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|Acquire ten [[Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Perks|Perks]].
|Acquire ten [[Perks (Syndicate)|Perks]].

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Eraicon-Gameplay Eraicon-Syndicate

For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.


Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
ACST-MasterAssassin Master Assassin Earn every other trophy. N/A PS3Platinum
ACSA-ASpannerInTheWorks A Spanner in the Works Complete Memory Sequence 1. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ASimplePlan A Simple Plan Complete Memory Sequence 2. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-AModernBabylon A Modern Babylon Complete Memory Sequence 3. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-AQuickAndReliableRemedy A Quick and Reliable Remedy Complete Memory Sequence 4. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ThePerilsOfBusiness The Perils of Business Complete Memory Sequence 5. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ARunOnTheBank A Run on the Bank Complete Memory Sequence 6. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-AllIsFairInPolitics All Is Fair in Politics Complete Memory Sequence 7. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-TheJoysOfFreedom The Joys of Freedom Complete Memory Sequence 8. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ShallWeDance Shall We Dance? Complete Memory Sequence 9. 50 G PS3Gold
ACSA-FriendsAtMyBack Friends at My Back Recruit a gang of 5 allies. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-TheWarAtHome The War at Home Complete the World War I simulation. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-Cerevisaphile Cerevisaphile Sample every beer brand in London. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-NoTicket No Ticket Kick fifty enemies off of trains. 50 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-FlawlessConqueror Flawless Conqueror Secure three Gang Strongholds and complete their optional constraints. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-BareKnuckleChampion Bare-Knuckle Champion Win three different Fight Clubs. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-AQuarterFurlongAtATime A Quarter-Furlong at a Time Finish first in 3 different Street Races. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-TreasureHunter Treasure Hunter Complete ten Raids of any type with Jacob or Evie. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-Thieftaker Thieftaker Bring three Bounty targets back alive. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-UnqualifiedSuccess Unqualified Success Complete three Templar Hunts and their challenges. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ChildrensAidSociety Children's Aid Society Complete five Child Liberation memories. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-GuardianAngel Guardian Angel Successfully escort ten friendly cargo shipments. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-Godlike Godlike Unlock all of the Secrets of London. 30 G PS3Silver
ACSA-ABroadBase A Broad Base Reach Loyalty level 1 with all Associates. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-BedfellowsStrangeOrOtherwise Bedfellows, Strange or Otherwise Reach a maximum Loyalty with any Associate. 20 G PS3Silver
ACSA-NeedleInAHaystack Needle in a Haystack Kill five enemies from within the same haystack. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-StreetSweeping Street Sweeping Conquer all the boroughs in London. 30 G PS3Gold
ACSA-Multitalented Multitalented Acquire ten Perks. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-KeysToTheCity Keys to the City Acquire all of the Gang Upgrades. 20 G PS3Silver
ACSA-Artisan Artisan Craft a Level 10 Item. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-Bartitsu Bartitsu Learn every Fight Skill as Jacob. 20 G PS3Silver
ACSA-Phantom Phantom Learn every Stealth Skill as Evie. 20 G PS3Silver
ACSA-WonderOfTheAge Wonder of the Age Reach Level 10. 20 G PS3Silver
ACSA-OrdinaryCriminal Ordinary Criminal Complete twenty Crowd Events. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-LanguageOfFlowers Language of Flowers Collect all of the Pressed Flowers. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-StudentOfHistory Student of History Collect all of the Historical Posters. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ALifeInLetters A Life in Letters Collect all of the Royal Letters. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-ChimneySweep Chimney Sweep Synchronize every Viewpoint in London. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-Mentor Mentor Reach 100% Sync in the Main Missions. 40 G PS3Gold
ACSA-Furious Furious Destroy twenty vehicles by ramming them. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-WhatIsWrongWithYou WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-LookOutBelow Look Out Below Kill three enemies with a single stack of hanging barrels. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-YouWouldntStealAPolicemansHelmet You Wouldn't Steal a Policeman's Helmet Hijack twenty police vehicles. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-QueensburyRules Queensbury Rules Reach combo level 40. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-WhirlwindOfDeath Whirlwind of Death Perform fifty Multi-Finishers. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-BladeInTheCrowd Blade in the Crowd Assassinate fifty enemies. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-OpiumScourge Opium Scourge Affect at least four enemies simultaneously with the Hallucinogenic Dart. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-BladeFromAbove Blade from Above Air Assassinate twenty enemies from a zipline. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-MostUnsporting Most Unsporting Shoot fifty enemies before they shoot at you. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACSA-WithoutAGrudge Without a Grudge Destroy 5000 destructibles with your carriage. 15 G PS3Bronze
ACS A well kept secret A well-kept secret* Jack is dead and his identity will remain hidden forever. 70 G PS3Silver
ACS Brutal Brutal* Perform 30 complete Brutal Takedowns. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACS Keep calm and carry on Can't calm the crowd* Kill an enemy as they are calming their panicked allies. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACS Put the fear of you into them Put the fear into them* Cause a panicked enemy to kill another enemy. 25 G PS3Bronze
ACS Are you scared yet Are you scared, yet?* Scare 200 enemies. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACS The new terror of Whitechapel Up and coming terror of Whitechapel* Unlock 50% of the skills. 25 G PS3Bronze
ACS Ripperologist Ripperologist* Achieve 100% synchronization in Jack the Ripper. 90 G PS3Gold

*Only available after downloading Jack the Ripper.


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