynamite through the streets and sees no one in particular. At the tower, Fabrice distracts the guard while Simeon plants the bombs. However, he grabs ahold of the leg and climbs to avoid the incoming guard. After Simeon sets the bombs, Konstanze appears with her decoy and buys off the guard to climb the staircase. Climbing the tower, Simeon tries to meet with Konstanze and the girl as they walk towards the top to see Konstanze's invention. Simeon stops and climbs onto the second platform to meet both Konstanze and the girl. Konstanze and Simeon stare at each other drily as Konstanze introduces the twelve year-old girl to be his daughter.

Unsure, Simeon demands she leave the girl as it is not safe for all of them. With his knife, he tries to kill her but throws it at her leg. Surprised, she falls down but orders Gisela to complete her task while Simeon chases her. Although Konstanze slowly catches up , Simeon and Gisela come to the summit, which is shown to be incomplete. Gisela stops while Simeon tries to think about what is next. Before he could kill Konstanze, Simeon sees Gisela with a spherical toy as she uses it on Simeon. He grows dizzy and believes that all three must die to save the world. Taking it in, Simeon hears someone knock Gisela down and the ball falls out of her hand. Regaining his strength, Simeon sees Spider wrestle with Gisela while he sees the Apple of Eden that Konstanze mentioned she had from Kane.

Spider informs Simeon of what Pierrette discovered and how the tower is a trap for the Assassins to be caught as anarchists. Simeon realizes that this was all Konstanze's plan and how the long game is to prove the Assassins were monsters and for the Templars to reign power from multiple governments against them. Her true actions are to destroy the Assassins by having them destroy themselves. Konstanze finally meets them all at the top while Simeon throws the handkerchief in front of her as a warning. Konstanze and Simeon begin to fight until he pins her up against a piece of iron with his blade at her neck.

Gisela pushes Simeon from behind, unintentionally giving her mom a wound. Gisela holds the handkerchief to her mom's wound as they escape from their sights. Seeing them below, Spider and Simeon see gliders behind both Konstanze and Gisela's backs while they jump and glide through the air. Spider states that the Apple is gone and that Gisela must have taken it. However, Konstanze's injury proves too great as she crashes down. Gisela follows and arrives slowly besides her mother's body. However, it is now ten to four and they must warn the others to stop the explosion.

Thinking, Simeon tries to use the moonlight but needs mirrors. Spider sees a light signal and re-works the wires to power it. Simeon goes on for minutes to send a Morse code to the Assassins below. At three minutes past four, Spider states the tower still stands. Mary and Fabrice undo their work as Moulin checks on Pierrette's condition. She lives but her hip bones have shattered and she needs weeks in recovery. Spider and Simeon instantly grabs a carriage and head north. There are no signs of Gisela or Konstanze.

While Spider drives the carriage, Simeon tries to remember how Konstanze evaluated him but is disturbed by the people on the streets. Veterans and the old people start to cheer the message he sent below, "NO GODS NO MASTERS." Simeon starts to swell with pride as he realizes the work he has done. His fellow Assassins are alive and Pierrette is recovering. He has now to protect Ada's legacy from the wrong hands but knows that his child is out there. With more people shouting out the message, Simeon realizes that freedom is the fight itself and he is still here to fight it.