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Assassin's Creed: The Chain is a 2012 comic book, a sequel to Assassin's Creed: The Fall and the conclusion of the story of Nikolai Orelov. The Deluxe Edition of The Fall included ten extra pages that acted as a prologue to The Chain.

Whereas The Fall was first published by DC WildStorm as monthly comic issues, The Chain is only available to pre-order through Ubiworkshop.

A collection consisting of both The Fall and The Chain was released on 30 October 2019 under the name Assassin's Creed: The Fall & The Chain, published by Titan Comics.[2]


Sometime in 2002, Daniel Cross was retracted from the Animus by his new physician, Dr. Sung, who feared his health would be in danger if he stayed connected. Daniel learned that he was regarded as a hero in Abstergo Industries, but he still experienced traumatic flashbacks due to the Bleeding Effect.

In one of the flashbacks, Nikolai Orelov and his son Innokenti lived in a secluded house in America, until they were one day visited by Sergei, an Assassin and former colleague of Nikolai. He told Nikolai that the Mentor wanted him to return to Russia, as Nikolai had seen things other people could not dream of when he came into contact with the Imperial Sceptre, in Tunguska. Nikolai stated that he had left the Brotherhood, and when Sergei threatened Innokenti's safety, Nikolai killed him. Knowing more men would come for them, he told his son that they had to be prepared.

Once more in the present day, by stealing a card key, Daniel gained access to the Animi Room. Inside, he witnessed Paul Bellamy strapped to an Animus, and he then climbed into an Animus himself to find peace again, but was unable to operate it. During another instance of the Bleeding effect, he relived a memory where Nikolai told his son what had happened to his mother and sister; they were arrested during the Palmer Raids, which were meant to eliminate Communist propaganda, and were subsequently deported back to Russia. Nikolai, however, had managed to escape with the newborn Innokenti, and had never seen them since. Nikolai also said that Sergei worked together with the people who organized the raids, and that Innokenti would have to kill them when they came for them.

Daniel was caught by Dr. Sung in the Animi Room, but when she informed him that the Animus was not even turned on, Daniel understood that he didn't need the Animus to find solace. He told her that he wanted to relive the memories because they were the closest thing to a family he had ever known, though Dr. Sung reassured him that Abstergo and Warren Vidic considered him as family. Daniel then rose through the ranks of Abstergo and was later seen training new recruits.

ACTC Kenya Attack

Innokenti attacking from the treetops

Nikolai began to prepare his son for the Assassins' eventual arrival, by challenging Innokenti to attack him with a knife. The boy was reluctant, but did as his father commanded. From there, Nikolai easily disarmed him and, as a punishment, had Innokenti sleep outside. This continued several times, until Innokenti had learned the skills of the wild, and managed to ambush his father. With the knife at his throat, Nikolai asked him to be strong and kill him, because he "shouldn't flinch in the face of death". Innokenti pushed the knife further, but he was stopped. Nikolai then knew his son was prepared and embraced him.

Daniel was inducted into the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order, and he was given a special mission. The raids on the Assassin camps revealed lots of information, including the location of the hidden library of Ivan the Terrible beneath the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Daniel was sent to investigate its connection to the Assassins, who apparently had used the library as repository for generations, including items such as the Prophet's Codex.

When an Assassin squad came for Nikolai and his son, several of them were killed by an explosive trap that was set in the Orelovs' cabin. Following this, the group spread out in a search for them, but were ambushed by Nikolai and Innokenti, who managed to kill many of the Assassins, although Nikolai was shot in the leg.

When Daniel infiltrated the library, he was greeted by a guard there, who thought Daniel was intended as his replacement. He showed Daniel the most valuable object – the writings of the Prophet, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and the Templar found one of the most important pieces of information within the Codex, a written recording of the message from Minerva to an individual known as Desmond. Daniel then communicated the message to Abstergo, and left, having killed the Assassin sentry.

Back in the past, Nikolai and his son had reached a river crossing, but after Innokenti ziplined to the other side, Nikolai was shot in his other leg by the last remaining Assassin, who wanted to bring him to Washington to learn what secrets Nikolai had been shown by the artifact. He also wanted to bring Innokenti in, and tried to persuade him by telling him that his mother and sister were alive. Nikolai didn't believe him, and prayed for Innokenti to be strong, who then shot his father, with the bullet going through him and also killing the other Assassin. Following this, Innokenti retrieved his father's Hidden Blade.

After his mission in the hidden library, Daniel went to a church, where he met an old lady. She told him that he reminded her of her son, who was always getting in trouble. When she asked why Daniel was in Moscow, having identified him as new because of the cross he wore, which was different than the patriarchal cross which Russians wore, Daniel responded by telling her he was "visiting family". Afterwards, she told him that there were no stronger ties than those of blood, and Daniel subsequently left the church.




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