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Assassin's Creed: The Engine of History – The Magus Conspiracy is a novel by Kate Heartfield. It is the first entry in The Engine of History trilogy and was first released in August 2022, published by Aconyte Books.

Publisher's summary[]

The war between Assassins and Templars wreaks havoc in the Victorian era, in this breakneck thriller which opens up a whole new chapter of the Assassin’s Creed universe

London, 1851 — When Pierrette, daring acrobat performing at the Great Exhibition, rescues the mathematician Ada Lovelace from a gang of thugs, she becomes immersed in an ancient feud between Assassins and Templars. But Lovelace is gravely ill, and shares her secrets with Pierrette, sending the acrobat in search of a terrible weapon—the Engine of History—which she'd been developing for a shadowy figure known as "the Magus". Pierrette's only ally is Simeon Price, Lovelace's childhood friend who belongs to a Brotherhood devoted to freedom. With Simeon's aid, they uncover a startling web of political assassinations destabilizing Europe. As they race to foil the Templars' deadly plot, murders and bombs are everywhere they look, but hope is nowhere in sight.[1]



Lance corporal Simeon Price remains awake alongside Private Sawyer Halford as they were traveling on the HMS Birkenhead towards the Xhosa Kingdom. However, the HMS Birkenhead suddenly hits a massive rock, which severely damages the hull. Venturing below, Simeon finds Halford as they help any wounded incoming. Yet, Price is called by Lieutenant Grimes, who ordered him to calm the horses. However, a cloaked figure knocks Grimes out and asks Price for help. Both men continue to save any soldiers below. Soon, the cloaked man unmasks himself as he tells Price to leave for his men. However, Price does not care and refuses to leave the other men. Seeing potential, the cloaked figure tells Price that if he wants to be free of the Queen's army, he should travel to Vienna and join their brotherhood. Price later joins back with Halford as they tend to other matters on the sinking ship. The situation is dire as the captain tells the men to swim to the shore. However, Grimes orders the men to stand firm as Halford and others followed him. Soon, the ship breaks in half and some of the men, including Halford, die on impact. Nevertheless, Grimes continues to maintain his orders aloud.

Chapter 1[]

In the summer of 1851, Pierrette tries to convince her ringmaster Major Wallin to perform as the lead in the act "Mazeppa", despite his initial refusal on the grounds that he is like a second father and could not bear her being hurt. However, Wallin concedes after Pierrette lists her reasons. Along with the show's entourage, consisting of Hugh Robinson, Ariel Fine, Tillie Wallin, and Jovita Ferreira, Pierrette performs as Mazeppa, which astonishes the crowd. However, as she performs her tasks with her horse companion Attila, she notices a woman being surrounded and attacked by four men. Discontinuing the illusion, Pierrette saves the woman and helps her escape from the thugs, then asks to accompany her safely home. However, the woman, who introduces herself as Lady Ada Lovelace, remains adamant to walk home alone. With the pair having passed the Great Exhibition within the Crystal Palace, Pierrette has to move quickly within Hyde Park as the thugs continue their chase.

Bypassing the bridge towards Lovelace's home, Pierrette holds Ada tight as the number of thugs trailing them kept increasing. Although trying to feign attention, Pierrette garners no help as she moves fast enough to be near a couple walking along the road. Luckily, Pierrette and Ada find themselves in a crowd as the thugs lose their chance to grab Lady Lovelace. The two women make it to the Ada's home as she thanks Pierrette. Before going in, Ada admits that she loved riding in her neighborhood, though her health has restricted her movements. Saying goodbye to the acrobat, the lady offers to meet her "Mazeppa" next time.

Chapter 2[]

The next day, Pierrette's performance has garnered mixed reviews as Major Wallin hired a new performer for Mazeppa. Being called an "urchin," Pierrette recalls how her upbringing by her parents, two working musicians, shows the truth. However, during the Paris riots in 1848, the Arnauds placed their daughter with Major Wallin to protect her as they protest. Nevertheless, her parents were killed as Major Wallin moved his circus away from France to England. Pierrette soon finds an invitation to a soiree and readies herself, with help from Jovita and Nell Robinson. Soon, Ada finds Pierrette and introduces her to John Ruskin as she asks the notable journalist to write a favorable review on the acrobat's exquisite performance.

Pierrette's notoriety skyrockets as Ruskin's review was highly favorable, especially of her skills. Pierrette quickly becomes part of high society's gatherings, especially Ada's colleagues. However, she sometimes meets Lady Byron, Ada's mother, who has stated Ada was unwell due to her health. Nevertheless, at the end of July, Ada invites Pierrette to her country house in Surrey and talks about her family life. Lady Lovelace discusses how she wrote to notable scientists and wonders of all the problems her "engine" may solve. During one dinner with Lady Byron, Ada discusses how her father's body came back to her and how it was done weirdly while Arnaud recalls the scandal of Lord Byron's possible child with his half-sister.

Winter arrives as the Aurora Equestrian Troupe agrees to stay in London longer. However, Ada's health began to deteriorate as the seasons change. Luckily, despite the Great Exhibition ending, the troupe still performs especially with Benjamin Silver as their new Mazeppa. However, Ada soon becomes motionless and too ill to move, but Pierrette visits her friend despite Lady Byron's opposition. Nearing her end, Lady Lovelace lays alone with Arnaud besides her as she states she had a secret, which drove her husband away. Softly, Ada admits that she has been corresponding with a scientist named "Magus" and that their work resulted in an invention that may take lives. The lady asks her friend to find Simeon Price, a childhood friend. Ada describes him as the only one who could really understand her mind, but she tells Pierrette that he does not know about her declining health.

Ada shows a coded letter from Simeon about how he survived his ship crash and how he left the army for another brotherhood. The lady tells her friend to seek Simeon and have him end her invention. Yet, Lady Lovelace continues to worsen. Wanting to help ease Ada's pain, Pierrette tries to comfort and aid her but the lady stops her and adamantly tells Arnaud again to find Simeon.

