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Assassin's Creed: Templars 3 is the third issue of the Titan comic book series Assassin's Creed: Templars. The comic, written by Fred Van Lente with art by Dennis Calero was released on June 15, 2016.

Publisher's summary

In the infamous pleasure tower that dominates the Shanghai nightlife, the Great World, Black Cross battles with the triads that have pursued him through the city night. With time running out, Black Cross has to find the missing information that will reveal what is about to happen in China...[1]

Plot summary

1927: Releasing smoke bombs, the Black Cross escapes the ambush. Running through the amusement park, he adeptly uses environmental opportunities to take down his pursuers. That is until he comes across 'Fiery Crow', a large brute of a man. Cross manages to stab him with his pin, before being rendered unconscious. When he awakes he finds himself face to face with Du Yuesheng, leader of the Green Gang Triad. Du mocks the activities of the Templar Order thus far in China, whilst Cross attempts to discover the whereabouts of the box. The conversation turns to the poison that is inside the pin, at which point 'Fiery Crow' keels over, freeing Cross once more. It had been his plan to be captured all along, to discover what Du really knew. He promptly grabs his possessions and guns his way out of the nearest window in order to escape.

Meanwhile, Darius arrives at the local movie production studio, seeking out Roo. He manages to sneak his way on to set, where she is performing. She heads for a break in her dressing room, where Darius confronts her. He pleads for the whereabouts of the box, but she informs him that it has already been sold on. At this point a man named Zhang enters and knocks Darius out. Roo and he argue about losing the money on gambling that they had received for the box. It dawns on them that Darius could be of value.[2]


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