Chapter 3[]

Simeon, under the alias, "Jack Straw," finds himself in Alexandria, Egypt a year after his ship crashed. Except to Ada Lovelace, Simeon remains dead to the rest of the world while in reality, he has abandoned England's army. However, Price, wearing a disguise, finds his way to Vienna and tries to find the "brotherhood." Weeks pass as he hears a conversation about a brotherhood and a man by the name of Kane. Through investigation, he finds out the full name, Oscar Kane near a coffee house near the Graben. At an apartment complex, Price meets a doorman who knows Kane and repeats the creed to him. After a moment, the doorman lets him in as Simeon climbs up the stairs to meet Kane in person. Oscar opens his home to Price as he divulges that he and the man he saw are Assassins and they follow a creed of conscience.

Kane reveals his childhood as an orphan of the Assassins as well as growing up in Ireland during its famines and riots for food. Oscar reveals he left for Germany, but states he found the same results. However, Kane admits to his persistence and how he made investments in railways and founded his work in Vienna. Confused, Price asks why Oscar is telling him about the Assassins. Kane happily states that a man like "Jack Straw" to make it from Africa to Vienna is a man with secrets and thus one he can trust. In return of providing a home, Kane asks Price to become his apprentice of his business and help him on his new plan to protect the innocents. As he shows his birds and a room to wash and live in, Kane promises to have Price meet the other Assassins soon as he helps him ready himself. Cautious, Price washes and shaves as he accommodates himself in his new residence.

Chapter 4[]

Oscar and Simeon find themselves at a tailor shop run by János Libényi, a Hungarian who witnessed the emperor's ordered attack on the Hungarian rebellion. While tailoring his clients, János notices Price's background as a former soldier while Simeon asks to put "Jack Straw" on the name of his order. During Price's apprenticeship, Kane reveals more about the Assassin's history and their ongoing conflict with the Templars, the creed, and the consequences of living as an Assassin. Meanwhile, the business with Kane leads Price to see how his devices worked and were used in multiple businesses, such as his devices that conducted electrolysis. Price soon finds himself as a messenger and deliveryman for Kane, as he finds time to read Kane's books.

However, Price feels out of place as he reads Kane's books due to not having books of his own as a child. Kane soon gives a range of books to Simeon and began to test him in combat skills and stealth techniques. On Sundays, they study philosophy as they discuss the breakdown of the creed. Once summer arrives, Price hones his power of observation atop the Graben for a week and observes a collection of twelve people. After completing this task, both men travel to St. Stephen's Cathedral, where they climb atop its tower. Alone, Kane assigns his apprentice to go from a window and climb down from the cathedral's side as he takes the stairs down. Worn and wary, Price climbs down the cathedral as he tries to find a solid place to land every time. At the bottom, Kane offers him breakfast for his descent. While eating, Price reads the news about the death of Lady Ada Lovelace.

Chapter 5[]

A few days before Christmas, both Kane and Price arrive at a party, both equipped with weapons. Fashioned by Libényi, Price feels uncomfortable in such a disguise as he meets the host, Baron Julius Jacob von Haynau. The baron reveals that he invited Kane and shows off the "beautiful" women at his party to "John Straw." One woman, Countess Konstanze von Visler, is introduced by the baron to his guests. After formal introductions, Baron Haynau discusses how the countess represents the "model" of womanhood as Oscar draws a contrast to the women in the rebellion in Hungary. The barons affirms his stance on the women acting like rebels and admits to flogging them as punishment. The baron boasts of his deeds of abuse and killing rebel generals, much to Price's shock.

Joining the conversation, the baron's lawyer, Karl Mayr, agrees to the baron's assessment on Hungarian women rebels as he introduces himself to "Mr. Straw." Mayr offers details about a pair of rebel siblings who traveled to Vienna to make a living after the rebellion. Yet, the baron finds their place of work to be a tailor shop in the old city wall as he laughs about tearing it down to the renewal of the city. Mayr bleeds the tailor dry financially with false laws as Price realizes that they are talking about János. The countess eases the tension by asking Kane's apprentice to dance. Before they do, Price asks Kane about why their conversation happened. Kane admits that the baron has a reputation for his brutality and insinuates that he may need to be dealt with, accordingly.

Dancing, Simeon keeps up with the countess as he recalls his training with his friend, Ada. However, the colors and atmosphere of the party prove to be unsettling to Price, who notices Kane and Mayr leaving the party. Leaving the countess, he follows and finds himself in a room, where he sees Mayr strangling Kane with his scarf. Going to save Kane, Price tries to use his gun but there was no bullets. Using a metal pen, Simeon stabs Mayr, who releases Kane. In a midst of the struggle, Mayr begins to find his weapon until Price grabs his head back, pulls his razor out, and slits Mayr's throat. Gently laying the dead lawyer down, Price goes to Kane, who tells to retrieve Mayr's blood.

Confused, Price is told by Kane that it was tradition to do so and with his caller's card, "Jack Straw," he swapped Mayr's blood. Able to stand, Kane leads Simeon towards a window to escape. Entering Kane's carriage, Simeon asks Kane what happened. Kane tells of a deal gone bad as Mayr sought an opportunity to end Kane's life. Piecing it together, Simeon deduces that the baron and Mayr are Templars and they know Kane and him are Assassins. Simeon also figures out that the gun was tampered as Kane explains that he needed to see his apprentice be willing to kill in the shadows. Feeling manipulated, Price asks why the baron still lives. Kane states that the baron may be retired but still has influence in the courts and murders with impunity. Price looks at his bloody hands while Kane reassures him of his composure and their second chance. Kane even promises that Baron Haynau's time will come.

Chapter 6[]

Kane and Price regroup back at Kane's laboratory and talked about confirming their kill on Mayr to an Assassin Council. However, Kane replies to do so as he tells his apprentice to notify Libényi about Mayr's death. Heading down to the tavern, Nachzehrer Cellar, Simeon awaits for Libényi as he meets with a friendly local butcher, Joseph Ettenreich. As János entered, Price composed himself while they all talk about the emperor destroying the country's constitution and ordering printed lies about the Hungarian rebels. János admits that the city council, especially Mayr, ordered a road through his shop. Defeated, the tailor agrees to give up however Price stops him from leaving. Simeon admits that Mayr has been killed by his own hand and that János may be able to receive a reprieve from the fees he paid to Mayr. Shocked, both men look at and ask "Straw" about the consequences he may face.

Unsure, Simeon agrees but reassures his company of doing his best to keep the people safe from the abuse of power. Happy, János celebrates with another round as Price agrees to pay the round. Realizing Price's kindness, János promises to repay him back undoubtedly.

Chapter 7[]

Simeon wakes up after a night with Ettenreich and Libényi and receives a letter from Kane to prepare himself for a carriage. Given new garments, Price enters the carriage and is brought to a white conservatory. Kane meets his apprentice and lets him know that Countess von Visler is expecting them in her house. Entering inside, both men see and meet with the countess, who continues with her demonstration. Unveiling a steam-powered rock drill, the countess offers a quicker and efficient way to mine with less casualties but Price asks of the relinquished working men. Konstanze and Kane agree to the new device as she admits that after several trials, her alternative device works better. With Kane's new power cell, the countess' device began to demonstrate in front of her guests. As Kane explains the composition of his power cell, a smaller replica of her drill is activated atop a piece of granite. After a minute, a divot in the rock is made.

All begin to applaud as lunch is later served. However, Kane and Price talk aside about the device and the countess. Kane relates Konstanze's upbringing and wit to Lord Byron and his daughter, Ada, as they both share a wit. Saddened, Price is asked by Kane about a possible infatuation with the countess. Price rejects the claim as he explains that he wants to be on the same level with the Templars in their advantages in science and industry. At the moment, the apprentice deduces that von Visler is a Templar as Kane confirms his thought. As Price remains confused of their presence in her house, Kane explains that they hide in plain sight and learn from their enemies. He affirms to only strike at the right moment and time. Still, both men join the rest of the party for lunch.

Price catches up with Konstanze, only to be scared of his probable next task. Thus, Price leaves the party abruptly. Price clears his head as he questions about his morality and loyalty to Kane. He also feels perplexed in his belief in the creed, especially its innocence and no compromising aspects. Atop a city bastion, Price sees soldiers and people pass by, until he notices the butcher, Joseph, running. Looking closer, Price follows Ettenreich, who runs to a waiting and focused Libényi. Feeling something wrong, Price notices Libényi with a knife going towards two military men, one being the hated Emperor Franz Joseph. Trying to stop him, Price tries to stop the tailor but János ends up stabbing the emperor in the neck.

Chapter 8[]

The emperor's blood splashes everywhere as Simeon and Joseph restrain a numb János. As Price pushes the audience back, the emperor's aide demands to know if the knife has poison. Simeon tells him that the knife is from the kitchen while the aide thanks the men for their act of heroism. Recognizing János' fear, Price later sees the shocked tailor being taken away by soldiers. Price finds and meets with János' sister and discusses why reason her brother blatantly attacked the emperor. Price is told by the sister that János has been meeting with radicals before but has been corresponding with a new stranger pushing him to fight back. Price looks over the consequences of the tailor's actions and work to free the tailor before his hanging. Price later meets with Kane about the recent event.

Kane admits that the Brotherhood has nothing to do with the assassination attempt while he expects János to be hanged. Price remains adamant to saving and breaking the tailor out. Oscar promises to financially aid János' sister and relents to help his apprentice with the prison breakout. At night, Kane and Price tread over the prison walls as the apprentice has to provide a distraction. Kane has to go on the prison's third story to find the tailor and melt the bars off his prison windows. To time around midnight, Kane equips his apprentice with his own version of smoke bombs, to use at a quarter past midnight to lure the guards near a far end of the prison's perimeter. With timed intervals, Price had to create multiple distraction as Kane works on the window. At the allotted time, Price starts a commotion by pretending to be a drunk singer, who garners the attention of two guards.

However, Simeon notices Kane still working and becomes more of a nuisance with a gun. After a minor scuffle and a non-fatal gunshot, Price is brought into a different police station and stays overnight. In the morning, Kane bails him out as he reveals that he could not save Libényi. Going to Kane's carriage, both men talk about the unfortunate circumstance of Libényi's death. Kane hopes for a peace for the passed tailor but Simeon knows better from a hanging.

Chapter 9[]

Pierrette tries to look for Simeon, but to no success. Convinced he is not in London, Arnaud convinces Major Wallin to relocate their troupe as tensions arise with Emperor Napoleon III declaring war on Russia, along with England. Traveling around Europe, Arnaud and her troupe gives raved performances in multiple cities, like Rome, Brussels, and Berlin. Meanwhile, the acrobat searches for any mentions of Simeon Price in her spare time. Months passed, Arnaud arrives in Vienna, where she notices a fellow troupe, the Circus Renz, a company dominating the circus circuit. To up their act, Hugh Robinson and Ariel Fine convince Major Wallin to add a knife-throwing comedy act, which proves to be successful. However, Pierrette lights up the audience as her performance as the Flying Flame, a new act replacing Mazeppa. In her act, Arnaud wrote and put names to be burned as to pertain a name in the audience, with Simeon being the last name written.

On their fourth night in Vienna, a stranger comes backstage to meet Pierrette and ask her about her name-calling Simeon Price. Major Wallin restrains the man until Arnaud asks for his release and for him to be in the tearoom. Offering the man a seat, Arnaud sees the man still standing. Arnaud questions the man on his identity as he explains that his butcher friend recalls the performance two nights ago and how Price's name comes up. The acrobat states that she sought the man for her friend, Ada. Finally, the man reveals himself to be Price but tells Arnaud to stop making him famous. After some tea, both of them discuss their times with Ada as the acrobats hands Ada's notebook to Price. She admits that her correspondence with a "Magus" led to a grand invention but that the man's intentions were sinister. Pierrette tells Price to help find Ada's invention and to destroy it.

Although stuck, Price admits that he may have a friend to help decipher Ada's work. Amused, Pierrette gives him the notebook as both promise to meet up tomorrow night after his discussion with his friend. Giving a complex set of directions, Simeon tells the acrobat to meet a boatman, Zoran, to take her to the new Elizabeth Bridge on the Wien River. Simeon leaves as Pierrette formally introduces herself before his departure.

Chapter 10[]

A year has passed since Libényi's death as Simeon makes his way to see Kane after a week of no correspondence. With Ada's notebook, Price talks with Kane about the events within the last year, especially von Haynau's mysterious death a few weeks after the hanging. Within their conversation, the young apprentice tries to tell Kane about the Magus and Ada's notebook, but lies instead about being curious about the Templars' work. Kane looks to his apprentice and persists more about Price's real reason for meeting. Annoyed, Price asks abruptly about the Templar's newest inventions. Kane relents and divulges that both sides are not only after new inventions, but "rediscovering" old ones. As "Straw" becomes confused, Kane explains that both groups learn about those who came before, the Precursors. Kane explains that after a "great disaster," the Precursors' creations, humans, survived.

As Price asks for proof, Kane only reveals that certain artifacts remain in the world as he details an evacuation to find an Eye in Assyria and confirm rumors he has heard. Price understands but his mentor pushes him further on his questioning. Simeon assures that he wants to know what the Templars' plan is as he reveals that he was a former soldier. Kane already knows and explains that the Assassins give the people a chance to make their own choice, unlike the Templars. Haunted by János' death, Price still battles with the idea of the reality versus the creed. Leaving by himself, he makes his way to think at the church, Karlskirche. Going atop the church, Price climbed to the left column of the church and viewed Vienna. However, he contemplates on how to find the invention Ada made and if he can trust Kane with such information.

Thinking about his life, Simeon wonders if the problem lies within himself, not others. As time passed, Price descends from the church to meet Pierrette. At the Elizabeth Bridge, Pierrette performs stunts for a moderate crowd until Price tells her to stop. After the audience dispersed, both acquaintances talk about the notebook and whether Simeon has found any strides forward. To no avail, Simeon suggests that Ada may been under the influence of her drugs, but Pierrette relents and still wants to find the Magus nevertheless. Simeon asks to have her call him, Jack Straw, and no longer shout out his real name. Arnaud asks him if he met the "Brotherhood." However, Price, sullen, tells Pierrette to leave him and they should break off their contact as he states he is of no help. Understanding, Pierrette gives him a kiss on the cheek while stealing back the notebook. Arnaud gives chase as she makes her way out on a moving boat.

The next day, Simeon returns Kane's books and temporarily leaves Kane's apprenticeship as he still feel uneasy about his work and his own issues. Kane understands and promises to keep a place for him. However, he makes a remark about making János' sister an Assassin as Price disagrees bluntly. After a brief argument, Simeon leaves. Arriving at Innsbruck, Price realizes Kane knows who he really is.

Chapter 11[]

Pierrette returns to her troupe but finds her room ransacked. Tillie talks to Arnaud and explains a strange man looking for Price came in and broke into her room. Before she could find Hugh, Tillie could not find the man. Realizing the notebook may have been the target, the acrobat cleans her room and hides Ada's pages by sewing them into one of her corsets. Days passed, Arnaud keeps performing while she waits for her intruder to return. The acrobat questions Ada's last wish for her, but remains adamant to find and stop the Magus. Nevertheless, she and her troupe travel to Prague as she fixes her final stunt of her performance. While discussing with Hugh about his performance, she realizes that she can still stop Magus and be faithful to Ada's last wishes.

Traveling around Europe, Pierrette tries all gunsmiths and armorers to search for any mention of Ada's notes or the latest invention, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Tillie becomes ill and asks for Arnaud to fill in for her as the acrobat gladly accepts. Despite the performance continuing, both Tillie and Major Wallin have become sick with typhoid. A few days passed with adjustments as both Wallin's have recovered. Yet, Major Wallin falls ill once more with delusions as his health deteriorates. Fortunaly, after some weeks, Major Wallin recovers his sanity. However, the doctor tells the troupe that his heart has weakened and the best course is to make sure Major Wallin retires. Distraught, a healthy Tillie cries onto Arnaud, out of relief.

While in Frankfurt, the troupe has a meeting about their livelihoods and about Major Wallin's involvement. Nell accepts the responsibilities of Wallin's but still wonders about the hiring of new performers and their practice routines. Hugh assures that they all will help each other learn and study. The only problem was to make sure to find a new permanent residence for Wallin's health. Thinking about both the troupe and finding the Magus, Pierrette offers the idea of Birmingham as their new destination. She explains that the city is not competitive in the circus trade and it has become a new industrial and innovative place in England, besides London. Much or less, Nell agrees to Pierrette's idea as the troupe accepts their new plan.

Chapter 12[]

In the autumn of 1854, Pierce travels to Italy and makes his way to Lake Como to find peace of mind. Simeon finds a villa run by a woman named Laura as he helps upkeep the villa. After three weeks, Laura and Simeon fell in love as they have a peaceful time together. However, memories of Mayr's death and the bloodied card keep him awake at times. Time passes and in the spring of 1855, another visitor, Oliver Fraser, visits the villa and recognizes "Mr. Straw," as well as guessing correctly of his past as a soldier. As Pierce remains silent, Fraser admits he was a deserter after the Battle of Balaclava. Oliver details about a retrieval of guns with his fellow soldiers and how it ended into a bloody ambush. Price promises to let Oliver live his life as Fraser reveals he has been running since his desertion but the villa looks like a great place to breathe.

A storm appears as Laura, Simeon, and Oliver head inside for cover. Soon, another stranger, Felice Orsini, comes into villa and reveals he is an escaped prisoner from Mantua, but he was fighting for the revolution. After talking with each other, Laura and Price talk about housing Orsini as he kisses her for making him happy. Orsini details his time in prison and how he escapes prison with the help of a stranger and the good citizens of Italy. Felice details his desire for a united and free Italy. There, Price and Laura go to sleep as Fraser and Orsini spend the night.

The following morning, soldiers come and knock on the villa's doors. Simeon readies himself with weapons as Laura promises to talk and distract the soldiers. At the front door, two soldiers await steadily as two more head to the back. With Laura's help, Price air-assassinates one soldier while Laura helps him kill the other. As he makes his way to the other soldier from above, he notices Orsini trying to escape but loudly. The commotion causes the soldiers to come to the side and fire their guns. Price pushes Orsini back to his room and then lands on the ground before firing a shot at one of the soldiers. Fraser fights and kills the unwounded soldier as Price takes care of the other soldier. With Fraser, Price concocts a scenario where the four soldiers died fighting up on the pass.

Orsini offers to help but Laura dictates to him that he should leave as far away as possible for all of their sakes. Within the whole afternoon, Price and Fraser set the scene at the pass as Laura cleans up. They later drink together and talk about how they all are safe for now, especially for Orsini's confidence. However, Fraser relays that a drunk Felice talked about how he escaped with the help from the "Magus." Shocked, Price asks about Orsini's further information as Oliver reveals that he may be headed for Paris for more revolutionaries. Looking at each other, both Laura and Simeon know that he has to leave.

Chapter 13[]

Trying to find Orsini, Price travels to Zürich and finds his family, but no evidence of his presence. Using the rail lines, Simeon makes his way to Paris as he arrives at the Gare de l'Est, a train station. Feeling uneasy, he climbs atop the train station to have a better look of the city. Atop the station, Simeon looks over the city for ten minutes until a hand touches his shoulder. The hand belongs to a female Assassin, who starts to interrogate Simeon and his presence in the city. Price reveals he trained under an Assassin in Vienna but has had no contact with any Assassin whatsoever. Going back inside the station, the Assassin leads Price to a hidden entrance of a vast room under the station. Inside the room, Amira introduces herself along with two other Assassins, Michel Moulin and Henri Escoffier.

Simeon introduces himself honestly as he realizes Henri was the Assassin aboard his ship three years ago. The Assassins welcome their guest and give him sustenance after his journey. Henri recalls and laments at not following through with his mission and helping the men aboard the ship that day. Simeon asks what other part of the mission Henri had. Henri discloses that Kane sent him to find Price after a drunken night in a pub in Ireland, as he spoke in words that aligned with the Brotherhood's ideals. Realizing Kane knew about Price all along, he realizes that his mentor may have been waiting for him to be honest. Nevertheless, Amira offers to continue his training if he wants. Price states that he is looking for Felice Orsini, who may be plotting a violent act with a possible Templar called the Magus.

Michel recounts that Orsini has been in England's newspapers and giving a lecture about his escape and his desires. Not wanting to go back home, Simeon wonders what Orsini may attend to do. However, Michel states that he will relay a message to the British Assassins and keep an eye on Orsini. Relaxed, Price agrees to continue his training with Amira. In the summer of 1855, Amira asks Simeon to accompany her to Versailles. There, both travel by boat through a canal as Amira tells him to do his leap of faith. Confused, Simeon sees no ledge. Amira explains for him to dive in the waters, due to his fears, and swim to the bottom. She further explains that he has good instincts, especially when he figured out both the army and Kane were not a good fit for him.

Scared, Simeon dives into the waters and contemplates about his past decisions and what he needed to find. At the bottom, Price realizes he must follow the creed abidingly and grabs mud. Back to the surface, he is helped aboard the boat by Amira as he presents the mud. Although Price feels he failed, Amira explains that he has faith in what he thought he saw and how it makes him more curious rather than hopeless. As a result, Amira welcomes him into the Brotherhood.

Chapter 14[]

In 1857, at Birmingham, Pierrette and her troupe make their base at the Jennings Theatre, despite the odorous atmosphere of the metalworks surrounding the city. Meanwhile, Arnaud visits the gun shop and talks with the owner, Isaac, about any new inventions. However, she heard no news as the war with Russia has ended. Leaving the shop and taking a wrong turn, she finds herself further within the complex housing the shop and on a catwalk, over a factory space. Looking down, Arnaud sees the workers toiling over round metal casings, which are a match to Ada's notebook drawings. For a closer view, she notices a conversation between two workers and a outsider smoking. The conversation reveals that the casings are meant to shock people as the smoker gives new plans to the two workers. The cigar man tells them that he expects a delay and wants his casings to be at the Bousquet-Lang in Paris on the twenty-eighth.

Pierrette inches closer but the catwalk makes a noise and she is spotted. However, the catwalk becomes unstable and Pierrette sees an opportunity to take a casing. Once the catwalk fell, Pierrette takes a casing as the workers disperse from the fallen catwalk. Despite its weight, Pierrette tries to leave but is stopped by a guard. Immediately, she swings the casing at him and knocks him out as she escapes. Back at the theatre, Arnaud decides to leave for Paris, despite her troupe's current issues. Tillie becomes upset at both Arnaud leaving and the act losing its final performer. However, Arnaud rearranges the acts and makes sure Tillie, with Hugh and Jovita, can close the show instead. Leaving immediately, she heads for Paris.

In Paris, Pierrette sees the new layout that Napoleon III has been constructing, especially the destruction of the street where she lost her parents. She later finds a unkept room in a cheap lodge a week before Christmas. Despite the horrendous conditions, Arnaud continues on her mission.

Chapter 15[]

In 1858, Simeon stands on top of the theater opera of Rue le Peletier in a formal disguise as he looks for Orsini. Waiting for the Emperor and his wife to arrive, Price notes that every ruler has been in danger, due to the recent attacks against certain figures, like the Duke of Parma, the Queen of Spain, and the King of Naples. Although understanding few of the attacks, he realizes that the Assassins did not sanction this, as it is not in their interest to start wars or be quite unrefined in their actions. The Emperor, who already survived three assassination attempts, arrives to the opera house. Price remains alone on his mission while his fellow Assassins search for the Precursor's Eye in Paris.

Price looks as the emperor's carriages begin to halt until a bomb goes off. Knocking Simeon off-balance and wounding hundreds of bystanders, the bomb sets off a chain of events. Gaining stability, Simeon sees everyone stunned until a rider takes a horse up near a building's scaffolding ramp. The rider is Pierrette as she rides towards a man standing atop the ramp as he holds another bomb. As Arnaud pushes the man, the second bomb flies out of his hand as Price barely catches it before it could go off. However, Price loses his footing and injures himself but the man attacks Pierrette. Before he can stand up, Pierrette is bleeding from her head as the assailant leaves.

Chapter 16[]

Pierrette wakes up in an unknown room, where Simeon greets her. Price recounts how she was knocked out and how four men, including Orsini, were arrested for last night and how he rescued her from being arrested, too. He berates her for her public stunt as Arnaud explains there were no other good decisions to make. Within their argument, Simeon remains secretive to his knowledge as Pierrette reveals the bomb was the same make as the casing she has. She explains she followed her lead to Bousquet-Lang, a warehouse, and this leads her to find the buyer. Following the buyer for days, she notes that she saw him head with a suitcase heavy to the opera house before the bombing. Simeon and Pierrette may have failed, however she recalls eight more bombs being left from the twelve she saw earlier.

Simeon tries to understand how the attempt was calculated but notably missed their intended targets. He also reveals they are hiding underneath a railway station. Arnaud notes that this is a base for his Brotherhood as well as noticing some Assassins eavesdropping on their conversation. Price tells her to leave and go home but she remains adamant on finding and stopping the Magus, despite leaving her circus family and possible notoriety in England. No matter what, Arnaud gives no compromise in stopping, to which Simeon offers to help her and train her. Pierrette accepts. After a while, Arnaud began practicing her knife-throwing as Price struggles to teach her. During her taunting, she notices his hidden blade, a gift from Henri when he was inducted. Writing down notes, Price tries to piece together the assailants and find the connection to the Magus. However, there is no current answer as time seems to be against him.

Chapter 17[]

Simeon tries to write to Kane for his help but fails to finish a letter. Pierrette arrives as he scolds her for being spotted on her practice watches. Arnaud questions and insults his teachings as she has been trying to find her garments for her spying. Amira and Michel walk in and settle both Price's and Arnaud's nerves. Michel mentions, however, about meeting with Kane earlier, due to his aid in finding the Eye. Thinking about Kane's interest in Price and a possible inference to Ada during their time, Price theorizes the impossible. Pierrette outright claims that his mentor is the Magus as Price is in disbelief. Amira and Michel could not make heads of Kane's possible connections to Orsini and Libényi. Arnaud claims the woman she was watching had met a man she named "Monsieur Gilet" earlier before his aid for the Eye. The Assassins slowly realize the translation comes to be Mr. Waistcoat as Simeon falls back into his chair shocked.

Chapter 18[]

Simeon and his student travel to find the Magus, who has sold all businesses in Vienna. Readying themselves, both Arnaud and Price try to find any information on Kane's whereabouts. Pierrette starts to involve herself in social gatherings to find out any leads and finds herself at odds of leaving her troupe behind for years. At one of the gatherings, Arnaud is met by a former acquaintance, Lizzie Rossetti, formerly Siddall, one of Ada's old friends. Lizzie talks and reveals that a Mr. Kane recently met with her to talk about Ada, but she was unwell to respond. Realizing his last presence was in London, Pierrette informs Simeon, who opposes to return back home. Kane has remained secretive and states it has been two months since Kane was seen. Pierrette pushes Simeon to go but her teacher informs him of his past as a deserter.

Realizing more about him, Arnaud offers to go solely. However, Price declines as he admits he must go and confront his old mentor. The bombings by Orsini, or the Orsini affair, have led to disdain from the French to the English. Thus, the results of the bombing have slowly led England's government to push for harsher laws on the people. Pierrette offers to go with her teacher, but he remains stubborn and orders her to stay in Paris. However, after a moment of persuasion, Price allows his student to join him.

Chapter 19[]

In 1861, Simeon and Pierrette arrive in London and search for Kane for months but find no trace of him. With Michel's assistance, they met with an English Assassin, Ethan Frye, who states that he has not met Kane in a while. However, Frye sends them to meet with another Assassin, The Ghost, who also has not seen Kane. Time passes as it came to be October, but no word from the Ghost. Going through social gathering and newspaper, both of them search for any mentions until Pierrette sees a troubling article. The article has put out a notice on deserters and it mentions Simeon's name and characteristics. Realizing his name is in the paper, Price also finds another news short about the find of an Assyrian artifact, the Precursor Eye, being at the British Museum. Knowing Kane might be near, Price intends to go alone as he makes sure Pierrette stays behind, despite more eyes on him now.

Simeon heads to the British Museum where he asks a guide for directions for the Assyrian artifacts. Following the directions, Price heads down the circular stairs and heard silence but someone else's presence. Kane appears and meets Price after a long time apart. Both talk about Kane's reasons for being in Paris as well as garnering support for the Brotherhood. However, Kane admits that both Orsini and Libényi were test trials for his inventions and to prove a point to his fellow Assassins. However, Price states the inventions were of Ada's design, which Kane agrees. Yet, Kane admits that he adapted them to be more useful. Betrayed, Price accuses Kane of using him as his former mentor explains that he wants Simeon besides him for the new future. However, Price rebuffs the offer as he hears voices coming for him.

Kane gives an ultimatum, which is to either join him or become arrested as a deserter. Realizing that Kane has to die, Simeon tries to use his razor and nears closer to Kane. A fight ensues where Kane pushes Simeon back, despite being slashed in his shoulder. After a brief scuffle, Kane leaves the room as Simeon follows him. In an empty hall, Simeon pursues but finds no sign of Kane, but only his voice taunting him. Soon, he finds a box with a thin wire along the hall's wall and follows it upstairs. Yet, Price finds a speaking device but no Kane. Price heads outside but the fog was too thick and makes a judgment call to head back inside. With the police chasing him, Price looks for Kane and finds himself at the Reading Room. The doorkeeper asks for a ticket, but with a knife to his throat, Price is allowed inside the room.

Signing under the name, "Ezio Auditore," Price looks for Kane and soon finds him on the highest walkway. Confronting Kane, Price goads his former mentor for being a coward for using innocents as shields. As Simeon tries to fire at Kane, the police catch him and arrest him for desertion. Price tries to escape but finds himself pushed over the railing and injured from the fall.

Chapter 20[]

At the new Crystal Palace, Pierrette notices the changes that has occurred in a decade. Arnaud watches the new performer, Charles Blondin, a tightrope walker, as she recalls her own troupe. More than a year ago, she has received a letter from Nell, who states that Major Wallin had passed away as well as selling the Aurora Theatre as well. As she leaves the performance, Arnaud finds herself at a train station and is almost moved aback by a woman, who happens to be Tillie. They embrace each other as Tillie states that she has found housing in London as the crowds have grown tired of their art displays. Tillie reveals Ariel has found new work, Jovita has found love and heads to New York, and the Robinsons opened a new business due to Hugh's injury. Tillie and Pierrette spend the evening together as they head to the Rossetti's.

However, they walk in to see Gabriel and Lizzie horrified at the ransacked home. While everyone was out, a robbery has occurred but no evident items are gone. Coming to her room, Arnaud notices her room was hit the worst as she realizes that someone wanted Ada's notes. Yet, she hears Gabriel talking to someone about the break-in and mentions Simeon's name. Pierrette comes down and hears that the police has someone by the name of Simeon Price earlier at the British Museum.

Chapter 21[]

With a broken leg, Simeon is lugged to Millbank Prison as he starts to observe the prison's design and prisoners' outcries. As a doctor sets his leg back, he finds himself days inside the prison and reluctantly following a pattern again. Hoping to find Kane and stop Pierrette from doing something foolish, he works himself to break free from the prison. After a week, Simeon is found by an alive Halford. Corporal Halford meets Price as Halford asks to be a character witness and friend for Price's trial. Halford comes to give the Price the outlay of the court martial but presents hope for an immediate dismissal. Since Price has enlisted since 1847, it has been more than four years since his last technical year of service. Halford admits that a possible story of amnesia can help after being shipwrecked.

Simeon tells Halford that is not the truth but the corporal remembers what Price did that day and what kind of man he is. He realizes that Halford has gone through similar events like he did and asks about how the regiment headed to India after the Cape Colony. Halford recounts the horrific work that happened to the enemies part of the East India Trading Company and how he was injured during the time. Now, he is a father and promises to Price to be there for him. Realizing there can be no other visitors, he asks Halford to send a message to someone. With a pen and a paper, Halford gives Price the chance to write the letter himself.

Chapter 22[]

Pierrette tries to contact further assistance but to no avail. Pierrette ventures to men's pubs but hears no word of Simeon or Kane, so she heads back to the Rossetti's. Talking with Lizzie and Tillie, Pierrette worries for her mentor as she states she is not in love but sees him as family. Realizing no help is coming from the Brotherhood, Arnaud and Wallin head to the Robinsons' new shop. Nell greets Tillie and is shocked at Pierrette's presence. Arnaud states she needs to buy something as Nell leads them to the back of the shop. Drinking alongside Hugh, Nell, and Tillie, Pierrette starts to apologize to them as she sees that her departure left them out to dry and lose their circus. She states that she did not want the police to survey them over Arnaud's actions. Nell reassures them that she does not need to leave and that they all are there for her.

Pierrette acquires weapons and equipment from the Robinsons as she heads to Millbank to free Simeon. Arnaud stops at a tea shop, Twinings, and left with tea for her and Nell. However, she notices a man following her and soon finds herself confronting her tracker. Assuming it might have been a Templar or Kane, Arnaud questions her stalker as he introduces himself to be Halford. Halford gives her a message and they make their way back to Rossetti's. Halford is entertained by the Rossetti's as Arnaud deciphers the message Simeon gave. With her new task to capture the Magus, Pierrette readies herself and asks the Rossetti's to have a party in their home.

Chapter 23[]

Pierrette hosts a party at the Rossetti's and talks to anyone with any knowledge of Oscar Kane. Luckily, she finds John Ruskin at the party but he has no knowledge of Kane either. However, Ada's daughter, Anne, finds and meets with Arnaud again and asks for any information about her mother. Alongside Anne, her brother, Bryon Ockham, introduces himself as well. Talking with each other, Arnaud learns more about the children's lives as she grows to miss Ada more. Yet, she notices a woman listening in on their conversation and mentions Kane's name in her conversation with Ada's children. The stranger takes the bait as she introduces herself as the Countess Konstanze von Visler. The countess remains coy about her knowledge of Kane but invites Pierrette to meet and talk at the Brown's Hotel, where she was staying.

Byron soon asks Pierrette about her friend who has been arrested for desertion. Being caught, Arnaud reveals Simeon's arrest as von Visler insults those who desert from the army. Feeling awful, Byron offers his help to Arnaud to release Price. The next day, Arnaud surveils the hotel and borrows one of Lizzie's dress to meet with the countess for tea. Across from the hotel, Arnaud jumps from a chimney downwards but is soon grabbed and knocked out unconscious. Pierrette awakes and finds herself bound in front of Konstanze and a strong burly man, Hennighan. Konstanze states that Kane is not her concern and how Hennighan works for her people, not Kane, to retrieve anything of importance. Realizing Hennighan was behind the break-in and the ransack during her troupe days, Pierrette sees that she is surrounded by the Templars.

The countess holds Pierrette's knife and knows that Arnaud holds the key to Ada's work. With the knife, Konstanze begins to torture Arnaud, who tries to escape her grasp. Pierrette is soon stabbed by Konstanze as the blood trickles down to the corset with Ada's notes. Arnaud tries to bargain with Konstanze for her knowledge but the countess keeps slashing away methodically. However, the corset rips and an exposed paper is shown. There, the countess sees Arnaud's secret place of Ada's notes.

Chapter 24[]

In the winter of 1861, Simeon follows the prison's routines and grows stronger from his chorses. With correspondence from Halford, Price is told that Pierrette left for Dublin but remains curious about Arnaud's rushed letter. After Christmas, in 1862, Price is taken to the Horse Guards for his trial and finds Halford and other soldiers from the HMS Birkenhead there for him. However, while escorted, Price also notices Countess von Visler there at the trial and believes Kane may have been a double agent from the beginning. Major Grimes is called as a witness against Price and begins to proclaim that the defendant was a coward and endangered lives by running away. However, Halford questions Grimes on whether seeing him endanger lives personally, to which Grimes could not confirm. Price accuses Grimes of not being held accountable for his orders of going down with the ship, to which Grimes remains stifled.

Price soon begins a tirade on how men are expected to solely follow orders, despite the ones ordering being complete idiots. Everything goes quiet as Simeon remains silent to other testimonies. As Halford expects to be called up, Price goes over all the events in his life, from his life in Ireland, as a soldier, and as a deserter. There, Price asks to be sworn in. On the stand, Simeon reveals how money has corrupted recruits to follow a commander blindly without any thought. He recounts the shipwreck and how if being a coward is to save his own life and others, instead of dying on the ship as an order, then he is one. The court takes a recess as Halford wonders what Simeon was doing. The trial is now up in the air and all Price can do is apologize for his abrupt testimony. An officer calls them back and declares Price not guilty of desertion and releases him.

Confused, Simeon is met by Byron Ockham and reveals that he and his father helped him free, in memory of Ada and for Pierrette. Although the countess has left, a crowd of former soldiers surround and go to thank Simeon for his testimony.

Chapter 25[]

Pierrette remains captured with Konstanze interrogating her to help decode Ada's notes. As Arnaud rebuffs every time, Hennighan beats her up. With Price's training, Arnaud tries to observe the patterns and begins a ruse of giving in to Hennighan's abuse. She tells the countess she can try to decipher Ada's notes. With her arms free, Arnaud is given paper and pencils as the countess holds a gun on her while Hennighan guards the room. Trying to act and lie, Arnaud gives very little but time passes with no warmth, frequent beatings, and lack of nutrients. There is no more acting as Pierrette begins to truly decipher the notes, despite her being freezing cold. On one of the days, Arnaud mentions the location of a temple in Bath and the use of an artifact. Gaining progress, Konstanze orders Hennighan to bring logs of wood to the fireplace.

Patience pays off as Pierrette holds her necklace to her mouth and blows out the yellow substance Hugh gave her. In an instance, Arnaud blows fire and pushes Konstanze back as Hennighan tends to her. As the fire dies, the countess is set a bit ablaze as Pierrette takes the knife and escapes from her chains. Taking the notes, Arnaud uses the chair to break a window, which was shot by the countess mistakenly. Escaping the room, Pierrette begins to use her strength to move across rooftops as she dodges Konstanze's gunshots. Making her way through the buildings adjacent to the room, she comes across a chimney and rests. Bloodied and bruised, she sleeps there until she is found by a young chimneysweep.

Chapter 26[]

At the Red Lion in Holborn, Simeon meets with Rossetti after being given back his weapons, hidden blade, and Assassin's cloak. Wanting to know where Pierrette went, Rossetti tells him that he has no earthly idea. Simeon is soon offered a drink by fellow soldiers, who followed the case. Reluctant, Price accepts the drink and states to venture to Ireland to find Pierrette. Rossetti reveals that she came back, but scared Lizzie to death due to her current state of being thin and bruised. As he talks to Rossetti, a woman, Fanny Eaton, relays news of a man named Kane back to Price. Eaton reveals that the man and another gentlemen are heading towards Bath and how her husband became on the lookout after her conversation with Arnaud. Simeon leaves the pub and heads to stop Kane, but not before being taunted by Pierrette.

Finding each other, Pierrette discloses the events with the countess as well as Price's knowledge of Kane's movements to Bath. After discussing their information, they agree to head to Bath but not before hatching a plan. While sewing Price's cloak, Arnaud reveals they need assistance but the Brotherhood is stretched thin. Pierrette offers her Aurora Troupe to help, and after a brief argument, Price agrees to her idea. Looking back at the pub filled with fellow soldiers, Price admits to having some ideas for help as well.

Chapter 27[]

Atop Bath Abbey, Price overlooks Bath as he sees one of Arnaud's circus friends pull up with a carriage. With help from Halford and Ockham, Price sets out to look for any strange people. In an alley nearby, Price sees two men with shovels and later catches Kane heading in the same direction. Halford and Ockham stand watch at the alley's exit as Price moves forward. With the Assassin's Paris council's permission, Price heads to find Kane, despite waiting for backup. Pierrette leaves the carriage and joins her mentor. Pierrette tells Simeon that the notes are with Nell Robinson while Tillie, Hugh, and Ariel join them on their mission. As they set up their reinforcements, Simeon investigates the alley to find another exit and finds a lid over a possible entrance. With Hugh's help, the lid breaks as Simeon ventures in alone while Hugh goes back to help Pierrette.

Venturing through the passage underground, Price finds himself in a circular room filled with lights and wires. There, Price meets Kane, who is armed with two guns, waiting and addresses his former apprentice. Kane admits that Ada's analytical engine has promise and that her setbacks were engineered by those against her and knew of the engine. Price says Ada was right about Kane and accuses Kane of betraying the Brotherhood for the Templars. Kane admits that his relationship with the Templars was trading knowledge but that they tricked him of an Eye being underneath Bath. Kane states that the working men will not be used by those who wish to rule them and offers Simeon a chance again. Simeon rebuffs as he notices they are not alone. Kane shoots at Simeon, who dodges it, but not before being shot a second time. The two men shoot at Price, who hears more shots coming from above where Arnaud and their reinforcements are.

Kane pushes Price back behind a pillar, which happens to be a trap and brings Price falling further below. Trapped, Price feels helpless until one of the men fell on top of him. Pierrette arrives after killing the man. Rescuing Price, Pierrette make their way from the fight between them and Kane and his men. However, Kane begins shooting at Ockham and injures him severely. Price gives chase but finds Kane aiming his gun at Tillie, who takes down one of Kane's men. Luckily, Kane's gun is out of bullets as Pierrette stabs him from behind. However, Kane overpowers her and holds Arnaud hostage. Alone, Kane becomes surrounded by Price and his allies. Ariel and Hugh begin to bound Kane but one living henchman knocks them down. With the lasso untied around Kane, Pierrette takes ahold of the lasso and Kane and begins to rock the walkway. Within an instance, Pierrette and Oscar Kane fall off the walkway together.

Price looks to Pierrette, who tends to her ankle, while the broken walkway begin to destabilizes the room. With the walls coming down, Kane is found to be bleeding and motionless, gasping for air. All, except Simeon and Pierrette, leave the room as Kane gains Price's attention. Stating "Don't be weak" to Price, Kane dies from Simeon's blade. After acquiring Kane's blood, Simeon leaves with Pierrette and the room collapses and buries Kane.

Chapter 28[]

Pierrette and Simeon make their way to the city of London as their allies begin to recuperate. Pierrette heads to Nell's stores and retrieves Ada's notes while she meets Simeon later at Gabriel Rossetti's home. Both pay their respects to Gabriel, who lost Lizzie to a drug overdose. With Ada's notes, Pierrette hides them in a purple bag Lizzie offered her from before. After paying her respect to Lizzie at her wake, Arnaud retrieves a lock of her hair while hearing rumors of Lizzie's real cause of death. However, Pierrette overhears a conversation between Simeon and a woman. The countess has shown up and demands to know where Arnaud and the notes are, for the Templars' cause. Arnaud places the notebook under Lizzie's head as she meets the countess with a gun. The countess reveals that one of the henchmen reported back that the notebook was gone and wants to see if the case is true.

Silent, Pierrette and Simeon stay ambivalent on the matter as Konstanze pays her condolences and leaves. Simeon tells Arnaud that he must inform both the British and French Brotherhood of the Magus' death and matters with the Templars. However, Pierrette reveals her readiness to become an Assassin and reveals her plans to stay in London for both her troupe and the Brotherhood. Yet, Simeon decides to leave as he garners attention more than usual and how he needs to be incognito to work well. Understanding, Pierrette offers one more night together in London's shadows, to which Simeon agrees.